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This theme is great and keeps surpising me everytime i update it.

I have 4 questions currently.

1) I would like to use soundcloud and have put it on my “Music” page. However, the album artwork is not showing up on the file and i would love to get it to do it. The second audio track has also had its background go lower into the page than the first one. Why would this be

2) I would really like to put soundcloud on a side menu on the main home page. How do i do this?

3) Within the Photos section i have inserted a Gallery but it has created all of the photos so that they are aligned to the left…how do i make them so they are evenly spread across two or three rows centred?

4) How do i put a button over the pictures in my slider so that they link to another part of my website..i would like to put “Click here for a quote for your event” over one of the pictures.

Thank you for your time…your a massive help.

Hey there! I’m glad to hear you are happy with your purchase :)

1) What Soundcloud embed codes exactly are you using on that site? The proper embed code should look like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>

You can find the code here: , click on Share > Embed and then click on the second display option and under “more options” you can also select a color.

2) You can add the Soundcloud embed code into a text widget and place it in the sidebar.

3) Is there a reason why you are using the WP gallery function instead of the Soundboard gallery custom post type? If you want the gallery to look like the theme demo, follow the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Gallery page”:

4) Instructions on how to link a slider to any URL, you can find right next (left) of the slider images upload button.


Hi ! Recent problem with the slider : i deleted (definitively) the old image used for the slider and i tried to edit the same slider with another image. But when i click to upload, nothing appear and i can’t upload or do anything.

I’ve tried to delete the slider and create another one, same thing.

i’ve tried it on Firefox and Safari, same results. It worked before so i don’t understand what i could have done…

Thans for the answer. Olivier.

They there! What WordPress version and what theme version are you using? Can you try to deactivate all your plugins please and see if that solves the problem?

yes, with desactivating all the plugins it works… i supposed it’s due to an updating, now i have to know wich plugin is concerned…

As another customer had the same problem and I logged into his site, I figured it out: The WordPress SEO plugin has a bug (typo) which causes this issue.

Hi Red!

Have a problem, please help me out. Everything is working well in my slider, except that before the slider plugin loads, it displays the first slider along with a tiny snippet of the 2nd slider beneath it. It disappears when the plugin loads entirely. I’m using the light background but it also does the same thing with the black background. Any hlep would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ok. Can you send me a link please so I can take a look?

Hey red_sun, when I uploaded the site to live, it worked perfectly. Don’t know why. Thanks anyway, have a great one. :)

Great! :)

Hi ! When i write some news, with some part in bold or italic, is it possible that the excerpt in the home news section can reproduce the same font and caracteristics (bold, italic) ?

thansk for the answer ?

Hi! If you are using the latest version (v. 3.07) of the theme, in the Theme Options Panel > Home you can select to display the full post instead of an excerpt, just like on the news page. That is the only way to show text styling.


Hello there, I work with wordpress 3.9.2, is that your theme is compatible or only with version 3.8. thank you

Hi! Are you experiencing any problems?

How do I add the shop? I installed WooCommerce but it’s all messed up.

Hey there! In the Theme Options Panel > GENERAL did you check the “Load WooCommerce stylesheets” checkbox as mentioned in the documentation?

Hi there,

1.I am adding my own media headings to pages, so I was wondering how I can remove the page headings?

2.I see there is a way to restrict the number of news posts on the home page, but is there a way I can restrict the number of posts on the news page to 3. (The site is for a festival, I am adding the artists as posts, only displaying this years artists on the home page, and would like to keep last years as a category)

3. Is there a way of adding media to the news page?? Anything I add either as a featured image or thru html is not displayed.

4. Also is there a way to remove the “category” title to a category page added thru the menu. Where it say’s “Category:Category Title”

Hope all this makes sense. Thanks

2. Oh ok, that’s what you mean. Well you could remove the pagination:
#pagination {
    display: none;
Or (if you don’t want to delete your old posts) you can set them to “private” or “draft”.

Thank you that worked.

But I have now noticed that my gallery thumbnails look like this?

Is there something I should be doing? Thanks again for your help.

I recommend you to run the “AJAX thumbnail rebuild” plugin on your site:

I have a couple questions regarding the theme’s functionality.

1. For the “news” section on the front page: Is it possible to add an image to the homepage post? I noticed that some of the posts have images in the individual post page but on the home page the image doesn’t show.

2. Where the “latest videos” is on the front page is it possible to embed a soundcloud audio clip instead/or in addition to the video?

3. Is it possible to embed soundcloud codes so they play within the pages instead of the self hosted audio?

4. Is it possible to create artist pages with profiles?

Hey there.. thanks for your interest in Soundboard!

