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Any ideas for this please?

On the Demo version the site shows a nice preloader… a coffee cup graphic that loads all the site. Do you know how to implement this?

This is another page with some javacript witch load demo sites as iframe. Karolina

ok, thanks.

EXCELLENT SUPPORT!!!!! AMAZING THEME!!!!!!!!! Would buy any of her themes!!! 5 STARS!!!!

Thanks and good luck :):).

pre-purchase question

you wrote any color can be chosen by color picker. Also the orange color from navi? If yes, can I keep the rest of the “orange parts” like footer in orange or is this one color picker? Reason: The logo of the client includes orange and should be placed on black background only.

thanks for a very quick reply today, because I have to decide now which theme to buy.

Yes in any case we help you:)
If you write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu I send you link to site wher such modification is done.

sorry for asking again- could you provide a link to a sample page, where just the bg of the header is black and rest in orange? If that works, I will purchase as soon as I have the link. This is really important for me. Thanks in advance

This is not my page and under construction. So I wouldnt publish it. If you write me email I send you it private.

what do you mean with “widget ready – no”? You do have widgets there. ??

Oh. Thanks for point my attention on this mistake. We select wrong option in form by theme submision :).
Theme is of course widget ready. Is corrected now.

thanks – i was wondering.

Hi Dynamicpress, Thank you so much to you and your team for putting this well constructed wordpress site together. Being a beginner at wordpress and having tried and failed on a few other templates I am really happy how well constructed and helpful all your documentation is.

I feel like a pro after 1 day!

5 Stars :)

Dev site is www.budgetav.com.au

I’m not 100% sure but most probabbly you have placed Social widget in Social widget positions but not set any link for twitter rss etc.
So widget background is displayed but no icons.
You can turn off it by remove social widget.
If it is not the point please let me know.


Yes im a noob! thanks Karolina for your patience..

is it possible to generate own sidbars?

It is not needed.
Theme have built in widget options very similar to widget logic http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/ but more powefull.
You can decide if widget in any position (not only in sidebar) will be displayed on specified pages. You can also specify the type of user and the device on which widget will be displayed.


Hi guys

in my download I didn’t get the PSD for the home page.. I thought this was included.



Our theme is 100% CSS and admin panel styled. Grid is adjustable in admin panel (template width and columns width is flexible).
In this situation make none seens made PSD file for layout. It will be just screenshot from one of possible settings.
In PSD format you recive only some elements (icons used in theme).



Great job, best wp theme until now this year, keep up the great work and looking forward to your next work :-)

Regards Levt

ps rated this as a 5 star theme!


Super nice theme ;-)

Before I purchase i have one question. is it possible to translate to other langue ?

Greetings Jesper, from denmark ;-)

Thanks :) .
Theme is of course translate ready.
The .po file is included.


no testimonial shortcode?

I’m not sure if it is the point of your question but please take a look on bubble shortcode.
In my opinion it can be used for testimonials.


HOW TO IMPORT THE REV. SLIDER SAMPLE DATA?? I cannot figure out how to import the rev_front.txt – You say to read the Revolution Slider Documentation but it seems to me there is nothing in the documentation on how to import sample data about the Slider. It would be so great and nice if I knew how to do it :) I am really interested in having some sample data to start with. How I bring that txt file into Wordpress Spartacus Theme. I am keeping in reading and reading the Revolution Documentation but I do not see anything about such import step. The Theme is fabulous! Looking forward to your reply ::)))))

Thanks for nice words:).
To import sample data for Revolution WP Slider:
1. Go to Revolution Slider plugin
2. Create new slider
3. Open this slider. At the bottom you will see link Open import/export options. Click this link
4. You will be see select box for upload data file
5. Select rev_front.txt (is in package in folder /sample_data) an upload
6. If images will be not imported you can upload via FTP images from folder sample_data/uploads

Thats all.


When importing the sample data… The file spartacus.json is to be imported that as well ah??

I exported the sample data, but it is missing a feature of the Home?

How can I add the strip that has: most important things are not things so we’ll design experiences

under the slider?

Thank you!

Im not sure if I right understand. Did you mean export theme settings and data?

Sorry, I got it figured :)

Team shortcode?

What is the full code please? I see partial in the demo site but getting an error.

Can the description in the team box contain additional shortcodes?

Thank you

Please reffer to theme package. In folder documentation is file
List of shorcodes used In DynamicPress Wordrpesss themes.pdf


Online version is older. I udate this link :).



I’m sorry about all the questions but my client has specific needs.

Is there a boxed layout?

The logo in the header needs to be the full width of the box, and I need to be able to easily place it above or below the menu.

All the colours such as backgrounds, texts, links and menu need to be changeable from within the theme options panel.

I need to be able to upload a background image and tile it.

Are all the above possible with this theme?



How can I make the page titles smaller? Once you go to view the individual pages, the font is WAY too large, and the strip for the Page Header is way too thick?

You can’t install WPide?

Sorry :S YES! and awesome tool…thank you :)

One last question…how can I move the Main Menu down? I have a larger logo so the navigation is too far up.

Thank you.

In CSS wp-content/themes/spartacus/css/template.css about line 648 you find:
#gk-head h1 { float: left; margin: 0; }
Remove float:left.
Than in file wp-content/themes/sprtacus/css/wp-css about line 27 you find :
#main-menu { float: right; list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; position: relative; }

Remove float:right.

PS. For such kind of small changes very useful is WPide plugin


Thank you

Any idea why my site title doesn’t show up in the Tab? It’s totally blank, I’ve never had that before.

I have it set properly in the General Settings.


ok, sent!

Answer sent per email (with screenshot). You must add appropirate text values in Template Options—> SEO tab.


oops…lol, thank you !

How do make the font in the body larger?

I did this a few times…it updates one of my pages (Contact), but not the other 2? I changed to 16px….only worked on that one page, not About Us or Services pages.


So in article body font size is overwriten in wp-content/themes/spartacus/css/wp.css
About line 409 you find

article > .content, article > .summary { font-size: 13px; line-height: 1.6em; }
Please change there also.



I am struggling getting the revolution slider to work correctly, I sent you a private email asking for help as well. Is there a better way to get in touch with you for assistance?

Is done. I have import slider with sample data.


Thank you so much!