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Sorry for this question: the audio player can show metadata (Artist Title and Track Tile) of a radio stream based on Icecast aacp stream? We use 24h live radio stream url and not tracks! Really thanks for your help.


Ise123 Purchased

Hi, my template the Soundwave does not look the same on my computer, I’m working with Wordpress. Please help me. Thank you.

hi , i use this theme ,but the problem the loader don’t work , on your live preview i see the loader working at the top before the page be opened, on my website it’s don’t works, how ca i fix it ?

Hello, can you give me accept to your wordpress? Send me on support.wizedesign.com


brogie Purchased

hi, has anyone got this theme to work with wordpress 4.8.x, the latest wp version at the moment? I really want to buy this theme.

Hello, the theme works with wordpress 4.8.x


brogie Purchased

thank you for quick reply. Now I have issues with setting up startpage. how to put content to start page under the slider? I can only get content to sidebar.


brogie Purchased

got it! found the short codes.


brogie Purchased

the google map integration does not seem to work, I got Error Messages : MissingKeyMapError Warnings: NoApiKeys , SensorNotRequired

You have to write coordonates

hi , how to display photos by category ?

Hello, can you send me a message on support? http://support.wizedesign.com/

I have interest in buy this template. The template is responsive?, ( Menu, post etc), Where I can find an example

Hey yes. Look into the demo

A great looking theme and looking to purchase it. Two quick pre-sales questions for you: 1. I would need each audio post to be a link to a Soundcloud file – can this work? 2. Could I easily implement Instagram feed for the photo section instead? Thanks!!

Hello, 1. theme does not support soundcloud and 2. there is plugins for instagram

hi, my friend bought this theme and asked me to look at changing a few things. What we are trying to do is move the title of all sidebar items into the content box. However I cant find the php file which will let me move the h3 tag. Any help?

Hello, the audio player does not work on pages, please check this link: http://www.deluxediscplay.com/demos-mp3-prueba/

there where I send the access data so you can verify, we deactivated all the plugins, updated the theme, checked the settings and nothing worked.

I have upgraded to wordpress version 4.8.2 and the template goes into conflict with the visual text editor. I cannot display the text of previous articles in visual mode and, even if hte tab for switching to text mode is visible nothing happens if I click on it. I tried disabling alla plugins but with no use. When a change the theme back to theme twenty fourteen the visal text editor starts again to work. How can I solve this?

Hi, I am using this theme but someone built the website for me, I am now having loads of issues and nothing is working properly. Can you send me information so that I can update the theme to the latest version please. My website is www.chatandspinradio.com and the website has been fine until the 20th November when it crashed completely. I do not have contact details for the original web designer so can you please help..

Hi there, I have a problem, the plugin yoast isn’t working anymore, the metabox is not loading on post edit, there is conflict with some of the javascript files in the theme. Could you please help?

Hello, It would take a big update of SoundWave for version 4.9 of WordPress, because the player at the bottom of the page no longer functioned in radio mode !

I have already presented other bugs of this theme to technical support, following the new WordPress updates, but I have never received an answer !

I’m in trouble does not appear the page mix feed and audio. What code should I add?

The logo actually is unfriendly for mobile devices. I tried to get support several times on your website but never replied…

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 4.9.x ? I really like this theme but i see that the support or response is slow.

Does this theme work with WordPress 4.9.5 ?

Good afternoon, I’m setting up the website of a customer who bought this theme I would like to know how to change the permalink of the mix and audio posts.