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Dear designthemes,

I love your new Spa & Restaurant Wordpress theme!

The layout, font, header menu, and so much more is the kind of look that I would like for my site.

Just a couple of quick questions before buying …

1) I would want to have a smaller slider—is it possible to make the height smaller? Is there an option to do that in your admin panel?

2) Do you provide the .XML file so that I can load up the exact demo look too - I’m not a tech person and it makes it easier to follow how you set things up so I can make changes/additions/add images, etc. more easily.

Thank you!

Hi dan242,

Both are Possible! Please check your email.

Fantastic work with the graphic design, looks great :)

Thanks Bedros…

Very nice theme! Good work! :)

Thanks for the Appreciation…


Just a few questions.

Does your Book Now actually schedules the time slot and rejects if it’s booked or is it just a form send to an email?

Does it support Chinese language?


Is this responsive, too?

Hi Yodaman,

Thanks for your request… The theme will support any language. by default the theme comes with four languages and you can create a separate a .mo file for Chinese language.

The book now form is just to send email. Also the theme is not responsive yet and we are planning to work on it.

Hi louiejie,

Thanks for the appreciation…

Hi Designthemes,

Great work! Can you also email me how to make the slider smaller?


Hi, please check the below link for changing the slider height…

I love the theme but I don’t see in the documentation how to edit the theme selector slider on the left side of the theme?


we’ve used theme selector for demo purpose only. If you like to switch over the themes , please go to your admin panel.

Navigate to the “Spa Treats (Buddha panel) option”...

1. Just click the “Appearance” option. 2. Select any themes at the “Available Theme” section, it will be activated.

hello love this theme i think it is going to work wonderful but i have tried extracting it in winzip install the zip to word press but it keeps saying it is missing style.css ? any ideas? thank you for your help in advance :)

Hi islandscooters,

the default file structure of the template is Spa-Treats-Files -> Theme -> . Make sure you have selected the install theme opload section.

Else you can do the install via another method by FTP .

If you have any doubts please send in your FTP details and domain details, we are ready to help you.

Hi! Does this temple come with all images used in the demo?

No! You have to purchase the images. If you need we can give the URL ’s for the corresponding images.

Yes please provide the URLs to the actual images in the template. I’d like to get a total amount before I buy.

thank you for your help that worked :), is it possible to take off the side slider that shows both themes available? and i’m looking for a help page i am trying to figure out how to put pictures in the top slider on the front page?

The side slider is not included in the Theme.

For adding pictures in the top slider on the front page, follow the video


Bought the theme resently and found one problem. RWD doesn’t work so I added <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0;”> in the header.php so now it work. You should do that.

Thanks, sorry my english.

Thanks for the help! You are always welcome to suggest and point issues!

We will update the theme tomorrow with one more improvement…

Hope you love the theme.

Hi, We have updated the theme :)

Thanks for the notice…

Hi there,

I like the theme very much. My compliments!

Does it come with a menu maintenance/overview option for restaurants to present their menu easily and in a attractive way?

- Monique

Hi Monique,

They can use the table shortcode for creating menus

We are also planning to produce a special menu page and a pricing table in next release on coming week.


Hi Ram,

Sounds good. Looking forward to that!

- Monique

Another question:

Is it possible to customize the theme with your own colors and/or background images/patterns? If yes, can that be done via the admin panel or does that involve CSS coding?

- Monique

Hi there,

Love the theme, just purchased it, and so far it looks pretty straightforward to edit, do you have a psd for the Spa Logo? it looks great on the site and would like to just change the text for the company, would this be possible? also the location page, do I need to generate my own google map and paste the code into the html or is there somewhere in the theme that caters to this? thanks



Love the theme – it’s perfect for my site, and I’ve really appreciated the video help files, too. I’ve got a tiny problem that I don’t see how to do in your help files, though.

I’m trying to add a button to the slider. I use the shortcodes for buttons in your list and somehow they’re not working. The shortcodes work perfectly for me in body text of posts or pages, but for some reason I can’t add a button to my slider. Very frustrating – is there a trick to it that I’m missing?


I did that, but the button is still not working for me. Could you explain how you got your button on the slider in your demo? I’d like to do that exact same setup – this is just not working. Thank you!

For Slider Button :

Use this shortcode to get the same look from demo : [anchor href=”#” text=”Read More”/]

Or just remove Line no 34 : .theme-default .nivo-caption a {} and Line no 35 : .theme-default .nivo-caption a span then use shortcode

Perfect – fixed it right up – thank you so much!!

Great looking theme. I bought and uploaded, but only see the SPA theme. How do I activate the Restaurant Theme?

Hi Saksiri,

Thanks for the appreciation…

Navigate to the “Spa Treats (Buddha panel) option”... 1. Just click the “Appearance” option.

2. Select any themes at the “Available Theme” section (you can see both the themes) it will be activated.

Thanks! Amazed at this theme and service.

Another question: I have the Restaurant Theme chosen, but I like the caption on the Spa much better – it doesn’t have the white box. How can I display slider content the way spa does with transparent content over the images?

I’m happy to change my style.css or template to call that. Thanks!

Slider Caption – To Get Same style as Spatreats :

Path : MainTheme/themes/restaurant/style.css

Remove this line Line no : 140 .nivo-caption { background:url(images/slider-text-bg.png) repeat; width:360px; height:230px; left:90px; bottom:0px; padding:30px 20px 20px; }

Add this line: .nivo-caption { left:140px; top:40%; width:340px; }

Also wondering how I can lessen the arctext? It seems to curve more sharply than the circle when I add more text.

Arctext shortcode has 3 args:

1.rotate = “true/false” 2.radius = integer ( if you a long text , it should be greater than 300). 3.dir : 1 / -1 [default: 1]

Feel free to contact us if you still have queries!