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Great job, wish you the best with this one.

really a nice one. hurry up and give us the responsive wp-version. :-)

its’ beautiful themes mate….cheers

Thanks for the appreciations :) AliA, Bedros, ezeee, AceeBaBa, sithua…

We are working on the HTML Version…hope we will finish soon and release the WP version too!

Awesome! GLWS ! ;)

Peter Zickler.

Thanks Mate!

Amazing! Great work! Congrats and all the best in your sales!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thanks for the appreciation…

absolutely lovely work! I like it

Thanks louiejie…

How soon until you have the html version ready?

We are working on it….will release the WP version by early next week.

Hi, great work! What about WP version i am waiting for? Some date? Thank you for your answer.

Soon! May be on Wednesday next week.

Hope you got updated on our SPA Treats Wordpress Themes released


Hi… I just buy this templates and it does not work on wordpress 3.5.1 can someone help me thanks

hey guys, can u check this http://alysium.com.au/wordpress/ .. the menu is not working like in the preview. is it because its not compatible with 3.6 and can i get a refund or will it be updated?

I purchased the product, would I please get some kind of answer?

Dear Customers,

We will be on Holiday for Next 3 Days! Thank you Very Much for Understanding…Team will be back on Monday.

Hi is is the best recommended template for a day spa which offers beauty, laser https://www.ayurve.com.au/ can anyone recommend not sure if avada is the right one


rsriram Author Team