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where is the contact us widget like shown in the footer of the preview site?

also i have disabled comments but when you search for something it comes up with the pages and displays the number of comments the page received which is obviously going to be zero. Is there a way for the search option to not display number of comments as its completely unecessary

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hi, how do i remove the leave image behind the slider?

thank you

You can easily remove the green leafy homepage slider from the site’s background, by overcoming the below process,

(a). Open “style.css”, located @ “wp-content/themes/spatreats-3.5/skins/spatreats/style.css”
(b). Go To 127 (shown below), and Remove/Comment it.
#home-slider { background:url(“images/slider-bg.jpg”) repeat-x scroll center top #659C28; }

Hi! I bought this theme. In documentation video is button Settings>General>Home. But I don’t have this button option in theme’s settings and I can’t make slider home page. And Do I need to buy revolution slider also to see that big slider working at front page?

No. There is no need of buying the Revolution Slider.

(a). Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading, and Set Front page as Home. Refer –

(b). Create revolution slider, as shown here –

(c). Choose that slider in your home page, as shown here –

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Hi tnx for theme.

Im unable to solve homepage problem, i changed rounded image to square and now the border is in strange offset in bottom from picture like 1 pix.

i want to change text Read more on box what comes when i move mouse to + box

(a). Please share us your Website URL for having a clear look on your issue.

(b). We hope that, your query is to change the arc text. For doing this,

Go To Homepage -> Text Editor Mode -> and remove the code as shown in this Screenshot –

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As we mentioned before, “Please share us your Website URL for having a clear look on your issue.”

I am receiving an error after installing the Spa Theme. There is an error that repeatedly appears…Strict Standards: Declaration of my_menu_walker::start_el() should be compatible with Walker::start_el(&$output, $object, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $current_object_id = 0) in /home/96/84/7208496/web/blog/wp-content/themes/spatreats/framework/register_filters.php on line 65

It appears there is a distinct difference between the theme and the Wordpress Version 3.8.1.

Please send us the screenshot of your issues, including the WordPress and FTP Login details via the bottom right form @

Hi There, Another query… How can I change or disable the link for the 4 images and text under the Services heading on the home page?

Thanks.. :)

and also for the Poplular Procedures!

Go To WP-admin -> Pages -> Home -> Text Mode, and do it as shown in the following Screenshots :

Services –

Popular Procedures –

thanks a lot!!! you guys are great! keep up the wonderful work! :)

I can not somehow change or upload header image. it shows a broken image and remove images doesnt work? Any clue why?

Just letting u know we moved the website from to

(a). Insert image from “theme-directory -> skins -> spatreats -> Images folder”

(b). Go to “theme-directory -> skins -> spatreats -> style.css”

Refer this Screenshot –

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I appreciate all the help.

Just curious how I change the permalinks? I want to edit not just the last part (ie. ‘menu’) as shown in this image: but all of it, as my ‘menu’ page is not a sub heading of ‘about us’ and the site is not in english.

It would be great to be able to give this specific page the address of, and for it to read properly on the actual page itself in this area (please see image):

So how would i do this?

Many Thanks,

Please check whether you have selected the menu parent as “About us” page, as shown here ( ) . So that, the link is

Change the Parent option as main page (no parent). And then, the link will be


This page screenshot of the code that you use when you atarm?s

We can create this form with the help of Contact form 7 Plugin.

How did you create the gold of working hours ?

There are too many options available in the Contact Form 7 Plugin. You can easily create forms with the help of it!

Compatible with WP3.9?

Please keep using the theme with WordPress 3.8, because we didn’t check out the compliance of our theme with WordPress 3.9 yet. We will check the compatibility with WP 3.9, and update the Theme ASAP!

I have tried to upload the theme, just the theme folder, as instructed to do, titled “spatreats” but I keep getting the same error: stylesheet missing or error. And sometimes when I transfer it over through FTP it doesn’t even show up at all, not even an error message. And it won’t work to upload it just in the basic theme uploader on the website. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Please help me!!! :)

Thank you for this but now I’ve downgraded to the 3.8 and it’s still not working.

Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials via through the right bottom form @ . We will check the issue and offer you a solution to get rid of it ASAP!

As we mentioned before, We need both the WordPress and FTP Credentials for fixing the issue. So please share your WordPress details too!


is it possible that you fix wrong shortcode attributes in the shortcode generator for the BUTTON shortcode and in the price table, where it is used internally? (it’s not possible to change the text and the url as you use the shortcode incorrectly if to compare to its source code)

Also, is it possible that you create really good translation to Russian for this theme? It looks like, it was done with Google Translate. And because of that it’s completely unusable. I need to remove .mo file in order to continue working in Russian locale but having your theme in English, because of bad translation to Russian.


(a). Just replace the following files

(1). Index.php in spatreats(theme_directory) -> framework -> tinymce ( ) (2). button.js in spatreats(theme_directory)—> framework -> tinymce -> js -> sc ( )

(b). Please try to use the “WPML” Plugin to translate.

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Thank you for (a), but for (b) I don’t want to buy WPML, simply because I don’t need multilingual website. Moreover, I don’t have a budget for translation. You advertise your theme as translated to Russian but in fact it’s some parody on Russian language. And Russian language translation was one of the reasons I bought the theme. I hope, you as a developer will find a good translator and solve this problem in the nearest future. I will change my rate as soon as this problem gets solved. I understand that it plays a vital role in your rating, but in the end it’s the only way for the buyer to give a warning to the seller.

Just installed the theme using FTP but no images show up, instead of images there is a question mark symbol. I’m a real beginner, would appreciate your help.

Hi there!

I changed the images on the header and background, but I can’t figure out where to edit the remaining “patterned” image?

Can you please take a look at my homepage and tell me where to edit it, thanks!


For Changing the Main BG

(a). Open “style.css” file from “wp-content/themes/spatreats/skins/spatreats/style.css”
(b). Go To Line No: 142 (shown below)
.home #main { background: url(images/content-bg.jpg) center top repeat-x; }
(c). And Change/Remove the Background image

For Changing the Newsletter BG

(a). Go To Line No: 366 (shown below)
#newsletter { background: url(images/newsletter-bg.png) no-repeat; }
(b). And Change/Remove the Background image

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Where can I change the translation for header “Related posts”?


Open “content-related-gallery.php” file from “Theme-directory -> framework -> loops -> content-related-gallery.php”, and edit the text as shown in the following Screenshot:

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The revolution slider included does not work under WP 3.9 (mysql_* calls fail). Please provide the upgraded version. Thank you!

Please share your mail ID here (or) Let us know your mail_ID through the right bottom @ . So that, we can send you the Revolution Slider Plugin Privately!

Thank you, issue resolved

Is there a way to center the top menu, both horizontally and vertically? Thank you!
div id="top-menu" 
div class="menu-main-menu-container" 
ul id="menu-main-menu" class="menu" ------ THIS TO CENTER -----

Yes. It is possible with some minor Customization. So please mail us your FTP and WP Login Credentials (including your Website URL) privately. We will do it for you!

Thank you, issue resolved

Hi there, apperently you have update the Spatreats version on April 28th 2014. Where and how do I download the new Version cuz I still get the same version themeforest-3002682 as before? Is there any Download & Update history (Changes) Site? Thank you

Look at the screenshot we’ve just attached here to be clear on the updating process,

Hi there, thank you for the screenshot but the link is dead. Could you update it please again? Question was more or less not abaout how to update it was about a CHANGELOG. What has been changed and where can I see those different versions and made changes of your SPATREATS version.

You can have the “changelog.txt” file, along with your theme package as you’ve downloaded from Themeforest.

So you can find the list of changes or updates we’ve made in the latest version of theme, thereby.


I do not see the shortcodes button in TinyMCE

(Using WP 3.9)

Thank you, issue resolved