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Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Thank you!

Very clean work! Looks great! GLWS! :)

Nice parallax template!::)

Nice template, good luck with sales!

Thank you very much!

Hey Nice work.

A few suggestions, which may help increase the sales.

1) The navigation moves up with the content. Ideally it should be fixed on the top position where the slider ends.

2) The site loader looks awesome but while loading, it allows the viewer to scroll down. Ideally the site should not allow scroll down unless all the content and images are loaded.

Hope this helps.

Best of Luck.

Hi! Thanks for the advice.

Nice theme! One question – where do I get the great space images (the orange and space shuttle ones)?

Hi! Thank you. I took pictures from Wikipedia articles such as STS-135 American Space Shuttle and other.


I am having the following problem: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Thanks, G

Ooops, I went and purchased a site template instead of a wordpress template. I hope that I can get a refund.

Thanks, G

Hi, please contact envato support to get refund.


Great site but not working its best on mobile platforms…

Menu does not scroll down on tablets or phones, Animation do not load on tablets or phones,

Please help…


Sorry for the late response, we have intentionally disabled animations and menu. If you want to to turn them on, send me an email for a more detailed answer.

I’ve just purchased this but I’ve noticed a couple of things are not as claimed:

  • There is no coming soon page
  • The site is not responsive, it does not resize, etc. accordingly on mobile or smaller screens, devices, etc.

Please could you explain why this is or point out what I’ve missed please? These two things were major selling points to me and is why I picked your design over any other I had seen.


Sorry, it’s our fail, the layout description was taken from the previous template, there is no such feature in text description, we will add a coming soon page in a few days or can refund you if you want.

We’ve already added coming soon page.

Perfect, thank you.

Hello, I tried the template on iOS7 Retina (iPad Air and iPhone 5S) and it’s very, very slow loading (450mbit WLAN,100mbit DSL, 3-5 Minutes) or even crashing whole Safari. In the same Network the PC/Macs load it immediately. On other WLANs it’s the same as I was told by friends when I sent them the link to test it.

I think it is very beautiful and would like to buy it. Is the mistake on my side or is this a known issue?

I tried to reset browser settings and deleted cache as well.

Thanks in advance for any answer. Bye Jonas

Hello, it takes 3-5 second to load on IPad 4 (iOS7), our connection speed 20mbit. Nobody else has this problem, we realy don’t know, try to check your speed http://www.speedtest.net/ru/

So nice, i love it!;


bug report:

Topic : menu bar

When shrinking the browser, the menu transform in 3 horizontal bars (works)
When clicking on the 3 horizontal bars, child-menu opens (works)
When clicking again the 3 horizontal bars, child menu closes (works)
When expanding again the browser to maximum size, MENU DOES NOT RE-APPEAR!!!

This is quiet a problem!

I have developped quiet a site around your template.

Please let m e know how can that be fixed! Thank you

Hi, You need to do some changes to style.css:
1. line 2164
change @media (min-width: 992px) and (max-width: 1199px) to @media (min-width: 992px)
2.line 2168
paste this #section2 nav ul{ display: inline-block !important; }
3. line 2092
paste this #section2 nav ul{ display: inline-block !important; }

Nice Template, I’ve just purchased this but how can I enable the top slider for 2 pictures or more, it doesn’t work for me


Sorry, we can’t see that you’ve bought this template. Please contact us with your purchaser account to get support.

I’ve bought this template in your second way: “buy with PayPal 16$”

Some info about that: PayPal

You sent a payment of $16.00 USD to Envato Pty Ltd.

Sep 21, 2014 08:28:43 GMT-04:00 Receipt No: .....

by the way I find the solution about slider but I want to get support, please tell me what do I do?


Please contact us via email or contact form and tell what kind of support you need


Could you please provide information on how to setup the contact form so it sends emails via web? I have amended the js links in the head section, still no luck. It’s a nice template but I cannot use it without the contact form sending emails.

What exactly needs to be looked into? Can anybody please help?



Answered by email

just a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to Viktoriia for your help and time – this was the problem with my server, now everything is fixed. All the best!

Hello – I read the doc for the bgswitcher as you have the space image and the shuttle image fading each other. I do not know where to put the code and how that would look like in the jquery.bgswitcher.js file. And once the code is in place do the images reside in the img folder?

I’d also like to change the font for the rocket image for the moon image. “fa fa-rocket”

How do I do the above changes? Thank you…I love this template so far!

I want to only show 2 team members and have them centered in section 8. Where can I adjust that? Thank you.

You have 4 <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6"> </div> sections, add ‘col-md-offset-3’ class to fisrt one and delete last 2 sections. http://bit.ly/1Rrza0V

Perfect! Thank you again!

Hi, is this theme still supported? Since I see no comments from 1 year ago.

It’s not theme, it’s HTML template, pay attention. It’s still supported, but we don’t plan any updates.

No comments because 1) There is no sales almost. 2) Since it’s HTML template, more advanced users buy it and modify themselves.

Hi Team, could you please tell me how to set countdown (hours minutes and seconds) on coming soon page? Thank you

Find the file main.js in js folder.
Find next line of code (line 30): countdownDate = new Date(2014,6,1);