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are you coming out with a wordpress theme of this? its very nice!

We are planning the wordpress version

Great Job owltemplates,

Very well thought out, I really don’t need it right now, but I’m going to support you on this one.. I know I can use this somewhere down the road. ;)

Good luck with sales..

This is stupid good work mates. Please check you email from the Den. I have just sent you a proposal. Kind regards, d.

Hey guy – I cannot reach you – I’ve no number or idea which city you’re in. Please advise with contact info. add me to your Skype or if you’re in the US bounce me back your telephone number. Please advise – Derek

Hi JT – I am online now. Will you come online in skype? Please advise

are you coming out with a wordpress theme of this? its very nice!

Yes, we are working on it

Can you make gradients for the content boxes? Great landing pages!

I’m happy with this purchase however my 1 complaint is that the mouse over buttons don’t pre-load. When the mouse hovers over the button, the button vanishes while the over state image downloads and then pops into view. Is there anything you can do about this? Perhaps make them a single sprite image so there’s no delay?

How to tutorial here: http://line25.com/tutorials/how-to-build-a-simple-button-with-css-image-sprites

Any chance of seeing the feature I requested above?

Any update on the Wordpress version’s progress? (You said it was planned 5 months ago.)

As of now we can develop custom wordpress theme for you and other feature at nominal rate, which we can discuss over email.

So basically we won’t be seeing a Wordpress version on Themeforest anytime soon.

So If I pay you to make it, then it won’t be posted here on Themeforest for others to buy & download?

Otherwise that’s like paying you to build something that you’ll sell to others for cheaper. :-/

No we dont put any custom work for sale as custom work is not done as a template theme which can be approved straight away. So for approval as a theme, we need to put in different type of efforts

I purchased this hoping to use the iPhone resources to promote our new app. I thought I would be able to just drop in new images with our screenshot and app icon, but it looks like everything is flattened into one layer (“Layer 7 copy 2”).

Anything I can do?

Please message us via our profile page form so we can guide you via email as to how to edit it.

Sent note via your profile a couple days ago. Should I resend contact info?

This theme IS very nice, but is incompatible with the IE8 and IE9 (and only semi-compatible in “compatibility mode” for either version).... a CSS fix would be appreciated.

It works. Please contact us via email.

Hi, I really like your landing page. I just got it for this client with a small start up car business, but I am having some trouble loading the page correctly to the browsers. There’s no problem with the local copy, either if I launch any sample index.html directly to the browsers, or if I use an application to deploy the page. But if I lunch exactly the same page, from a live url, I get a broken page either from a sub-folder: http://mikeauto.sandiego-webmaster.com/dark-blue-1.html Or root folder, as in this test: http://mywordpressdemo.com/dark-blue-1.html

If I load the same url from my desktop, I get a beautifully rendered page, everything looks perfect. I checked paths and folders. Nothing is different, so, what am I missing?


So it was permission issue with hosting. Good that its resolved

I got it, it was a problem with the permissions. For some reason, every time I upload the folder with the files to the server, it always unarchives with permissions set to 600. Everything looking good now. Thanks!