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Hi, I’m very interested in this theme, simple and pratical. But, the menu keep dissapearing when I resize my browser to mobile dimensions or when I view the site on my mobile. I’m using a nexus 4 with chrome.

Can you please fix those bugs?

Thank you, Joao

Dear Joao, could you please check the site again ?


Thank you, seems to be working fine now!

Hello Manh. Thank you for creating this theme. It is great. I just have a couple suggestions and a few questions regarding the upcoming update.

- Ads: Can you add a section that displays, or can hold, ads (ie: 750×90/728×90) only on single posts and not site-wide? (I would prefer not to have it display on the homepage.) - I was able to modify the code, but it would be nice to have a typography block for changing text in the sidebar (not just the sidebar title, but content).

Question: Where is the code for the share buttons that display on posts? I want to remove the “Share On” that is coming up when you click to share the post via Twitter.

Question: Is there a minimum amount of posts that need to be available in order for the drop down to display when you hover over the menu? Mine is not working for some reason.

Thank you.

Dear nwrites. sorry for the delay,

1. About ads, i recommend you to open a new ticket in support forum to ask for the help, we offer to giving helpful tweaks without touching the core ;)

2. u can translate the PO/MO file and remove it by replacing with space ;)

3. Specified categories must have at least 1 post.

Thanks and Regards.

The post views tracker stops working at 14,094 views :(

Fixed, Thanks. Another Question: Is there a way to hide the “Date of Post” and the “Comments Bubble” on Hero Banner? the Hide Post meta info options doesn’t work to the hero banner. Thank You

Question 2: Is there a way to reduce the amount of mixed gradient on hero banner? maybe 50% less, thanks

Dear CarlosMarli, please open a new ticket in our forum and we would be happy to help ;)

Is it possible to make the dekstop version of the homepage(which is of 3 column) as similar to the mobile version? I mean to say that is it possible to make the homepage of 2 column (1 side for the latest posts with infinite scrolling and other for sidebar) and same for single posts too? As I don’t want 3 column design?

Hey, why dont you use two columns layout for home page, just change the layout from setting panel metabox.

Hello, I’ve read that you plan to add a posts carousel slider in next update, could you please tell me when do you think you’ll release it ? Thanks ! :)

new version is incoming , hope it will be available in the next week ;)


Excellent theme. This might be a silly question, but is there a way to change the number of posts per category that show up in the mega menu? Based on my experience, sometimes the items don’t line up properly in the mega menu when you have 5 posts. per category.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Dear panah100, please consider to open a new ticket in our support forum to ask for the help.


Benim tema açamad?

I was unable to my theme

Excuse me, could you please tell in more details, i’m not sure i can understand what are you meaning. Also consider to open a ticket in our Support forum.



I have a problem. On the homepage it is displaying full posts, there is no Read More button.

Please help to fix that and Yes! I have already used the reset button as you told in the beginning.

Hey, choose output of excerpt automatically if you don’t use more tag. you can find this option under Blog Settings from Theme Options



I have enabled Google fonts and changed the post title, sidebar title font. But nothing happens, it is still showing the old one. Please help

Hello, could you please open a new ticket in our forum to ask for the help, then leave us site URL, also the login credentials (if possible).

Is this possible to add the hero carousel (which is on the homepage) in every post page at the top?

Hi, No you can’t.

Hi there!

I like this theme! Can you please tell me if is possible to have image slider in hero slider instead of featured image?

Thanks in advance Francesco

Dear Francesco, sorry no it’s impossible.

hi there, I want to change my current template and let me know if this template may have an option to personalize start pages and any page with plugins “Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress” and “SabaiDirectory for WordPress” and “Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery ” and is compatible with the above mentioned plugin

Hi, Currently working on the new update included Visual Composer!

hi, i want to use google font. google font is enable . how to use roboto slab font not showing font.


Please open a new ticket in our forum to ask for supper, we are not offering the help in comment section.

How to ufalt pictures on the main page

Excuse me, what do you mean “ufalt”?

Hi, when I change the font size or any CSS part the change stays in admin panel,m but nothing changes on the live site at all. What could be the reason?

just in case need to see our site: www.ejobs.tips

That seems your are having trouble with generating dynamic CSS, please open a new ticket in our forum and leave WP/FTP login credentials (under private mode), we have had a solution for this issue.


The top bars in demo are both a bit transparent (IE and google), but on my copy both are solid dark. Where to change this?

Please open a new ticket in our forum, we will help you to sort this out.

Hi I have purchased the theme. I am uploading images of different size. Obviously I cant have same sized images right. But when its getting auto cropped in the Hero Banner or in Mega menu or thumbnail, they are showing in different sizes which is very very very odd. I want all the thumbnail images in all the sections whether it may be mega menu or hero brick or any other thumbnail, it should display in the same size.

2. But when the post is clicked, that is the single post page, the original image is cropped why? I dont want this. I want original image size in Single Post

pls reply fast

Hi photoflu,

Next time you should open a ticket in our forum for quick response, we don’t offer support in comment section.

1.Make sure your hosting match wordpress requirements and GD Library was installed on your server for generating serveral thumbnail sizes. If it did installed on your server, disregard this step.

If you’re migrating your website to Sparkle, you’d better to regenerate thumbnails to match theme’s aesthetic. Search for Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress repository, it will help.

2. To display original image in single post, please open a new ticket in our support forum, we will help you to overwrite single content using child theme.

Regards, Jacob


I’m unable to change the background pattern in my theme.

I’m using my own choice of primary and secondary colours but when I choose to use a background pattern nothing appears.



Could you please tell me which position on the site are you using bg pattern that doesn’t take an effect?

Is there a social counter widget?

Hi ,there are many plugins in wordpress repository you can use to display social count.


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