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How soon will you have the Wordpress Version available? Im a fan of your themes, This is an amazing theme, I just rather it be in Wordpress..

Thanks for the great work guys!

Hello, thank you for kind words. Unfortunately at the moment WP version is not planned for these template. Please follow us on http://twitter.com/rascalsthemes, we will let you know if something will change here.

awesome theme :) but the documentation is a bit light :(((( how can i add a soundcloud song in the playlist instead of the mp3 ? Also twitter is not working :/ i modified the config.php with all info but no luck :( do i have to modify anything else ?

To display tweets in this theme you need: 1.Twitter account. 2.Twitter application. 3.Twitter username. 4.Consumer key. 5.Consumer secret. 6.Access token. 7.Access token secret.

yeah ok cool and then what ???? were the hell is the rest of the documentation…. NO SUPPORT AROUND ? allo ?

Hello, sorry for your trouble but please keep in mind that support closed during weekends. About Twitter: please open a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/, we have to look at this issue. About player: Playlists are written in index.html, line from . Soundcloud links can be placed same as links to mp3 are placed
<a href="soundcloud link here"></a>

hi, you have made an amazing theme but i got a problem with my portfolio ajax project loader, can you help? http://hollownations.com/index.html

Hi and thank you. Please go to http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ and open support ticket.

is there different style skins? was after white instead of dark theme.

Hi, Spectra template has only one skin available at the moment so yes, you will have to modify those elements by yourself.

add external link to html menu?

Hello Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Great theme !!! I hope there will be a wordpress version soon !

Hello and thank you. Unfortunately we do not have plans for WP version at the moment.

Hi Rascals,

I just bought the Spectra Theme and it’s awesome!

First i will finish my new release and then working on this one ;)

Merry Christmas \0/ 8-)

Thank you!

On your live preview search does not work. So planned?

Hello, search script is not included (and planned) in template. It’s just a box prepared for the Customers who will need it.

GREAT WORKS BUT contact form don’t work :(

Hello, please make sure you’ve input correct email address in /plugins/config.php. However if you did and still facing problems please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

“Newsletter + Menu ( Externe PDF ) + Intro Video ”

Hello, I contact you concerning the module newsletter, how to make so that people is registered. How to establish an external link. ( Direct PDF ) How to establish an external link.

I will like to know how to make to put video in intro.

Regards, Julien

Hello As it’s same question you’ve added on http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ please expect response there. Will be ready soon.

Hello, the work is great! I found EPROM already very well but this one 100 times better. That said, I really expected the wordpress version because I only work with this CMS. Thinking about you very soon version?

Hello, we are working on a new music template that will have WordPress version available and most importantly will be better than both – Eprom and Spectra :)

When think of putting on sale you your new theme?

Sorry we are not sure yet. We are currently focusing our efforts on integration between Eprom Theme and WooCommerce, after that we will probably start to work on new template.

Hello !

I love this theme, I just have a couple of questions to make sure it’s a fit for my needs :)

- Is it easy to get rid of panels easily ? Let’s say Bio, Contact, etc… Past experiences proved me that sometimes code are so interdependants that it becomes almost impossible to simplify a theme.

- Are the countdowns really working (based on a given date I guess?) ? :) Cause it’s starting over when refreshing.

- I will need to insert a teaser video from youtube or vimeo. Will it be a problem if I put the embed code when it comes to the responsive design ? Will it resize the embed code accordingly ?

- Is the music player easy to delete (or at least hide) ?

Thanks for the time you will spend to answer me


Hello and thank you for your interest in our template.

1. Every visible element such as DIV, section or menu item in template is added via HTML so it’s no problem in removing them if needed.

2. Yes they are, it was intended only on live preview.

3. We’ve designed special plugin to keep those vids in proper size, so yes – it won’t be a problem.

4. It’s added via HTML so yes, no problem with that.

Hello, great theme! May i know if it’s possible to have the contents in different pages, rather than all on one page?

Next to most of the links in template you will find “project-by-ajax” class enabled, after disabling it, subpage will no longer load like “one page”.

Col, thanks!


Is it possible for the front page to have them main navigation visible ? , without scrolling …?


Hello, yes no problem with that.

Hi, I Have a question about the Newsletter: where are the subscribed addresses going? The “action” is #post is this right?

What must I change in this Code?

<form action=”#post” method=”post” id=”subscribe-form”> <input type=”email” name=”subscribe_email” value=”” id=”subscribe-email” placeholder=”Enter your email…” required> <input type=”submit” value=”+” class=”large” id=”subscribe-submit”>

All the other features are working perfect! Please check my site: www.angel-o.com

I Love your Theme!!!

Thank you

Hi, thank you for choosing our template Newsletter system is not provided with the template and it has to be obtained separately. If you will consider paid newsletter solution – we recommend this one http://codecanyon.net/item/newsletter-mailer-v13/149365 It was tested and works nicely with our theme.

I am a very satisfied customer :-)

Have already purchased 3 of your themes.

Keep up the great work !

When will the Spectra theme receive a Wordpress version, everyone here is requesting it ?

Hello and thank you for nice words, we are really glad to read that :). Unfortunately we do not have plans for Spectra WP ( at the moment). We are currently working on WP template – similar to both Spectra and Eprom, it should be released in few weeks.

How can I get updated? If I follow you here on Themeforest will I get a message? (I don’t have Twitter)

It will be announced via our Twitter (https://twitter.com/rascalsthemes) or on our G+ channel (https://plus.google.com/+RascalsEuthemes)

I also want to buy a wordpress version of this. I hope you will soon be available on the wp version of this. Excellent work! Looking forward to the sequel! ;)


Thank you for your interest and nice review. At the moment we can’t say yes about WP version, unfortunately.

hi there, can the soundcloud links be easily changed to mixcloud links? and can i easily change the orange theme to a different colour?

thanks :)

Hi, unfortunately audio player used in this template does not support Mixcloud. At the moment only way would be to use embedding feature which works with Spectra theme. Orange color can be altered by editing style.css

your DEMO page is down!

Our host is currently offline for reasons beyond our control. They promised us to fix it ASAP. Sorry for inconvenience it may caused.

Heya, Killer Template, but before buy it, have some doubts like:

Does the music player works offline (without uploading archives to a host) mode, to do some tests??

Music player stuffs (buttons..), made with javascript too? Or HTML only??



1. Yes it does, but you may need some server software to test it locally. WampServer is good (and easy to use) one for this http://www.wampserver.com/

2. JS,HTML and CSS

Thank you!

oh great, one more doubt: i was opened the preview with android moblie, and looks strange, like the layout is not fixed and has some empty space on the right corner, by the music player is working strange, not fixing in rol and when you click to expands more the layout width… after this, i tested in a lower version on android mobile and works fine…

using a samsung galaxy S4, with chrome browser, being a little bug??

Audio player is not fixed on mobile devices intentionally – player developer claims that “The player will be also automatically set at the top of the page, because a fixed footer is not supported by the most mobile browsers.”

About that empty space – the tests were successful and there are no issues reported yet for any browser on this device. Please try to clear cache and refresh page. And yes, we are aware that it expands little to much on lowest DPI screens but it’s a hard-coded bug. We have to wait with this until we will make our own, made from scratch Ajax audio player – it will be available for Spectra too.