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When i try upload the theme i have this message “Soundrock Music Band Template ” Documentation by “Kax Miller” v1.0”

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

could you help me please?

sorry my previous comment…. I got confused about HTML or WP … sorry .. the zip files are OK

@chimpstudio can you roughly telll me when the wordpress version will be ready please?


Is there a Wordpress version for this theme?


Copied the HTML folder (after renaming it to “soundrock”) to my wp-content/themes folder. The theme wouldn’t show up on the Theme chooser page. Said it needs a Stylesheet and a Template. How do I get this to work????????

Hi, can you please send me the contact form php file if there is one.

i tried to make one myself with generators, but i cant seem to get it to work properly.


great template btw:))

Ready to buy a wordpress theme asap !!! Great theme


Great theme. Is the twitter widget included?



Hi, is localization supported?

Hi @Mast3rMind,

its HTML template not a wordpress. we are working on its wordpress and it ll be ready soon.


is possible to have a wordpress theme of this template ??

hi @skuull,

right now we are working on it so you can expect it very soon.


Great Theme, I’m still rather new to Wordpress….this is prob a dumb question but once inside the dashboard area can I move the social icons to the top of the page?

thanks Steve


Its just an HTML template so it doesn’t comes with any dashboard. so you need to have some html skill to make it.



please email me as soon as the wordpress version is for sale.


Will update you as soon as it will go live, but coming very soon for sure

When you buy this template. is sound rock at the top?. Thanks

While this is a beautiful template, I would have expected that all the “moving” parts would be operational and that if a search feature appears, then it should have the innards to make it work. Also no contact php, no user registration mechanism even though one appears and no newsletter function even though one appears and no working blog feature (all these show up on the pages but they are empty shells). I realize this is a $15 template, but I have paid $12 for templates here and everything was connected and everything functioned. The ongloing promise of getting all these things whenever the WordPress version appears is of little consolation. I hope that once the kinks of the WordPress version are solved the author rolls the finished functions into an updated HTML version, which should be a free upgrade.

@rocky460712 as you know its just template which mean its not functional and its just HTML and CSS , I am sure here on themeforest in HTML category there is not server side coding (user registration, Newsletter system etc) included. we are working on Wordpress version which you will have to buy if you will be interested,

Chimpstudio. If I buy this, will the sound rock mark be at the top? Thank you

How do I remove the description black box from the home page nivo slider?

Hi @sfranzken,

You just need to remove caption div with class name “nivo-html-caption” and you are done.


I need help. I cant find the contact php file

Hi @ashbydlg,

I am sorry but there is no contact.php file there. you need to customize it in order to make it work. or you can buy the wordpress theme of same template and can get everything functional.


Or where do i go to apply the email i want the contact form to send the message too

hi there! i can’t find documentation (( soundrock-> help-> support-> index.html assets-> blueprint-css-> images->

Hi @r3d_time,

maybe you can try to download it again from themeforest. i hope it will solve your issue.