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Lovely theme!

Great theme! Where in the code should I change to make the photos wider? :)

Hi Thomas, thank you for making such a lovely theme. I really love it. :)

I would like to know how to enable the “Read More” button for long posts on Soupa Theme. I saw it on the Live Preview but after purchasing it, I can’t seem to find any button of sorts for a “Read More” function for particularly long posts…

Would appreciate if I could get a reply from you! Thank you!

Ah, found the function enabled on Tumblr! Apologies!

Thomas, all number and bulleted lists in old posts are being turned into italics and centered. Please help.

I have bought this theme and i have downloaded the files after purchase and there is not HTML file to paste into Tumblr. Please Help

Hi, How can I do if I would like to disable infinite scroll?


Love the theme, but whenever I click menu, the links don’t appear. Basically nothing happens when I click on the Menu. Help?

Hi, I really love this theme and I’m gonna purchase it. Just a question: is there any way to make pics wider? Even more than the text column? Thanks

Beautiful work! Keep it up.;

Hello @Thomascullen92! how you doing? I have 2 question for you but am afraid that those question are not going to be answer no time soon since you haven answer any of your customer question since 6 month ago.

But I have some hope in you, here we go… 1. I don’t see the share buttons and the heart like in the post? 2. Am a Twitter fan, is there a plug in that show my tweets?

Thank you in advance. Good Luck!

I used the info in the template.html, but it is not working. I am not an expert in this field. According to the documentation it should be pretty straightforward, but apparently not…

I just get unformatted text and no extra options anywhere in any menu or dashboard.

I hope someone can help me! Greatly appreciated!!

New user here just setting up an account. Beautiful theme, but a few questions.

1. How can I make the line spacing between paragraphs on posts gap less? I’ve fiddled with it a bit, but can’t seem to correct it. 2. Can I turn off “comments” for the extra pages (eg for my about page) 3. Does the blog title always hover over the posts as you scroll down? It looks awkward when it layers on the body text.

Hello! I have a question! How can I delete the huge BOLD Title on my secondary/other page (not my homepage) ?