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Fantastic, bookmarked. Going to convince my client he needs a re-design! :)

Thank you Josweb!

Thank you! :)

WOW… This really does look amazing guys! :) x

Thank you Sophie! :)

I now know what I want for Christmas… A wordpress version!!! :) x

Hey guys, really cool design! Do you make this template as a wordpress version, too?

Hi and thank you!

At the moment just HTML Version, if we have more requests in the future we will launch the Wordpress version too.

Very nice and cool!! :-)) I also bought your other template Eprom. I sure want to buy this one too…

Is there a possibility to make an automaticle slider at the beginning. So instead of one photo more photo’s with arrows what appears and disappears if you want to go to next picture.

Would be great! That’s what a client of me asked…. :-))

Thanx for quick answer.

Can you make only the index.html for me with 3 MP3’s in it already e.g. sound/1.mp3, sound/2.mp3, sound/3.mp3, instead of the 3 links to soundcloud? So I can see HOW you make the script.

And tell me WHERE I have to put my selfmade map sound with the mp’3s in it…. :-)?

The rest I think can do myself..

If your answer is YES, I will buy your template right NOW!!

Thanx a lot!

I just bought and I will send you an email…:-)

Well I all possibilities for MP3’s are there. GREAT! 5 stars…:-)

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. This theme would sell off the shelf. The most amazing template that I have seen for sell. Definitely looks like a custom site that was done for a client. Totally out does your previous music theme which was awesome.

Please consider a WordPress version. Outrageous.

Woow! Thank you! :)

Fantastic design.Love it.Great job guys!

Thank you!

OMG – please make this in wordpress and let us know when it will be ready. btw your demo doesn’t play music on mobile.

Hi, Give us details about browser and phone model please, we have to verify issue. Also note that player need few more seconds to load after page, depends on you phone and internet connection speed.

Hi it’s chrome browser on samsung note 2

PLEASE tell me you have a WP version of this coming up.

Amazing work! will be keeping an eye out for your work for sure!

Take care :) A.

Thank you! :)

Fantastic work! If i were a DJ i would use this template. I think i have to become a DJ just to use this template ;-) Best regards

Thank you! :)

Any plans to release a wordpress version?

We hope so but at the moment we can’t promise you anything.

I receive MP3’s from my client. Can I use that instead of the link to soundcloud.com

Do I have to make a map with MP3’s and make that link to that map????


I think it would be possible. Check features of the player here: http://bit.ly/1aYBzp8

Hi, great template… I’m sure want to buy this one… but there isn’t one element in it – for me very important – news page (blog page). Can you add this item to your template? Regards, Bogus

Hi, thank you for opinion. Our decision to skip Blog page is based on our experience with previous templates and our Customers opinions, of course we didn’t said this as last word. Everything can change if there will be high demand of it.

You guys could do the WordPress version with your eyes closed :-).
I’ll buy it ASAP.



How can I setup the mixes section so that when I click on them they play automatically on the player instead of taking me to another page

Hello, One of the releases (Back To The Acid – it’s lower left) is already set in that way. You can use it as example.

Wow, this is the best and coolest them I’ve seen so far. I’d buy this if only there were a WordPress version! Truly magnificent work! If you make a WordPress version please let me know and I’ll be the first to purchase it!

Thank you! :)

When I insert my soundcloud key (client id) where it says ” //put your own soundcloud key here”, it breaks the JavaScript. Where do I put my soundcloud key?

I don’t know why but this is what i get when i try to install the theme. Any help please

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Sorry Sir but i can’t help you. Template you’ve bought is not designed to be used in WordPress, it’s only HTML version. You probably want to ask for refund chances, please check this FAQ http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/256/55/can-i-get-a-refund-for-an-item-i-have-purchased

that is a sweat theme! ill buy it. nice work

ps : dunno if u added it already but a “quick news” module would be nice (a slider displaying short news is enough i guess)

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider this.

oh, great for this themes

Thanks :)