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I just bought soutchcentral and I have a question for you, can i have only one slide with Slider Revolution? I tried to insert a single slide, but continues to have effect as if I had two animated slide

how do I fix?

PS: I can’t use your ticket system https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ because you have not yet entered the southcentral template

Thanks again fabio

Hi Fabio,

We believe that we answer to this question in one of the support ticket, but I’ll post it here too. In the Rev. Slider -> Settings -> Loop and Progress -> select the OFF option.


I see you don´t launch the update with the submenu option, how can I archieve that with code, please?

Thanks. Regards


It will be nice have some feedback.

Thanks. Regards

Hello. I have the same problem mentioned before: When I use the mobile view (on Android) the upper menu has no background and can’t be seen on dark images.

Will this be repaired? THe first time it was mentioned was about 5 months ago…

Thank you, fine theme btw :)

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com and our support team will help you with this issue.

I am planning to buy this theme but find some issues I want to clear before go ahead. In your slider. Please refer the link given below… http://themeforest.net/item/southcentral-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7440567

Whenever the the image changing in the background. I see green color. Is it possible to get rid of it? If it is possible then I will buy this theme.

Thank You.

Hello, actually, that’s the background color of the slider. You can change this color easily, but you won’t get rid of the effect. This happens when the slider loops back to the first slide.


Nice theme but I noticed that many people complained about the issue on android or iphones with the background for the sub menu navigation not appearing making the text overlap the content.

I see that this is a problem that was supposed to be fixed for over 7 months now and still looks broken. Prior to purchasing this theme I want to make sure that this is fixed and I’d like to see an example of how it will look like on android and iphones.

Thank you! Patrick

Hi, waiting for the anser to the bug I posted in your support system for a couple of days allready! Pls help: the demo content importet does not show correcly!! Check: www.foodville.at

Hi there,

Can you post here the support ticket number?



Hi, I purchased your theme, its a great theme. I wanna know :

1. Why I cannot modify the menu from theme options (insert background image, change font colour, etc) ?

2. Is it possible to have a full height page on each page section? Thank you

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com and our support team will help you in this matter.

Hi, i can t change the colour of top menu (hover) http://prntscr.com/7h47co

Is it possible to change the lenght of the line? http://prntscr.com/7h47uh

How to align icons in center? http://prntscr.com/7h49fh

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ and our support team will help you in this matter.

Kind regards!

I opened a support ticket, no one reply me back. its almost a week already

Hi there,

We have answered to your question.

Kind regards!

The ‘Save $83 worth of assets’ on your theme’s item details page, can you clarify more on that please? Is it separate from the $43 Regular License fee? because I am wondering if one is to pay an additional cost to get those plug-ins installed.

P.S – I plan to buy this theme, just making inquiries.

Hi there,

You will only pay for the Regular License, no additional costs after that. The “Save $83 worth of assets” refers to the value of the included plugins if you bought them individually.

Kind regards!

Hi! I’ve submitted two tickets through your ticket system (the first was 6 days ago) but haven’t received a reply. Should I be submitted my questions here instead?

The first ticket is #495458

The second ticket is #498770

Hi, please be patient, we are and we will answer to all tickets. As this is a vacation time and we’ve had some problems with the support system, we are a little behind with the tickets, but we do answer to all of them. Thanks for understanding!

Hello, I want to buy in the next few days this theme. I saw that there was no more Theme Update for 1 year, there will soon be a new one? or get any new updates? Den in the mobile preview of the page, the menu is not displayed properly, and it crashes on the phone always on ..? It forward to your reply, thank you!

Hi, last update was made on 26 June 15, last year was first published.

Hi Also interested in woocommerce and also BuddyPress with this excellent looking theme..

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we didn’t designed the SouthCentral theme having in mind the use of the woocommerce with it.

Best regards!

Hi there, presales question for you, has the theme been tested with Qtranslate to offer a multilingual site?

Hi, no, we didn’t tested with Qtranslate.

Hi, good morning.

I’m considering buying this theme, or the ATTRACTOR theme developed by you. But i’d like to have some questions:

1 – I need to put the logo in the center of the menu, so:

a) There’s any easy setting to do that?

b) If not, is easy to customize it via CSS? Could you help in this process?

c) If not, there’s any option show the menu only after scrolling down the fist ‘page’? Cause than I could hide the real menu in the first ‘page’, and put a centered single image in the top of the page, looking like a menu with the logo in the center.

2 – Is possible to customize a project inside page layout (portfolio) with Visual Composer as any other page, or there’s restrictions in project’s pages?

Thank you!

Hello Sergio,

Unfortunately, your needs are not covered in Attractor or SouthCentral themes. However, we launched a new theme recently that offers both your needed features, you might want to check it out: http://themeforest.net/item/hatch-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/14896311

What’s the difference between than? Is possible to put the logo in the center in Hatch Theme? I not use to buy new themes, with a few sales…but let me see.

But if I prefer to buy the attractor, or southcentral, can a webmaster put the logo in the center via CSS, or is difficult and/or risk? Really thank you for the patience.

Hi Sergio, sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately, neither Attractor or SouthCentral were designed to work with logo on center. We could change some CSS lines and make it centred, of course, but that won’t solve the whole issue. A centred logo needs menu on both sides and also needs to be responsive, so that takes a lot of custom work.

Hi I purchased the theme and the theme is conflicting with my reading setting for some reason. It will not allow me to set any other page as my home page. I activated the default 2015 theme and all plugins as well and it was able to set another page. Can you please help.

Hi there,

Please open a ticket at https://highgrade.ticksy.com/ and our support team will help you with this.

Thank you!

Hi, nice theme. Is there any news on the mobile navigation everybody is talking about? It’s transparent with a dark slider like in the demo the navlinks are almost not visible. Do you have an update planned for this?

Thank you.


Could you please test it again? We’ve just done some changes to the mobile menu.

Thank you!

I have trouble uploading photos or edit.with essential grid. I wanted to update the website. it has always worked. what can I do?

Hi there,

Please send us a message through our profile page so we can assist you via email.

Thank you!

Hi, it seems like the theme is not supported anymore?

Hi there,

The theme is still supported. When the theme is bought by a customer it receives 6 months support from the theme developers.

Thank you!

In terms of updates as it was updated last time this summer.