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for Design Quality

No one Please Buy This Theme, It is not made proper or is under Construction...
We were to launch our site tomorrow but we failed Due to No Good Support and Poor Make of this Theme,
If you Use Demo Importer, It do not work correctly, Everything is Messed up.
Even if you see your Events Page, Their is no option for users to buy a ticket.

I am writing this After using the Latest Update which was Released Yesterday.
My website is http://chessuni.com

And now I would Have to use my Last Free Theme i.e. Ocean WP, to launch the site as soon as possible,

I had a lot of bugs but the support helped me to resolve them.


Author response

Hi Luiza,

Those issues came out due to your server configurations. :) I tried a lot to solve it. And I will try harder and harder to improve this theme too.

Thank you.


for Customer Support

First of all, the theme needs little support, because it is the first theme I've used that was 100% ready-to-go as is, and as was described. I could immediately start using it, and had absolutely no problem downloading or installing it whatsoever.

The only glitches I have had have been things I did--I'm a novice, and in no way a professional, which also says a lot--if I can make this work, anyone can.

When I did run into my couple of glitches, they were--amazingly--taken care of just as promised--within minutes...not even hours or days! Really--amazing support, and amazing product.

I especially like the way that all the demo data loaded so I could see just what it could be like, and then simply swap out the personal data for my own.

I am a public speaker, trainer, author, teacher, and this site has absolutely everything I have ever looked for, but best of all, it did what I could never do--organized it in a way that makes sense and works! I'm so delighted I can't even believe that this is priced so affordably.

So, to review--awesome product that works exactly the way it says it will work, fantastic price--nothing else out there is any where as comprehensive in this price range--totally easy to use--there is no learning curve: simple visual editor even my father could figure out (but my brother, by the way, who sells website design for a living was saying, "What? You're doing that? How are you doing that? Wow-Cool!"), and when you need support, it's immediate, courteous, and solves whatever problems you might encounter even if they're of your own doing. And they weren't even rude or condescending as some people are when you ask for support for problems you created yourself.

If you're considering this theme, please stop looking. Save yourself time, money and headache, because I guarantee you this'll be the end of your search for the perfect theme in every way. Thank you so much!

for Customer Support

Absolutely awesome customer support, the the theme rocks as well. Nice degree of customizability. I only have a understanding of HTML and some CSS and I found it relatively easy to tweak the theme to my liking. Thanks Thimpress (and Mr Vinh!)

for Customer Support

They have a very quick and complete customer support.

for Customer Support

I would love to rate this theme for not just customer support but also, design quality, document quality, flexibility, and overall feature availability.

for Customer Support

Ken Nguyen is the best support, always available for you.

for Customer Support

They are great in Customer support, ThimPress (Ken) team went beyond my expectation and helped me to setup the site they way I wanted. Also the template is great for creating courses and online classes to help people around the World.

Thank you very much for the great help. Looking forward for other project and template you have. Wish you all the best on your projects

for Customer Support

The support team was right there to answer both routes of communication through Themeforest, and direct email. Great design template and easy enough to set up without any support in fact. My issues were all customization outside of what the theme already comes with. Great job!

for Customer Support

We purchased this design as it had everything we were asking for! And as we faced some minor issues the support was just amazing!

for Customizability

I recently purchased coaching templet . I know it is a real challenge to develop something like this. You did amazing job! It is easy to customize & has nice design quality. Thanks ThimPress Team . Wish you a lot of sales.

for Customer Support

Great theme. Took a little time to understand because there are many layers to it. Happy with purchase and customer support.

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