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I just upload this theme. Is it possible to have a sort of demo contents to make the website like the ‘demo one’ (and then to make changes)? I have problems with the slider (it doesn’t go) and with post (the visual editor doesn’t go). Thanks

good day wizedesign, Please respond to my ticket: *The theme colour doesn’t work (no colour when hovering over the tabs etc)
  • the audio player isn’t working properly (sound clip in posts, play/pause button isnt showing up at all)

wizedesign, how long do we all have to wait for responses? You say to send info through the support link you sent but when I email you the info, you never respond. We paid extra for the extended support & now I’m wondering if we wasted our money. Can you please at least respond with a time frame as to when you would be able to look into our issues or if you will be assisting us with it??

how do I change the images in the background of the home page for the Vibe Music theme – the main one of the girl as you open the page. I am stuck for hours on this!

the small slider version is not responsive, what can i do about that?

Hi, you mentioned several times, starting almost 3 years ago!, that you would be integrating WooCommerce on this theme and you still haven’t. When are you going to do this?

How do i get the menu to show in mobile responsive mode? It is not showing up.

How can I get the images to show correctly? http://lesbfine.com/

Is it possible to use the player in your theme with an ice cast stream?

Hi, it’s incredible…very bad support!I

Im interested to know if anyone has been able successfully integrate woocommerce into this theme. If so Im seeking some assistance.

This theme is compatible with Centova cast – icecast ?

I await a response to buy theme

I’m unable 2 load dummy content

Hello to everyone! I want to start by apologizing to all of you who had problems with the support or the theme. Starting tomorrow, a new type and much more detailed support will take care of your problems and requests in maximum 7 working days.

All your messages from support have been lost because of the mail. Please send to us again all your problems and for a better and faster solving please make screenshots of your problems.

The ones who bought the theme and are having problems with it, please use this link: http://support.wizedesign.com

Who wants to ask anything about a certain theme, please use this link: http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Thank you very much!

How do you get the menus to show in mobile responsive mode?

I’ve sent you mail. We keep in touch here.

Radio is not working . Plz help me to fix the radio…..

on audio page when it play background black is comming . i want to hav that page with header and footer + with the background iamge how can i do this…..???

I’ve sent you an email. We keep in touch on mail.

Hi, you mentioned that you would be integrating WooCommerce on this theme. When will this actually happen? Also, does Beaton have the “Artists” page like SoundWave and is it possible to have a box of just plain content on the home page where I can enter information about the company/DJ, etc.? Thanks!

The only theme compatible with woocommerce is Beaton. On Soundwave it will not be compatible. You can buy the Beaton theme and create separate pages for artist.

Visual Editor is not working!!!! Please Help

I’ve sent you a mail. We keep in touch there.

i can i add a page like the demo that appear online? pfff. It’s too much time with your theme. I know already it will be a bad experiences

I’ve sent you a message.

And i didn’t find the clubber.zip anywhere. you mention it in the documentation

I’ve sent you a message.

When i create a page and set it as a home page, everything become a mess. And your support time is so weird why taking all this time? For sure our clients can’t wait on their sides. I will be obliged to buy another theme. Pfff

I’ve sent you a message.