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I just brought this theme however I cannot get the extracts of the post to show up on the home (blog) page on a mobile. I’ve tried using plugins and the more tag but to no avail. Any help would be great…

Hey, thanks for the purchase. Send me an email through my ThemeForest profile with your site address, we’ll have a look at why your installation is misbehaving :)

Thanks alot for your help – very quick!

Hi, Why have you not included an option page to easily edit this theme? – logo, colours etc.. it looks like I have to go into the code to edit the theme. where do I add a logo? Regards

Hey David. We simply decided not to build an admin panel, and I think the price reflects it :) Other features like webapp and localization took priority.

That said, you can still easily change colors with plugins like Color Manager though. Email me what you want changed and I’ll gladly send you the CSS Selectors.

As for the logo, let me just put on my morning brew and I’ll send quick instructions on that right over :)


Aaaaand sent. Now just email me the coloring details and we’ll have that done in a few moments as well.

Hi! I purchased the theme and started working with it but I need some help with an issue. On it’s own, it works as advertised…

I am using the theme and my site as a place for me to make a custom link for each of my photography clients as a place for me to give them a mobile gallery.

The problem that I have with that is I have a few too many steps in order to get the images in a blog post.

I normally use NextGen Gallery and I export right from Lightroom into a NextGen Gallery…. If I use the twenty twelve theme and the NextGen Gallery, all is fine…. when I activate this theme, it stops working.

I want to be able to use NextGen AND this theme…. can you lend me a hand?


Just checking if you got my emails? Yours went to my spam folder initially for some reason. Let me know, cheers.

Thank you for all your help! Everything is great now!

Just wanted to drop in a quick comment saying that I’ve never had a customer service experience as great as I had with Bonfire Themes’ Rain. He took the time to help me with problems ranging from simple to complex. He even gave me a whole new section of code when I asked about a possible feature! Many thanks, you’re support was more appreciated than I can express!


Cheers for the praise, very much appreciated :)


2 questions for techin5.com.

1 – How do I implement Google adsense into the theme? I’m losing a fair bit of clicks by not having this in.

2 – Menu system for Spartan. I’ve currently got a desktop theme with it’s own menu setup (drop down menus with images and all). How do I transfer the same menu system to work with spartan? Or even make a new set of menu systems.

Any help would be fantastic cheers

Oops, I found another issue.

Once the menu is showing up, if I use my phone to click on a menu, say Apps, then the Apps page opens up. However, Rather than the latest posts on that category coming up – The ENTIRE post opens up rather than just the snippet. How do I make it do that like the home page?

Shoot me an email so I can give you the guy’s email.

A static front page is optional.

And if you’re saying you’d like to show excerpts instead of a full post on the blog index, category pages etc (a preference rather than an issue :) ), then that’s just a quick change. I’ll guide you through it once you send me the email.

Answering a few quick questions in the comments here is fine, but we really offer support via email. Let’s not turn this area into a support forum :)

Gotcha, email coming up :)


Purchased the theme and installed.

Questions: 1. This theme is setup as a mobile only theme. So how do I select a page with the “Main Menu Only” template as its not the active theme.

2. Is there an option to include the menu in the homepage?


Hey sunkur, cheers for the purchase.

Since the menu-only front page would require a setting up a static front page, then that indeed will only work if you have the mobile site activated, aka running on a separate installation. That’s just how WordPress works I’m afraid.

You can however set up different static front pages for your desktop and mobile themes on the same installation if you make slight changes to both themes. I haven’t tried it myself and so can’t provide support for that, but I’ve been told on several occasions by buyers that the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes

I don’t quite follow on the second question though.. If you’re asking how to set up the main menu, then check the doc under “menu not showing up?”


Hi, i have some quistion before buying the theme. 1. Does it display’s images uploaded with the posts when i just ad them with “highlighted images”? The theme i’m using works this way 2. Can i ad adsense codes, even when there not from google? 3. Is it possible to display the posts on the first page instead of the menu?

Thnaks, it looks realy nice and i hope it’s possible.


Hey there, thanks for the interest.

1) I’m not aware how your theme handles images; sounds like a custom solution. Spartan uses WordPress’ own image uploader.

2) If you know how then nothing in the theme prevents you from injecting AdSense, or any other ad code for that matter.

3) That’s the default way actually. Setting up the menu on the front page would require an extra step.



Arn Purchased


Is it possible ta add a sub-submenu , in other words a submenu within the submenu. similar to the wordpress menu configuration with multiple levels in the backend..

- How can I remove the small “twist” that an gallery/portfolio image makes on rollover




Hi there.

Spartan has a 2-level menu.

For the image hover twist, shoot me an email through the contact form on my profile and I’ll guide you through it. It’s super simple to remove.

As for the back button, this would have to be paid custom work.

And you can update if you want. You can see the changelog at the bottom of the item description page.



Arn Purchased

Hi, Thanks for your reply, I’ll contact you if i need further assistance..for now (after some idea changes) everything is okay..



Sure thing :)

hey friend,

love your themes would it be possible to add Jetpack Infinite Scrolling support ? Seems pretty simple to add ( see link ) I just dont want to risk screwing your code. Or just tell me where to insert: http://jetpack.me/support/infinite-scroll/

thank you

Hi there. I’d have to look into this and run some tests, can’t do it blindly like this. Depending on how much work it is, I may have to ask for a little extra as well. It’s 1.30 AM here right now though, so I can get to this tomorrow. Shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there. Cheers.

awesome ! good night bud

Will this work fine with my Imagpress theme for my NaijaBamBam Music Website?

If your theme is built following WordPress standards then there’s no reason it wouldn’t.

Hello I installed the theme, I use it only for mobile with Any Mobile Theme Switcher but when i go to site with mobile I dont see the message “web app” click on icon and add to home scren etc etc how to fix it?

Thanks ;)

i have familiar with WordPress coding…is my English that “shit” however your panel dont work…settle the thing manually implementing a new slide


The comment slide works fine as can be seen on the demo site.

I know it works with comments…but so I don’t need

Hello I find your theme really awesome but before buying i would like to know if its possible to add infinite scroll to the blog page so that blog posts are displayed as you scroll down the page.

Also will it be possible to add a facebook, twitter and whatsapp share button under each posts on the homepage and inside the posts as well?

Thank you for your kind answer.

Check the documentation, it’s all covered there in detail.


hello am trying to translate the theme using poedit but the folder languages inside the theme is empty

Hi. For support, email me through the form on my profile.

I want to have separate theme for desktop and mobile. Do I need to have mobile domain such as m.mysite.com or mobile theme automatically work based on the device?


You can use a mobile domain but don’t need to. A plugin like Any Mobile Theme Switcher is capable of displaying different themes to mobile visitors. Google it, the plugin is free so you can try out before purchasing the theme to make sure it works as you need it to.



Fixprod Purchased

Good job !! Great Support !