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Hi Karolina,

How can I position a phone number, email and search box over the main menu top right??

Hi Karolina,

Could you tell me please what’s the code for placing two read more buttons on the same line.

Ive been using this with little success.

[readon href=”#”]View Product[/readon] [readon href=”#”]View Product[/readon]

Ive been using align left & right but I think Im having container issues???

I do it for you affter 12.08 when we come back from holidays. Please send me mail on studio@dynamicpress.eu so I send you patch via email.


Hello just wondering where the facebook like button is located in the back end. And how to change the navigation menu fonts and other heading fonts to (dosis regular and museo slab) the fonts shown now are different to those. Thanks :)

Hi, Thanks for purchase :)

RE Facebook button Please go to Spartacus->Template options->Social API There you find section Facebook like button http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13135859/Spartacus--facebook-button-settings.jpg

RE Font settings

Go to Spartacus->Templateoptions->Typography There you can select fonts and assign fonts to CSS selectors. By default settings is as follow: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13135859/Spartacus-font-setting.jpg



Thankyou so much! I’m slowly getting the hang of it, cheers

Hi again, just wondering where abouts do I put the rev slider code in the header.php ?

Hello We are trying to get some support thru your forum, but havent received a response. (Understanding that the company went on vacation) However, We are under slight duress to find a solution….So i posting it here as well

Posted August 8 Hello

We’ve updated our theme to 1.3, but have come across snag. As in your demo @ http://www.spartacus10.dynamicpress.eu/?page_id=3109 There is a Read More button displayed for each post

After we updated That Read Button went away for us

Where do I control or rather re-enable that button for our blog page?

Thank you Great work BTW

Hi, Sorry for delay. I just yesterday come back from vacation.

This is not 1.3 update problem. Probably you have update WP to 3.6 also.

To fix it please find file wp-content/themes/spartacus/functions.php

About line 192 you find following code:

function dp_excerpt($text) { return str_replace('[...]', '...<p><a href="'.get_permalink().'">'.__( '<div class="readon">Read more</div>', DPTPLNAME ).'</a></p>', $text); } add_filter('the_excerpt', 'dp_excerpt');

Change it to:

function dp_excerpt($text) { return str_replace('[…]', '<p><a href="'.get_permalink().'">'.__( '<div class="readon">Read more</div>', DPTPLNAME ).'</a></p>', $text); } add_filter('the_excerpt', 'dp_excerpt');

Please note that different is very subtle elipsis instead three points.


Hi Karolina,

When using lightbox and uploading to the media section some of the images are not coming through. Finding it quite strange some show and others do not.

When I replace the PDF icon and upload a pdf document to the media section and then update the links nothing works for me. Any ideas here?



I’m not sure if I understand right. Did you have problems with media manager?

how do i center the text logo and menu?

having tons of issues doing it on my own

I’m not sure if i right understand :(. Please send me on studio@dynamicpress.eu screenshot with indication what you wish to make centered.



I would like the text logo to be centered on top of the menu, I would also like the menu to be centered

Please explain how I can make this happen

This can be done of course, but you need change not only CSS but some other files also. Please write me on studio@dynamicpress. I explain it more detailed per mail.


Hi! Is this Wordpress 3.6.1. compatible? They just gave out update for security reasons.

Yes. Latest version is compatible with 3.6 and 3.6.1.

Hi there, I love the look of the theme, this is just a pre-sale question. Is it possible to get rid of that ‘candy bar’ striped line that goes underneath the menu bar? I don’t want it there, just wondering how easy it will be to remove from the theme.


On our demo page http://www.spartacus10.dynamicpress.eu/

it is Dosis but indeed can be every font from Google or Adobe Edge.

Thank you for your super fast responses. Last question: what is the CSS I need to remove the candy bar striped lines on the top and bottom!

Thank you, your documentation is perfect!

This is class .brd. You find this in file wp-content/themes/spartacus/css/template.css about line 128 in part area separator. Please note that this div is used two times in them (below menu and above footer).


Hello Karolina, I have three questions for you. 1. Top panel widgets don’t respond. No matter what i put in there the + sign just will not open. (like on you demo site). Other widgets are working fine. 2. I see you have additional social icons on the demo site (youtube, skype, linked In etc) How can i add these to the top panel and the Social widget on the side? 3. will the twitter widget work with the link or will it need the 3 ID numbers? Many thanks in advance!, Kind regards, jana

Fantastic, Thanks for your speedy response Karolina. I will get back to you if we need to use the Top line widgets.

