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Discussion on sowhtout

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Thank you for your support. :)

Can i ask how do I create a link that would take the user to a version of the page where the accordion is by default open on a different section?

(in my contact form, i have an error page, and it says “click here to go back and try again” and at the moment obviously as there is no separate contact page it just goes back to index.php.

I’d prefer to be able to provide a link that will take the user back to the site but with the contact section open rather than the home section)

If u open folder you can see about.html, contact.html etc files use them to open default sections, and for contact also u have separate page create use it.

If you want to create new then use visible class for content div.

To add a slide I not only had to add the html code, adjust the wrapper-outer, wrapper and container, but also .haccordion width’s.

Is there a chance to make it chrome compatible?

Its working fine in chrome.

If you click in About tab, and again in about tab, all accordions disappear, or if you click in the same that is open it disappears all tabs, give it a try

Well ur right, thanks for info will check into it and see what i can do.

Any update on chrome fix?

Well see this http://www.santoshsetty.com/tf/sowhatout/ problem is due to light box

Hi! I love this template! I just purchased it but I’m having some trouble. I can’t edit any of the text. I’ve tried changing the “My Website” portion of the Welcome to My Website section, and I’ve tried to change the actual text (emin amet…). After I change it, save and then load to my browser it still shows only the original stuff in the template. What do I need to do to change the text?

Okay, an update. I am able to see the changes in IE but not Firefox. Any advice?

Please read help file. There are two areas you need to change noscript area and normal area.


Hi there, How do I increase the size of the visible slide area?

I tried:

.haccordion .content.visible{ display: block; width: 970px; !important }

But that doesnt work, It just defaults back to 570 when I close and then open the slide.

Please refer comments and FAQ’s http://themeforest.net/item/sowhtout/34477/faqs

Please always send links so that i can help you. I would recommend you to email me ur web site link via my profile page, so that i can help you.

Thanks! but that is for increasing the amount if slides, i want to increase the width of an open slide.


If you want to increase width of slide then you need to increase with of .content and respectivly to #container #wrapper #wrapper-outer.