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each page have php and html ….??? : like index.php – index.html

I read other comments and u replay with http://gozawi.com/soundmaster/php_version/main/index.php this is different template from here what we need buy ? or is same? if is different where we can download php. templates?

I JUST BUY THIS AND I CAN SEE u have only one player for all website … now how I can add 5 albums from 5 different artist with different music ….???

u need add in description is one player just for one artist ..

yea… I make copy paste edit playlist and how change in custom.js in PLAYERS section.

I try in html <title>Soundmaster</title> change <title>techno</title> templates mess up photo albums down…. I try delete “news” <!- news -> and templates is totally mess up …. why??

yo…I open ticket on yours support…...

ok.. I send u couple message here and open one ticket in yours support and you do not yet answer,,,, why????

you are on vacation?

you do not like answer …. why?

say thanks for purchased ….

lol… u still not here for support

do u have WP

yo ignorant

lol… u never answer….

u never answer why

yo… u alive …. where r u? do u wanna upgrade this templates ? Can u add current song playing ?


Hello, I bought this template a while ago. Now I find, that I have the same problem like users: “Andrekhamasmie” and “norice”. Gallery in ONEPAGE version does not load full screen of photos. I try copy gallery code from other page (where it working), but in onepage this code not working. It is something I could change to start loading full screen of photos. Thanks!

Hello! How add this template to Wordpress 5.4.2?