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How do I change the color of the contact form boxes?

at the moment it is #2b2d30 but in theme options i cannot see any setting to change the color…

I installed gravity forms and the form boxes are also black and text is a lighter grey but its a bit hard to see..

This can be set only in CSS files.
I’m at the moment not sure if Gravity forms have own CSS. If yes you should change it in this CSS.
If you send sit URL of your site (on studio@dynamicpress.eu for example). I sent you more detailled instructions where to change.


Outstanding work!! Wish you many sales :)

Congratulations, this just looks great! :)

Hi Karolina, I would like to change the heading “Portfolio,” which appears on the portfolio detail pages, to something that suits my client better, but I can’t find where to change the name in the CSS – I searched for an hour! The heading “Portfolio” does not make sense for my client. Can you help? Thank you!

If you mean heading on grey bar in single portfolio item view please go to file wp-content/themes/spartacus/layouts/before.php.
About line 80 you find something like this:

<?php _e( 'Portfolio', DPTPLNAME); ?>

Change it according your needs.

For such small changes in code ideal is WPide http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpide/


Aaaah, the only .php file I didn’t check! Thanks so much, it worked :) Love the theme, by the way!


WB Purchased

Hi Karolina, so far I’m diggin’ the template. Can you tell me how to get the grey bar just under the slider with the text that says “most important things are not things so we’ll design experiences”.

Not sure where this is or how to get it to display.

Very much appreciated.

This is simple text widget with following code:
<div class=" teaser">
<h2 class="font_heading02"><span class="accented">most important things are not things</span> </h2>
<h1 class="font_heading02"><span class="color_white">so we’ll design experiences</span> </h1>

placed in “Top widgets” widgets area.
In our demo we use Widget Rulles to display this widget only on certain pages.


Can I get rid of the thumbnails under the Flex Image Slider 1?

I decided to use the Revolution Slider so you can disregard the above question.

Can you tell me how to make the navigation menu centered (rather that sticking to the top?) http://calnashtrucking.com/

yes…if you look now, it is too high up, not centered across from the logo.

It can be adjust in wp-content/themes/spartacus/css/wp.css

About line 27 yoi find

#main-menu { float: right; list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; position: relative; }

You can change padding there for padding: 15px 0 0 0 for example.

Padding value adjust experimental.

Another way is add in Admin panle Template Options—> Layout in field Custom CSS rule as this for example:

#main-menu {padding: 15px 0 0 0;}


BTW Please add custom logo dimension in admin panel to make logo visible in IE.

Thank you, worked nicely :)

Hello, I have recently ‘Re-Installed’ Spartacus and have a functioning Rev Slider on the homepage but the feature does not show on ALL other ‘Pages’ that I publish using many different layouts.

I have not selected ‘Homepage Only’ in the Widget Settings.

Is this a known thing with a quick fix? Thank you!

Hi, Is hard to say what is wrong. Probably configuration mistake. Please sent me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress eu.
I check and fix it.

Hi, thank you very much for the offer! I’ve sent you access. Curious to hear what you find.

I don’t recive login but I suppose I answer on suport forum.


can someone please answer my question…posted in your support forum and no answer????

a few questions

1. How do i make the logo on the header responsive? (smaller as screen gets smaller) 2. How do I make the logo below the slider responsive attached to the bar? 3. On IE the bar seems to be cut off as is other stuff on the page…how can i make this full width?

4. And most important…none of the social links are working? where do i fix that?

U never answered on the forum…my grey bar is gone…im waiting for days?????

Now im getting this error on my contact page???

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _recaptcha_qsencode() (previously declared in /home/content/16/10831416/html/whiskey/wp-content/plugins/ether-forms/modules/recaptchalib.php:47) in /home/content/16/10831416/html/whiskey/wp-content/themes/spartacus/framework/classes/class.recaptchalib.php on line 55

Please visit suport forum.
I hope that all your questions are answerd. Once more sory for delay. I apologize for it


CANNOT MODIFY HEADER INFORMATION Am trying to install the Theme launcher but am rather desperate, after after days and days I am still hitting my head against this error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/cionisol/public_html/wp-content/install.php:1) in /home/cionisol/public_html/wp-admin/install.php on line 54

What would ya suggest me to do??

Please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu.
I can install theme for you if you sent me access.

of course I will. I really tried for days to solve this error but it is beyond my possibilities! :)

I must acknowledge Dynamicpress to offer an excellent Service to assist and advice those who – like me – purchase their products and congrats for the well detailed instructions on how to install the themes and the image sliders with them provided. THANK YOU

Hello, just purchased your beautiful theme, and tried looking for license certificate, but they all apear to not be where they used to, next to Regular License under downloads? Any ideas where to look for it? Cheers :D

Ha, nvm, found it, it’s in the Download button now :D


I cannot for the love of god remember where to install the rev_front.txt file.

Can you tell me the folder this needs to be in thanks.

Hi :)
Please create slider. Than click on slider title. You will see slider general setting and at the bottom smal link “Show import export option”. Click this link and upload field will be visible.


Hi, i wanna purchase this theme and i was wondering if you have .MO files and if the theme is ready for translation? i need it in hebrew.

thanks, Matan.

Yes. File include .po file. Is easy to translate using Poedit.


Hi Karolina,

I’m wanting to edit the portfolio headings “PROJECT DETAILS” “JOB DESCRIPTION” & edit the button title “Launch Project”.

Can you advise me please as to where to find the file.


Just a quick one please. Should I wish to place a horizontal line either thick or thin between page content what code would be best here please.

You mean dividers?
In theme is few dividers CSS classes
In file wp-content/themes/spartacus/css/shortcodes.css about line 345 you have following code:
/* Dividers*/ .divider { position:relative; clear:both; display:block; padding-top:0px; margin:15px 0 25px 0; height:3px; border-bottom:1px solid #303030; } .divider.top a { position:absolute; right:0; top:3px; width:20px; background: url(../images/patterns/lines.png) top left repeat-x; font-size:10px; padding:0 2px; text-align:right; text-decoration:none; line-height:14px; color:#7a7a7a; } .divider_padding { position:relative; clear:both; display:block; padding-top:30px; } .divider_line { position:relative; clear:both; display:block; border-bottom:1px solid #EEEEEE; margin-bottom:10px; } Thee you can change styles.

Shortcodes [divider_top] or [divider]


Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Much appreciated!


Hi Karolina,

I’m wishing to place a horizontal line either thick or thin between page copy what code would be best here please?


Hi Karolina, I’d like to have my posts display like the “Blog 1” layout. I created a new page and chose “latest post small thumb” with no effect. I’ve the full content ,fullsize feature image, no excerpt…did I miss something? (i’m using the child theme)

Yes this is WP setting. Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I configure it for you. Karolina

I sent you an e mail, thank you

Please check page now. Krolina

This is a superb theme! I can’t wait to fully integrate this with my site!

Hi There,

I’m curious how to setup the Facebook Like button. I’m unfamiliar with using an APP ID. I’m sure it’s easy, but I can’t find any instructions in the documentation.

Thanks for the help. Taylor

Hi, Please follow this link http://rieglerova.net/how-to-get-a-facebook-app-id/ for example to know how to get Facebook APP ID.


Hi Karolina I bought the template Spartacus ( I worked great with your other template Openspace too) and I have been trying to ftp installed and with the WordPress installer too and ALWAYS I’m getting a error and it doesn’t allow me to upload it. Then stays forever in a loop. Could you help me with that please? If you need any information or the FTP ID and password I can send it to you via your personal email. Thanks for your help Best Regards Mario