Fantastic, Thanks for your speedy response Karolina. I will get back to you if we need to use the Top line widgets.

Fantastic, Thanks for your speedy response Karolina. I will get back to you if we need to use the Top line widgets.

Hello Karolina, I’m having difficulty putting the links into the social icon shortcodes.(both top panel and social widget). I’ve used the ones from your demo site. I’ve sent you an email with my admin details. I think I’m missing something, just don’t know what. Many thanks again, Jana


[social_link class=’twitter’ link=https://twitter.com/themeforest title=’Twitter’]

[social_link class=linkedin link=# title=’LinkedIn’]

[social_link class=facebook link=# title=’Facebook’]

[social_link class=skype link=# title=’Skype’]


I send you answer per email. Is fixed :).


Hello Karolina, I have one, hopefully last question. I have now got the ‘DP social icons’ in the Footer. They work fine. But I need additional icons – LinkedIn & Youtube & Blog. (Need 5 icons in total) I have tried your fix from the support forum: (but this broke the site). Do you have any idea why? Sorry to be a pain. Your help is much appreciated.


Access is the same. Thanks again.

Hi, Please take a look on site. I have add Text widget with shortcodes in footer. It is in my opinion better because DP Social widget is vertical and is provided to use in Social widget position (fixed on right or left).

Nut anyway if you need use this widget I send you patch for spartacus exactly wit this two additional icons.


Many thanks Karolina, I like the horizontal set up. Hopefully, this is the preferred option. If not, I will send you an email. Many thanks again. Great support. :) Jana

Hi Karolina, I’d like to change the hover effect’s color (and current page marker ) for the main menu. can’t find it in the backoffice or the css.


Hi, In Template Options—> Apperance you have all options for this.


Plea remember to set Template Options->General setting -> style to As in admin panel


Cheers Karolina

thank you, I’ve tried but it did not work probably beacause the browser’s cache, now it’s ok. I have another problem, i cant’ find the way to have margin between slider and the social icons in the portfolio single page.


Write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I send you patch. Or send me dashboard access. If I can install WPide on your server I can fix it online.



I have a problem with portfolios. When I click on page 2 it gives me a 404 error page not found

Hi, Its probably problem problem with configuration. Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I check this.



WB Purchased

Hi…any chance this will be compatible with 3.8?

Please write me on studio@dynamicpress.eu. I have just fix child theme funcionality in Iguana and Neosense. I can help you with Spartacus child theme too :).



WB Purchased

Thanks Karolina. I have done so and look forward to your reply.

I try send you advise and code in one two day.


Hi there! I recently added a blog page to my site, but I can’t stop the front page slider appearing on the page for some reason: http://muddox.ca/news/

I’ve selected that page for posts in Settings in WP, I have selected ‘latest posts’ etc, but nothing gets rid of it.

Can you help me please? Thanks!


I suppose that you have Revslider widget in slideshow widget area. and for this widget set visible at on No pages except Homepage.


I tried but it’s not working for me. I put a post up on your support forum,

it works 100%.

Please send me dashboard access on studio@dynamicpress.eu


Just started using your theme and noticed an issue with Revolution Slider.

I uploaded the plugin and added a new slider called “Default”. I also tried 1 but neither are working.

On the home page, where I want the slider to display, I’m getting a
Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.

Maybe you mean: ‘default’

even though the slider is named default. I also cannot switch the slider that I want to use on the home page. I can add a million different sliders in Rev Slider and only see “default” listed in the drop down.

Any help would be appreciated.


What method you use. Revslider widget or Revslider Visual Composer element?

I would like to buy this theme, but it looks like it’s not size properly on mobile phone. is there anything to be done to make it mobile friendly?


fintang Purchased

Hi, The facebook floating icon that is on every page, is it possible to change this to text saying”Book now” and have it go to another external website?


Generally yes (with some changes in code) but maybe easier will be use one of many plugins for creating floating menus in WP.

For example:

https://wordpress.org/plugins/larbous-floating-menu/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/codeflavors-floating-menu/


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