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Hi Morad,

Very nice theme. Did you forecast a WP version ? If so, do you know when it could be available ?

Thanks and good luck for sales.



Hi Roger,

In fact, i hope for the WordPress version to be available, but i’m not a WP developer, i will ask some developer for that, but i think it might not be very soon available :)

does top menu nav have drop-down (sub menu)?

Currently, don’t have, but it could have that, but this will totally disable the navigation sliding feature. So i will update the theme soon within 24 hours with adding the ability of using drop-down menu (but the navigation effect will be disabled) and also with 2 new additional header and footer effects styles :)

Really cool, congratulations ! ! ! ;)

Thanks a lot mate! :bigsmile:

Thanks a lot amzee :bigwink:

Morad i can convert this to you for Wordpress, if you want ?

Hi :bigsmile:,

Thank you so much man!. In fact, i’m related with some Wordpress developer who is certainly working on converting one of my themes, and he may will convert the other themes, and this will be faster for working with the other themes because he will understand my layout, elements and codes experience, so i want to complete them with him.

Anyway!, if he will not take them and convert them to Wordpress, then sure i will take your word in my mind! :)


Sounds good :) i just offer you a bit of help :) send me a mail if your man dosent have the time!

website loading is very slow especially the about us and blog webpages…surely that can’t be good for business!

I don’t know what is that at you, i checked it before and it’s working normal, may be there is a temporary problem in the hosting service, and immediately now i found that the hosting is offline certainly :)

Dude you need to fix your web hosting – Firefox can’t find the server at

Yes! That’s right. It’s offline since about 6 hours. I contacted the hosting service support and they told me that they are working on it to make the fix, sorry :)

Sorry! Hosting Service is certainly offline temporary since 6 hours. It will be fixed as soon as possible

It is back online but About Us page still set to nothing. Nevertheless, any clue on when WP version is coming out – this theme is big!


I didn’t set About Us page with content.

For the WP version, i’m totally hope that, i will ask my developer if he will be interested in that, also i’m waiting if there will be a good indication with the HTML sales, because this will let me to be totally exited for it WP release.

Dude, another question. How is the blog maintained? Is it direct typing or do you have a cms for it.

It’s just HTML /CSS layout, not have CMS :)

is the contact form easy to change? like to send direct to your email?

Hi moviekase :)

Sorry for this late. Just set the action value of the contact form as action=”

Dear Morad,

Could you please be specific which file to edit and what to put in the line to make the contact form work? I have no idea where to add my email.

Many thanks,


Hi :),

Look at the end of the first line, you will find that action has value of your email you want to use. It’s like as following:

<form class="cmxform" method="post" action="" id="contact_form">
                        <label for="cname">You Name*</label>
                        <span><input name="name" class="required" id="cname" /></span>
                        <label for="cemail">You Email*</label>
                        <span><input name="email" class="required email" id="cemail" /></span>
                        <label for="curl">Website</label>
                        <span><input name="url" class="url" id="curl" value="" /></span>
                        <label for="ccomment">Your Message*</label>
                        <span><textarea name="comment" class="required" id="ccomment" rows="" cols=""></textarea></span>
                        <input class="submit" value="Submit" type="submit" />
<!-- end contact form -->

I hope that help :)

But, i have some point :), i don’t know how i can reply to a request without the purchase badge of that item :bigsmile:. Anyway, no problem ! ;)

Thanks a lot.


Dear Morad,

Terribly sorry and already paid :D

Anyway, I tried your code with my website but instead of sending the email to my inbox, Outlook poped up instead! Help!

Again my apologize and thanks for your help ^^


Hi Sandy :bigsmile:

In fact, i was expecting that this will happen, and i think to have a totally working contact form, it needs to PHP side, and in fact i don’t have PHP experience. Try to ask anywhere for that request, i think it’s very simple and traditional request.

So i apologize Sandy if i couldn’t provide you with the help!

Thanks a lot ^^


what font have you used in the logo? Also, there was no about page in the file I bought?

Hi KarenVirtual

I’m very sorry for this late! , i was disconnected from work for about a continued 20 days, so i’m so sorry for that.

The font used in logo called Orbitron, and font style is Medium

For the about page, in fact, i didn’t dragged page with that!

Last, i hope your accept my apologizes, this was out of my hand.


how many PSD files included in this ?

Where did you get the image of the coffee beans shaped like a cup of coffee? I am creating a website for a coffee roasting company.

I dont buy yet, but I dont understand if I want other skin (by example the 18, pink) how can make work by default? I change all by color, etc… but how can put one for default, I dont get it! help