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I’ve been trying to contact you guys for weeks now! I’m disappointed with the service I’ve been getting, I even bought the theme again and still can’t get any support. Please Help Me! The Color Settings aren’t working with this theme. No highlights in the menus_

I’ve sent you a mail. Let’s please keep in touch through mail.

Replied to your mail.

Still waiting.

The Radio script no longer works. Can you please advise? this happen after template update. Website URL : http://www.bizimfmlondra.com/

I looked on your site and I noticed that your site works great.

I have 3 licenses for this theme so it cant be that bad in my judgement. But now I have an issue where the Play button does not work. I have contacted you guys, your answer was sooo vague, something like, “well done for spotting the problem”. I mean, that aint my idea of support. I dont know if you intens doing something or not, I am lost. I need direct answers or a refund please. Annoyed right now http://bigpeopleradio.com/

...and still I wait, I am really frustrated by this serevice, or lack of it., I bought this theme and the play button doesnt work on devices, Whats that about???

ok, Ive issued a 24 hour warning, I need a decent response within 24 hours or I will request a full refund. A decent response is something tangable to a good outcome, not something like ‘We are looking into it’ Totally fed up with this service.

Can artists upload their music themselves on this website? The content will be approved by the admin- but I am looking for a way for artists to upload their profiles and social media links as well as upload music!? Please clarify

I am having major trouble with my Soundwave Theme. 1) The biggest issue is that all of my “Artist” pages have disappeared. When I login to my WP Dashboard “Artists” no longer appears as a category or section item on the left—although things like Posts, Audio & DJ Mixes are still there. If I go to “Appearance >> Editor” in WP, “artist.php” still shows. But, when I go to the actual site to click on one of the 5 artist pages I had up, I am given a “not found” message and then redirected to a page showing recent posts. Can this be fixed? Has all the information I had on those artist pages been lost? 2) Also, the display font changed for this theme on my site without my having done anything. I do not see a place where I can correct this. It is now in a Times Roman Font that doesn’t match the previous aesthetic or the style of the site. —Both of these changes happened without me making any edits to the website. The font was fine and the pages were there a few days ago, but as of yesterday they are gone. I love the theme and want to understand whatever is wrong to fix it. I am worried that a good chunk of my online content has been lost. Please help!

integrated radio player stop working, when you will fix this theme?

With Wordpress 4.7, TinyMCE (visual editing of pages and messages) is no longer working. Any suggestions?

‘Add media’ button (in editing posts) broken in WP4.7. Any suggestions?


adyal4 Purchased

Can someone provide me detailed steps on how to separate out different music categories under my music menu? I created different categories and selected which category the song should fall under however all the music I uploaded shows up in all categories. Please see my webpage under music. http://www.winradio101.com I am very new to wordpress so being real specific would be very helpful or refer me to a youtube video to show me how would be great as well. I contacted wizedesign but have not gotten a response.


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Add Media – Not working since WP 4.7 – any suggestions anyone?

Will you be updating this theme for the latest WP version. It does not work anymore.


hfmibiza Purchased

When is the next Theme update coming? Last time it was updated on 21st April 2016


2ofertas Purchased

Good evening, gentlemen of wizedesign, I bought the soundwave template 2 years ago, but I just realize that it is not responsive, how do I do it so that it can be seen on cell phones? How do I become responsive?


2ofertas Purchased

Why do not they respond?


FGMG Purchased

Hi have emailed and emailed but my problem still has not been resolved this has been going on for 4 months maybe now ..all i want is to know why the responsive menu is showing at the very bottom left on mobile …


Hi, I’m very interested in buying this theme but was wondering about fews things:

1. There is one tutorial or a video guide to install the theme and to import the demo content.. ?

2. There is one setup theme tutorial..?

3. There is ability to translate the texts of the theme with the plugin loco translate..?

4. Do you provide the latest update of Visual Composer .. ? / version 5.0.1 5. Do you provide the latest update of VWordPress.. ? / version 4.7.2


videos playable in slider would be an instant purchase here! Possible?