Discussion on Spa Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress Theme - Beyoutiful

Discussion on Spa Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress Theme - Beyoutiful

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rednax Purchased

Been using your theme for a long time now and client is still happy with it. I have a little small issue tho. Please check: https://mondzorgpurmerend.nl/ as you can see at the “SignupFor Updates” somewhere in the middle of the homepage its not like it used to be, one picture on the left and one on the right and in the middle the form. Can you help me with this? What’s the correct setup for this section? Thanks is advance!

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. This form is for pre-sale and general questions only. Please submit a support request and our team will assist you.

Support Portfolio Website

Hello Is your theme up to date for worpdress 5.6? Thank you and happy new year

Hello! Yes, the theme is fully compatible with WP 5.6 Feel free to download the most recent version in your TF account.


You are welcome. Have a great day!

How to apply the entire demo to the theme?

Hello! Please read the documentation that comes with the theme.

I imported the demo but it completely reported the error

TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item. To get assistance you have to provide your site credentials via this form https://gt3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hello, I Just bought your theme. I try many time to import the demo, All the page did import except the Index page. how can I get that?

http://geloriabeauty.com Please check All the page I just noticed some page not import to. I didn’t get any error during import
http://geloriabeauty.com Please check All the page I just noticed some page not import to. I didn’t get any error during import


how to place WPML language switcher in your theme (on the right header for example) ?


Hi there! Please submit your request via our support ticket system and our team will assist you https://gt3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Our support team will get back to you asap.

:| hi evry body :(( HOw to install demo ? Plase HELP Meeeeeeeeeeee

i did all but some thing is wrong

Could you please send me your email address that i can send you a picture, may be you could understand me

Please use the contact form available on our TF profile page


in your module “gallery”, video do not work, image is ok. I try with youtube link or viemo but no success.

Can u fix please ?

Please send details and website accesses to the mail indicated above. Our support staff will check whats wrong.

I send you by private message

Thanks. I see details.


In page ‘shop all products” why text below the title do not display ? Where can I change the title “Welcome to Our Shop” et display text lorem … below ?



Woocommerce 3 is not really compatible with your theme, listing product page do not dispay the title (undefined), see url

Can u help me please ?

I tested, works with Woocommerce 2,7 no new version 3.x, can u update your theme please ?

Jane wrote you that we will fix the issue. Please send all the requests to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com. This section is for general questions. We have support forum and zendesk to resolve issues.


can u send me data demo (like your demo theme page) for widget please ?


Hello! We don’t have the widgets import. If you want our support specialist will add the required widgets on your end. Please send your request to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com


can u help me to increase maximum number of words to display in an excerpt (in post) please ?

I try many plugin but nothing works.


Please send all the details to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com

Just done

Thanks. Our support specialist will check it asap.

Hello, I have a problem with a site and your theme. It happens that the media gallery no longer displays but also the extensions. What can I do ?

We will check it asap.

Hello, why does not it update the theme debut August 2016?

We plan to release update next days.

Hi, I would like to know a little bit more about whats under the hood..

things like the theme builder, is it extensible? Is it yours or is it a 3rd party plugin? will I be able to make new elements (like forms, tables, faqs) to accommodate the site to the client needs (coding of course)? Are you using wordpress native appearance panel for customisation? Is it easy to give it a new color scheme with minor css adjustments?

I’m not looking for a plug-and-play theme with 3k features I don’t need but I’m looking for well coded and easy to extend theme.

A technical answer will be more than ok. You can reach me at: trabajo[at]zreedee.com if you don’t want to post details here.

Thanks for your time, Luis.

Hello! The theme contains GT3 Page Builder available for Pages http://prntscr.com/eprosa It contains 3 custom sections: Team, Testimonials, Partners. This plugin was created by our team, it’s built-in to the theme. We don’t use Wordpress customizer, it has special section with options http://prntscr.com/eprp1u The theme colors can be managed in Color options http://prntscr.com/eprp9t

Pre-purchase question: Is this theme still being supported? I see there hasn’t been an update in six months. Is there plans for any future updates?

Hello! Yes, we do support all our products. There will be an update today.

Hello! The update will be ready today.

Hey, where do I change the colours of BUTTONS and BACK TO TOP button? Let me know please.

You can send them via a contact form on our tf profile page

Gents, can you reply to my last email??? How do I change the colour of the BLUE BUTTONS across the theme????

Hello! Can you please check your spam folder? Our support specialist sent you details and asked some info about a week ago http://prntscr.com/epgkgl Please send a new mail to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com


how to put the main menu in the meta_bar ? Is possible ?


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. What meta_bar are you referring to? Thanks

The top bar where I can see social icons ?

There is no shortcode for the main menu, in this case it requires the custom changes in the header. Please post this query on our support forum. Thanks


where is the sticky menu ?

Thanks for reply.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. By default its disabled in the theme, you can check our demo http://gt3demo.com/wp/beyoutiful/ but you can enable it in the theme options panel http://prntscr.com/ebb1ps


your theme is update and full compatible with last WP version and plugin ? Last update is dated on july 2016.

Thanls for reply.

Hello! Yes, the theme is fully compatible with the WordPress latest version.

Hi Everyone! i need some help with the GT3 page builder. When I try to edit blog posts nothing happens its just blank even when trying to create new ones. I called go daddy and they said it has to do with GT3 page builder. they told me to disable that and booom! the blog posts work but the layout is all messed up.

Please help! Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for the theme purchase. 1. Please make sure that you’ve read the documentation that comes with the theme. 2. If you still have the issue please provide your site credentials and we will take a look. You can use the contact form on our tf profile page. Thanks

I also need to change the color of the “Take to Top” arrow and also change the color of the icon circles on the contact page. I also can’t find where to remove the words “toll free” Help!

Hello! Please post these tech related question at our help forum http://forums.gt3themes.com/viewforum.php?f=104&sid=7452fcd22633576222ace5c9257ee80c The support staff will assist you.

Just sent a message to http://forums.gt3themes.com/ regarding the styling of the selectbox and where I can control the responsive breakpoints for Contact Form 7 elements in this theme.

Could only upload really bad quality screenshots because of the 250kb (!) file size limit.

Hello! Thanks for the info. Our support specialist will reply asap.


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