1. Yeah, there is an option in the Theme Options Panel to show a featured image for each post on the home page.

2. Yeah, you can simply add the soundcloud embed code into a text widget and place it into the home sidebar.

3. Yeah, that is possible.

4. There is no custom post type for artists included. But you can simply created a new page and use the default or fullwidth template. And then you could for example use the column shortcodes to create the artist page:


Hi Red,

How do I make the News Header Title not bold and I would like to keep the Page Links at the top Capitalized. Thanks!-kI

Sorry think i wasn’t clear…Besides the “News Header Title” not bold, i’ll like to make the header of each “News post” below not bold and while keeping the Page Links at the top Capitalized. hope you know what i mean…thanks! ;)

Actually I’m not entirely sure. Maybe you can send me a screenshot?

Do you plan to make it responsive at some point and adapt it to the latest WP framework (3.9) ? Pretty please.

Hey there… yeah, I’m already working on it!

I have problems with Woo Commerce. I followed your instructions, but somehow any products image didn’t show up on the SHOP page.. And also in the each page of products, how can I add “Buy button” and “quantity” function? I would appreciate for your help! Thank you!

thank you so much for your help! I will send you the info later!!

Have you checked my message? Just wanna make sure that if you have got the message..

Hey there! You forgot to add the URL to your site. I just replied to your email!

hello is compatible with wordpress 4.0?

Yeah, Soundboard is compatible with WP 4.0.

Hi Gerda,

Hope you’re doing well.

I still didn’t find why the tour dates from the same month are not on the right order on my website…if you have any idea.

But I have another question about this page and the widget “tour date” :

Is it possible to open the links “buy” & “more infos” in another window or tab ? from the page and the widget…

Thanks a lot, CT

Make the same change to the file includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php, line 126.

sorry…that’s seems logical ;-)

Hi Gerda!

Quick question for you. Tried searching the comments but no luck.

On my tour dates page, I’ve noticed that my entries are not following the local time I’ve configured in the ‘General Settings’ section. I believe they are following UTC. So before the day has ended, a gig will show up under the past dates section. How can i fix this?


Maybe this helps to locate your php.ini file?

If you really can’t find your php.ini file on your server, I can also give you some instructions on what to change in the theme files to keep the tour dates a little longer on your site….

Button shortcode:
[button link="" target="_blank"]Click me![/button] 

Thanks I’ll take a look at that website. If it’s not to much trouble, I’d really appreciate those instructions to alter the theme files as well! And I tried that button shortcode before but it doesn’t work.

Here you go:

For the tour widget: file includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php line 56,

for the tour dates page (upcoming dates): template-tourdates.php, line 28,

for the tour dates page (past dates): template-tourdates.php, line 173,

look for the following code:

'meta_value' => strftime("%Y/%m/%d", time()- (60 * 60 * 24) ),

This pretty much means, show today’s tour date minus “60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours” (= 1 day)

If you for example want to add 12 hours, change this to:

'meta_value' => strftime("%Y/%m/%d", time()- (60 * 60 * 36) ),

About the button shortcode: What theme version are you using? This was added in version 3.07.

Hi, I just bought this amazing theme but I can’t see the shop category, where is it? Thanks!

Hey there… thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

The shop page requires the (free) Woocommerce plugin:

More information you can find in the documentation. (scroll all the way down):
Please let me know if you need any more info.


Hi, I update woocommerce to 2.2.2 and Wordpress to 4.0 and woocommerce have a mistake in the products page when you clic a product, for example:

Before the update I hadn’t this error.

In the administrator front i have a woocommerce msg same that:

Anulación de plantillas (WooCommerce): pagination.php la versión 2.0.0 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.2.0

What’s the problem? Thanks

Hey there! Can you please save your permalinks? (Go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”)

Hi there !

I just wanted to know how to change the description of the news section on my homepage only (keeping the titles of the articles and at least writing a very small description). It’s quite hard to explain with words so I give you an image link of what i’m talking about :)

Thanks !

Fantastic, thanks a lot Gerda :)

Oh, one more (and last) question, how can I justify the text in the excerpt area ? With a simple HTML code ? Thanks a lot, it works great !

This can be done by adding som CSS code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.entry-h p {
    text-align: justify;

Where can I purchase the background image you are using for this theme?

Hey there! I just replied to your email.

Hi, first thanks for great theme. My tour dates side bar doesn´t show my text widget for Facebook plugin. But the same widget for Facebook on home page or main page etc. is OK. I have calendar widget on the side bar, so i tried to clear the widgets on this side bar and put it back again, but nothing.

Hey there! Can you send me a link to your site please?

Hi again, is it possible to use shortcodes columns in “tour dates – more info”. Because it´s not working.

I’ll add support for this in the next theme update. You can add it now by making the following change to the file single-tourdates.php, line 99:

<div class="tour-more"> <?php echo $more; ?> </div>
<div class="tour-more"> <?php echo do_shortcode( $more ) ?> </div>