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how to add video?


Use shortcodes in page editor,

YouTube: [youtube id=”kRmbVOI6oIM”]

Vimeo: [vimeo id=”123456”]

id = video ID


Please try again, make sure the video ID is correct.

[youtube id="flYO7wBrop8" ]

Hello, I can’t find the .xml file in the zip that the instructions and video show. I would like to start with the dummy data of the preview site.

Hi Kaaz, my zip file has none of the above. I clearly see the file and the sub-directories you’re mentioning, but my zip file purchased has none of it.

I clearly see them in your YouTube video and online documentation, I mean.

Please download the main download package which contains all files. See screenshot example: http://prntscr.com/6phyzg

Hi I would like to change the font on the side of the contact page. Currently I cant see the difference between a 3 and 8. Please assist.

Thank you

http://www.studiop.co.za/contact-us/ Thank you for ur prompt reponse.. :)
Paste this CSS code in your theme option panel’s “Custom CSS” field under Appearance->Theme Options->Styling Options tab. Make sure to clear your browser cache and reload your site.
.custom-font-italic {
  font-family: inherit !important;
  font-style: italic;


Thanks it worked perfectly!! Awesome Service

Hi I’m having a problem getting the search to display results. I’ve tried using the default WP search and other search plugins, and all appear to return just the one post on the site even if the search term doesn’t relate to the post. I’m using search terms I know have been used in pages on the site and in the price list items. Any ideas?


Could you please open a forum post at our theme support forum site( http://support.kaazthemes.com/ ), Also post site URLs , I’ll check it ASAP.

Thank you

Hello Author,

I am building an Online Home Services platform for e.g.you can choose a Haircut & book it for some amount & our clients are going to get that service in their residences.Our service providers are going to be listed in the page of the product.Just tell me whether such things are going to be possible with your theme??If there is any problem check Amazon.Amazon lists so many products & in each of the product page sellers are listed & you can choose any one of the sellers & checkout with safety.We are also building such type of marketplace but I again repeat it’s going to be services which are listed in place of products.Please inform me also if your theme is compatible with Woocommerce Multi-Vendor module.Please reply me here or mail me at dicaprio.supriyo@gmail.com

Regards, Supriyo Ghosh

As I said Spalon theme is not designed for that purpose in mind and it supports basic WC like other themes. Also I have not tested with multi vendor, booking plugins etc… . I wont recommend my theme for your project.


Hello Kaaz,

Thanks for your support….

Regards, Supriyo

you’re welcome


On the galleries i have, the images are not displayed in the order they are put on the wp interface like on http://vayomassage.com/gallery/vayo-massage-beauty-salon/ The 6th photo (logo) should come first for example.

What could be the problem? So i can have the pics in the order i want.

I also deleted 2 pics from gallery, they are still showing on the page, the first two ones there, any idea why if they are not in the gallery anymore, i refreshed the page but still showing.

At the end of the page, there is a blank space between the last 2 pics, why?


Hi again,

You may try a different gallery plugin: http://bit.ly/1HhAob0

Please send new login details, I’ll check the issue as soon as possible.

NOTE: Since jetpack is a third party plugin. we may not be able to provide support issues related to jetpack plugin. But we always try our best to fix issues.

UPDATE: Do not send the login details again… I am currently checking your site issues


WordPress native gallery shortcode has image ordering bugs, so I installed NextGen gallery plugin. Now you can reorder gallery images in Dashboard->Gallery->Manage Gallery->[your gallery name]. see screenshot http://ctrlv.in/673327



I have a problem with staff page, it does not look the same on firefox and chrome.

if you look at http://vayomassage.com/staff/ on firefox, you will see that the last staff photos are turned to the left…

On chrome, they look straight but the thumbs are bigger sized than the other staff thumbs.

I modified the staff page on chrome, on the wp interface, the photo looks turned to the left but looks straight on the website with chrome. But on firefox, its turned to the left.

I tried to update staff page on firefox, and same problem, will look straight on firefox but turned to the left on chrome.

So i dont understand what is the bug there??

I had to deactivate yoast to upload the photos too.

i will send you new login access.


UPDATE: Do not send the login details again… I am currently checking your site issues


JetPack plugin was causing this staff picture rotate issue in browsers. I disconnected this plugin.

Jetpack was delivering all your media images from wp.com CDN, after disconnecting, now all images are being delivered from your own server. This fixes the image rotation issue in browsers.


Ok great. Thanks for your time. Looks good now yes. Crazy sometimes some plugins making such problems.

Hi, I can’t login to your support forum. Because there is not any confirm email send to me. Could you send it to me? My account: “cmdntd”

Hi, I haven’t got password to login your support forum yet. Could you send mail manually?

re-sent to both cmdgroups and gmail email IDs. Thanks

Thanks, I ‘ve got it!

HI, I have update Spalon last wp version…is compatible? thank you regards

Spalon theme is now updated.

HI Kaaz, thank you for your quick support. regards

You’re welcome

Hi, I’m trying to access your support form. I put in my user name and purchase code and it told me to wait for an email with a password but I never received it, can you help me out?

Hi John,

I sent you an email with username and new password.

Thank you

Thank you so much!

I tried to register on support forum (which succeeded) but i’m not getting any confirmation mail which would allow to login/set password


I sent a new login details to your registered email, kindly check it

Thank you

Nice theme! I wish you would update it so it’s more modern and offer a wide version with a content builder. Otherwise, great job!

Hi, can youplease fix your Dark Version Demo: “Error establishing a database connection”.


Its PHP7 & MySQL upgrade issue, I’ll fix it ASAP. Thank you for informing, I really appreciate …

Thank you Have a nice day

Error has been fixed. Now you can visit the demo site…

Hi, I am trying to read the support site but my register went wrong and now i can’t login or register again.. My username is Raoul


Your new login details has been sent to your outlook email id, please check your inbox.

Thank you for choosing our themes

Hi, I used spalon theme to develop a website called nikaskncare.com. But I am no able to set up meta title in each page. The Meta title is not working when I enter i in the pages. Also the tag line of the header is not working. I was trying o login o your theme support but log in section is not working and I can’t create my account. I paid for ONE year support but not able to get it.

Hi, I am not getting my answers despite paying for your support for a year. Can anyone respond or refund?


Could you please send a temporary WordPress admin login details through my profile page contact form. I’ll check it and fix the issues as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hi, I am unable to display description for pricelist on my website.