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Great item! I’m going to create a WordPress Version of it for myself – maybe you are interested in.

hi, thanks for your purchase, and thanks for your offer too :)

Wonderful theme but only one question? The search button at the top in Internet Explorer 9 is under the search field. In Firefox it is positioned correctly. Any idea why this search button is under the field in MSIE 9 ?

Other than that a lovely template!!!

Hi @flashyflash,

please drop me an email, I will send you fix for it.


I cannot express how much this template has to offer! It is superb in all expectations. A+++ Thanks Chimp! Looking for the Fix on the search bar!

I cannot express, how much I am happy after reading your words :) thanks for that – its really appreciated. I replied your email please check inbox. regards

Any ETA on the WordPress version? :)

hi @Koder,

Thanks for following us.

we are developing a detailed theme options panel for wordpress – so when we done with that, wp version of all our new items will be there very soon.


I love this theme! Definately will buy when wordpress version comes out…

thanks for such nice feedback. regards

I wonder if they take out a version for joomla or wordpress?

its wordpress version is in pipelines. regards

Mmm I didn’t understand your response?

We are currently working on development of wordpress version of this template. hope you got me now :)

Hello Chimpstudio,

First of all I would like to take the time and thank you for such an amazing temple you develop!!!!!! Its great layout and covers pretty much everything you can imagine for music!!!

I did have a quick question I'm having trouble locating the section to adjust the countdown timer on the home page and would like to know if you could please help me out?

I also wanted to know does the email / contact us form have a PHP file to edit or do we just plug in our email in the regular contactus.html file?

Hi @bnzechmeister,

You can edit counter by putting your values in jquery.countdown.js file third last line.

Sorry for now PHP contact form not available for this template you can put any form by finding it at google. we have plans to put a php contact form there but it can take couple of weeks to update the template.


and one more question is there anything special we have to do in order to install the twitter widget and facebook widget?

Thanks for your time!

Hi @bnzechmeister,

You just need to google it or if you can send me an email i can assist you on that.


as configure the contact form to my mail?

Hi there,

I am sorry but I didn’t understood your words, can you please be a little more descriptive.


Hi there,

I purchased the theme, look forward to working with it.

However, the menu bar is not fixed as per my earlier comment – the ‘gigs’ section is missing.

Can you please send me the correct index file? myles@nakedsoulmusic.com


Hi @nakedsoul,

thanks for purchase,

do you mean gigs file not included in it ?

or you just want to get gigs links to be added in top navigation (i think its very easy) ?


Very interested in your beautiful template. My only concern: the player (for the “Now Playing” section) does not show well on Chrome (not able to see the play, fwd, rwd, stop and volumen icons or bottons). IE and Mozilla shows them fine.

Never mind, I am able to see it now. I don’t really know what happened.

Hi @potosinachilanga,

thanks for liking our work, maybe it was broken because of any internet down or browser issues. its good if this is working now.

wish you good luck for your project.

Hi! When I view this theme on an iPhone, having removed the meta viewport line…

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />

...the slider jumps a little bit to the right of it’s original place. I want the site to look the same in all devices – could you please help me?

hi @madmarvin,

I checked it with my iphone 4 – and its working fine. can you please send me some screenshots.


Hi Chimpstudio,

The version available for download does not have the ‘gigs’ option in the menu as per my earlier comments for you to fix that.

Can you please send me the fixed copy?

Hi @nakedsoul,

I hope you got my email.


Hi Chimpstudio,

Is there a workaround for firefox to play mp3 only from the player on the index page? Works fine in all other browsers.

I don’t really want to have to encode to ogg for every mp3.

Cheers, Myles

Hi @nakedsoul,

You can just put mp3 files instead of ogg and it ll work. we used a free jquery player so you can do some research on that plugin to get help.


Hi Chimpstudio,

I got your email + thank you, it is much appreciated! I love the design and for the most part, I am finding it easy to update (even though I am a novice html user).

I have two last questions: TWITTER FEED ON INDEX : Was there instructions on how to incorporate our twitter feed in? I am worried I might break the style sheet if I copy the code directly from twitter.

SEARCH MUSIC + LOGIN on INDEX Is there instructions on how to enable these?

Thanks for a great template and thanks for all your great support! You are helping to make a novice user look good on the web! :)

Cheers, Myles

Hi Myles,

I sent you an email please reply me on that.

i think twitter is already working fine now ? for search and login you need to write some php code as its not simple element.



What is the ETA for Wordpress? I have artists (who love this site) that are awaiting its arrival.

Hi @bforhamm,

Thanks for liking our template, We are currently busy with our rockit band music template project – very after that we gonna start working on sound rock – so I hope sound rock will be there in next two to four weeks.


Im haveing a really hard time figuring out how to set an exact time on the countdown timer…... I want to set the date for october 7,2012 at 10:00pm if you could please give me an idea on how to set the time by giving an example, I would really appreciate it !!!! thank you so much!!!!!

Hi! I need your help to configure the contact form… I don’t have any configuration file in Js folder… Have you update the template?

Any update on the Wordpress theme?