Source - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Source - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

current version 1.8.3
Source is a responsive theme perfect for photographers. It is fully compatible with mobile devices and it contains many options that will make it easy to customize to fit your needs. Source theme includes shortcodes plugin with 17 button tinymce and very flexible admin theme options. Compatible on WordPress version 4.5.3
For customisation of this theme, just contact us here. We are currently available to work on it.

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Theme Features

  • WordPress 4.5+ Ready
  • Responsive Design. For Tablets and Mobile
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Tableless layout
  • Resizable background image per post/page
  • Background Slider
  • Tested and working in All major browsers
  • Full Documentation (HTML Type)
  • Admin Theme Options
  • 3rd Level Threaded Comments
  • Custom Social Icons
  • HTML5 jPlayer
  • Post Thumbnail Images
  • Custom Meta Fields
  • Custom Functions
  • Standard WP Codes
  • Language Localization Support (.po/.mo)
  • Meta Keywords and Descriptions for SEO
  • Supports Self Hosted, Youtube and Vimeo Video
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Includes demo content (.xml)

WordPress Plugins

  • Typography Shortcodes
  • Contact Form 7

Post Format

  • Standard
  • Image
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Audio

Custom Post

  • Gallery
  • Services
  • Our Team

Page Templates

  • About
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Services
  • Contact


