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I have absolutely no web design experience! I have already downloaded a couple of different themes but couldn’t figure out how to make them work and look like their respective demos? Is your site dummy proof?

We tried to make our theme easy to use and not overloaded rarely or never used functions.
Recreate the look like on the demo page is very simple. The package is located in the so-called theme_launcher, which allows you to install WP3.5, our theme and all the plugins in one installation process (the same as the traditional Wordpress installation).
Well, you can always count on our support in case of any problems :) .

Well done work! Good luck :)

Looks great! ;)

Thanks :).

Why does the theme lag when you scroll down on the hompage.

I don’t observe it by me at the momment (windows7 and chrome also).
Yes, theme use Javascript but 300kB (without cache) is not extremally large. Most of top selling themes have about 400KB Javasceipts. Total page weight 2MB and 104 HTTP requests is not to many also.
Revolution slider is wide used and can’t be cause.
I would rather say maybe internet connection issue.
Maybe from your location our serever in Europe is not optimal.


You’re right. This was from my browser ( 50 tabs opened ). i tested the theme again with only 1 tab in chrome and the experience was amazing. no lag at all. and i noticed How Fast the theme is. overall the theme is amazing.

Thanks :).

hi, Friends Awesome Work, Goodluck with sales :)

Thank you my friend:).

Awsome work, Bookmarked!

Thanks :):).


Really nice theme! Could you show some color previews with a light background?

Thanks :).
I must say that we experiment with light background and we have come to the conclusion that theme in dark version looks much better.
So today we don’t have the light version.


So if I buy this, I can just upload your theme launcher into a pre-created database and unzip it and it installs everything for me, including xml?

Wow, if that is true, more envato authors should do this

If it its true….sold

Yes. To use themelauncher you need only:
1. Create database
2. Upload unziped content of theme launcher
3. Point your browser on installation URL
4. Rest is as by default WP fresh installation.
In effect you will restore 100% our demo site (with all content, plugins and presets)


thanks, i happen to love this, but the person for whom I would be creating wants to continue looking, has bookmarked it and will keep it in mind for future. It is a gorgeous theme.

I sure like your theme, but i have found a few bugs.

1) On my iPhone 5 the slider is broken. It displays some images right but others wrong.

2) On the Contact Us page (maybe others too) when resizing the browser window (chrome, haven’t tried others), at about 1050px (give or take a couple hundred pixels) all the left content is shoved up against the left side of the browser window. The beginning of sentences are on the 1st pixel to the left.

3) I had the window at 500 or so pixels, the slider switched to the video, i pressed play, then i maximized the window and the slider’s left and right arrows stuck in middle of the video.

I’m bookmarking this theme, i think it’s great. But won’t buy until it’s not so glitchy.

I’m glad that you like my theme :).
Regarding issues:
1. Please let me know witch slider you mean. Revolution or Flex. We have testet both on Google Chrome Canary with different agent overrides but this is not 100% sure test.

2. We already prepare upgrade. This fix this and some another CSS issues by boxed layout.
3. Regarding slider (I think you mean Revolution slider) is it more complicated. It is not only in our theme but generally small bug of Revolution Slider. The same is on developers demo site. But this bug appears only when playing video. I hope it will be fixed by next Revolution slider upgrade.


Just wondering can the highlight colour be changed to any other colour than what shown. like a black, which then i will make the text white. Thanks Michael

Generally highlit colour (accent colour) as orange by default is adjustable via color picker in theme options page.


just purchased the theme…having issues with it- can’t import the demo also the theme has a blank title in the admin area…

Seems that .xml file is OK. Please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu.
I send you eventually new file and if you send me dashboard access I chek your server settings.

No worries ;) I imported the data the old way ;) Quick favor / question? is there a way to add a border around the boxes on the slideshows ? (its the box the text is in not the slideshow itself)

Did you mean Revolution slider? Yes, but please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu or on support forum.
This is small modification in CSS and can be do on different way.
Here is difficault add code or screenhots in message:(.


Hi, I can’t get the revslider to install, I get this message: The plugin does not have a valid header.

Any ideas?



Ok… I think I sorted it by switching out to parent theme.

Hi, a couple of things. The demo preview shows a colour selector to change the theme colours. Where is this in the admin panel. Also if I want to use another colour… for example I want to change the orange a little, is it possible in the admin panel or will I have to do this in the theme css.



In admin panel you can set many apperance parameters including (colours, patterns etc.).
You ask about accent color. Is marked on this image.


trying to install the theme. there are 3 zip folders but each one failed to install in WP. which file am i supposed to use? can u help? tried all of these but no luck…

spartacus.zip spartacus-Child.zip Spartacus1.1&Wordpress3.5.1.zip

yeah i get an error when trying to install spartacus.zip. where can i locate the instructions for FTP? or, if possible i’d prefer to change the settings on the server… i use bluehost

can you please tell me how to access the documentation for installing via FTP?

Change settings is possible but you must consult this with hosting provider. Traditional way install WP via FTP is very easy.
1.Download and unzip the theme.
2.Next you will need an FTP program such as Transmit or Filezilla.
3.Login to your server using the FTP software.
4.Upload the theme in to the /wp-content/themes/ directory.
5.Navigate to Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.
6.You’re done!


Hi, we have installed the theme from Launcher so in full demo mode but the slider isn’t working. Any ideas?

Something is going wrong. Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu.
I can check it for you.

I figured this out but have problem with colours still… see below

Right I created a new slider and it works… BUT, none of the colour selectors are working. It didn’t work on the theme I installed so I did a full demo install and it still doesn’t work. Basically the theme is stuck on orange and we can’t change it.

Under appearance… none of the colour pickers work? HELP!

Please check it now. In my opinion all works correctly.

Perfect! Great. Thanks.

On the Demo version the site shows a nice preloader… a coffee cup graphic that loads all the site. Do you know how to implement this?

Hello!!! How do I get the google map across the contact page like on the demo ??? ((can’t figure it out)


Ok. Please send me dashboard access per email .
I do it for you in one minute and you can see it per example.

Thank you!!! just emailed you

Is done. You can edit addres etc