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Thank You! It’s great to hear it !

Nice one! GLWS! :)

Thank You! I really appreciate it !

Is a ‘mockup’ youtube/vimeo cover image – one of the elements available for use?

Excuse me, could You tell me more precisely which element You have on your mind?

the ability to place a video ‘cover image’ with a URL link – so people can watch a youtube or vimeo clip. I was thinking of something along the lines of a ‘placeholder’ template module?

The mask photos is not available for use. Yet PSD files have mockup of: monitor, phone, banner frames and album boxes. You can put Your own graphics on them and link it :)

Generator! Wow! It’s Realy helpfull. ;)

I really, really appreciate it! Thank You !:)

I could not import into MailChimp as specified in the notice.

Could you write something more about this issue? You have to know that all our templates are tested on MailChimp and Litmus. If you give more info we will help you. Have you got any warnings or error message?

Great design, love the artistic touch in your designs, keep up the good work & best luck with sales.

Pozdrawiam 8-)

Thank You! ;)

Pozdrawiam ;)

Do you support embedding HTML 5 video in the email?

HTML code is fully editable so You can embed the video easily. You should consider however that it depends on browser and mail client if the video will function properly.

how can i use the generator, i see a file named TemplateGenerator – what to do?

.....sorry didn’t show the start file!!!

Did you use the generator? Can I help you?

So I purchased your template however when I test it and send it to myself it only seems to work when using an actual computer and not on my iphone. Can you please help. Thanks!

Hello, thank You for Your massage. That problem may be caused when You use local resources in Your e-mail. Did You upload the whole .zip package into the into email marketing tool (like MailChimp) or just send the e-mail right from your pc?

I uploaded the pictures to my server then made the image links come from a URL instead of uploading the images. I used thunderbird by the way. What do you suggest?

Excuse me this late answer. Could You please send me a test URL with the images You uploaded, and an e-mail copy with those images (with Sparkle template)? It may be the hotlink protection set on iPhone but also many other reasons. Please send me the message at support@diggymonster.com.

Great work, but i have some problems with generator When i paste the final code from generator into MailChimp or YMP, i’ve got this: http://lr-in-spb.moy.su/error1.png http://lr-in-spb.moy.su/error2.png Can you help me?

Hey BetaPsycho, could You please send me the final code (You can paste it into the notepad) at support@diggymonster.com ? It looks like a strange thing and i have to look at it closely :)

Hi, nice product but I had some questions. I am not very savvy with programming and coding. Is there a tutorial I can find somewhere that would help me in adding pictures, changing button text, etc.? Thanks for your help and again, great product.

Hi, thank You for Your kind words. Please follow the documentation or use the generator. If You want to change the picture one way is to choose the color version then overwrite the image with exact name ex: grey/images/table-button.gif. If You meet any problems or have further questions please write me at support@diggymonster.com i will be glad to help :)

really like the theme but our business is heavy tied to pinterest. Is there option to add pinterest button also?

Dear overtonis, it’s possible to add the pinterest button if You have any. You can just replace the button in the HTML file, for further help please write me at support@diggymonster.com. I can create the button also and upload it in the file if You want.


Very nice theme! Congratulations! Have you any newsletter responsive template?

Wow! Interesting;