Version 1.8.3 (07-12-2016)
- ADDED: screen-reader-text code in style.css file
- ADDED: new option for google map API key support
- FIXED: language translations issue on archive page
- FIXED: esc_url for using dynamic links
- FIXED: sanitisation for classes
- UPDATED: theme screenshot
- UPDATED: to WordPress version 4.5.3 compatibility
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation to version 2.6.1
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.mo/.po)
- UPDATED: archives title page
- UPDATED: fontawesome to version 4.6.3 compatibility
- UPDATED: theme documentations
- CHANGED: localisation text domain from engine_theme_name to source
Version 1.8.2 (04-18-2016)
- ADDED: new social icons (dribbble) in header area
- UPDATED: fontawesome to version 4.6.0 compatibility
- UPDATED: services list icons
- UPDATED: to WordPress version 4.5 compatibility
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to version 4.4.1 compatibility
- UPDATED: gmap jQuery to version 0.4.24
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.mo/.po)
- IMPROVED: sticky blog post design
- CHANGED: touchTouch arrows from image to font icons
- REMOVED: social icons tooltip label
Version 1.8.1 (03-08-2016)
- ADDED: archive page template for gallery post type 
- ADDED: logo retina option in theme options 
- ADDED: custom logo in WordPress login page 
- FIXED: google map HTML format issue 
- FIXED: comments form issue in blog single page 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to version 4.4 compatibility 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.4.2 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation to version 2.5.2 
- UPDATED: gmap jQuery to version 0.4.22 
- UPDATED: flexslider jQuery to version 2.6.0 
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.mo/.po) 
- IMPROVED: style.css and responsive.css files by making it readable and clean 
- IMPROVED: functions file for loading speed time 
- IMPROVED: theme files coding for better loading speed 
- IMPROVED: responsive stylesheet for mobile and tablet minor issue 
- IMPROVED: theme options arrangement 
- REMOVED: marker title and marker window text 
- REMOVED: dark style because it does not look good 
Version 1.8.0 (08-31-2015)
- ADDED: close button for lightbox image 
- ADDED: retina feature 
- ADDED: functions.php file in child theme 
- FIXED: minor js issue when visual composer plugin is in use 
- FIXED: gallery exclude for background slider 
- FIXED: theme options value when empty 
- FIXED: header issue on undefined functions 
- FIXED: minor issue on 404 page slider functions 
- UPDATED: child theme folder 
- UPDATED: text domain to use string 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file for plugin versions 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin to version 2.5.0 
- UPDATED: theme documentation 
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.po/.mo) 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to v4.2.2 compatibility 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.3 compatibility 
- UPDATED: data validations 
- UPDATED: custom post types slug translations 
- UPDATED: jQuery google maps version to 0.4.18 
- UPDATED: fontawesome version 4.4.0 
- CHANGED: lang folder to languages 
- CHANGED: jquery files to minified versions 
- CHANGED: custom post types menu icon from images to dashicons 
- REMOVED: keywords and descriptions in Theme Options for SEO compatibility
Version 1.7.1 (11-18-2014)
- FIXED: gallery custom post type 
- FIXED: gallery hover image issue 
- FIXED: theme options UI minor issue 
- FIXED: custom CSS minor issue 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v4.0.1 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.0 
- UPDATED: language localisation (.po/.mo)
- UPDATED: some elements on the theme
- REMOVED: exclude custom fields in gallery cpt
Version 1.7.0 (08-29-2014)
- ADDED: custom field and excerpt support for cpt 
- FIXED: google map scrolling mouse issue
- UPDATED: custom post types saving data 
- UPDATED: theme options UI design 
- UPDATED: language localisations (.mo/.po) 
- UPDATED: theme localisation in Theme Options 
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes to v2.0.2 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v3.9.1
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.9.2 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation to 2.4.0 
Version 1.6.0 (03-02-2014)
- ADDED: gallery/audio post format 
- ADDED: contact form 7 plugin 
- ADDED: audio field in blog post 
- ADDED: js google map in contact us page 
- ADDED: sticky post styles
- ADDED: new options for contact us page in theme options
- FIXED: touchtouch js for IE 
- FIXED: IE issue on loading contents 
- FIXED: password protected in gallery and blog page responsive 
- UPDATED: template contact page form 
- UPDATED: bg-slider slide settings 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.8.1 
- UPDATED: .xml and .sql sample data contents
- UPDATED: select box menu for mobile 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation 
- UPDATED: theme options UI elements
- UPDATED: language localisation 
- UPDATED: responsive stylesheet
- REMOVED: container fixed height scrolling
Version 1.5.0 (08-14-2013)
- ADDED: TGM plugin activation
- ADDED: FontAwesome icons in Theme Options UI
- ADDED: password protect gallery 
- FIXED: theme options accordion issue 
- FIXED: dynamic links (get_page_link)
- FIXED: the_excerpt issue 
- FIXED: contact form ip address 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.6 
- UPDATED: jquery customization code 
- UPDATED: jquery to minified files
- UPDATED: HTML5 video player
- UPDATED: font face to google web font (roboto)
- UPDATED: jquery custom scrollbar 
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
Version 1.4.7 (07-03-2013)
- ADDED: default color picker 
- ADDED: flickr icons in about us page 
- FIXED: ordering issue in background slider attachments 
- FIXED: image resize without using other classes
- FIXED: column shortcode width 
- UPDATED: typo shortcodes plugin 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.5.2 
- UPDATED: language localization define name 
Version 1.4.6 (06-06-2013)
- ADDED: quicktags for typography shortcode plugin
- ADDED: video background support
- FIXED: scrollbar height issue in smaller screen 
- FIXED: minor issues for responsive mobile
- UPDATED: theme options UI
- UPDATED: documentations
Version 1.4.5 (05-06-2013)
- ADDED: new option for background slider
- FIXED: style-dark.css issue in child theme 
- FIXED: comment reply script in header 
- FIXED: HTML5 video player flash
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: date formating to dynamic 
- REMOVED: fancybox css in child theme 
Version 1.4.4 (04-13-2013)
- ADDED: new option in custom post type 
- ADDED: wp_query in taxonomies 
- FIXED: cpt taxonomy slug rewrite
- FIXED: tab and image shortcodes in IE
- UPDATED: header title text 
- CHANGED: fancybox to responsive
Version 1.4.3 (03-25-2013)
- FIXED: custom posts/fields saving issue
- FIXED: post thumbnail cropping issue
- FIXED: bg audio when socials empty
- FIXED: scrollpane issue in IE9
- FIXED: tab shortcode gradient for IE9
- UPDATED: typo shortcodes plugin
Version 1.4.2 (03-09-2013)
- ADDED: new options in translation settings
- FIXED: IE8 background slider issue 
- FIXED: other issues for IE8
Version 1.4.1 (03-03-2013)
- ADDED: video documentations
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: functions.php file
- UPDATED: custom posts/fields code changes 
Version 1.4 (02-12-2013)
- ADDED: video attachments support 
- FIXED: custom scrollbar fluid 
- FIXED: homepage pagination for custom pages
- UPDATED: documentation
- UPDATED: header css tags for logo and menu 
Version 1.3 (02-01-2013)
- ADDED: 404 background image option 
- ADDED: background fallback when slider is empty
- FIXED: error caught "vertical" issues
- FIXED: mobile viewport headers errors
- FIXED: loading image first then contents 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.5.1
Version 1.2 (01-18-2013)
- ADDED: exclude option for gallery list
- ADDED: option for slider homepage only
- FIXED: category arrow mobile
- FIXED: image max-width responsive
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
- UPDATED: typo shortcode unordered list
- UPDATED: documentations
Version 1.1 (01-10-2013)
- ADDED: option hide image title
- ADDED: option for including thumbnail in gallery 
- ADDED: fallback when no featured image and image slider
- ADDED: title of image in background slider
- FIXED: toggle width categories
- FIXED: menu fallback minor bugs
- FIXED: upload buttons for archive page 
- FIXED: PHP notices and non property bugs
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
Version 1.0 (12-28-2012)
- Initial Released