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nice page gud luck :)


Nice theme! Good luck with your sales! ;)

Thank you so much :)

Nice Concept and Creative Item, GL… :)


Very Nice, Creative and Clean GLWS :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi, How can I import the structure in a Wordpress theme?

I want to buy the page


Hi,diegolops,you must have basic knowledge of WordPress to convert this HTML template into the WP theme. Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in buying the template but I don’t know if I can use it as template on joomla. Can you please give me support on this? Thanks!

Unfortunately, Spento is a simple HTML landing page, not a joomla theme. Thanks

Thanks for your answer. Do you think I can use it anyway by adding the HTML on an article in Joomla? Is the CSS inline or as a separate folder?

Hi, I don’t have knowledge in Joomla. The CSS files is situated in the separate folder. Thanks for your interest

Thanks to the authors for a perfect template and easy customisation! Everything was clear, but I ran into a problem. I chose the version with the registration form. I get to the mailbox symbols like ÐлекÑандр when people fill the fields in the Cyrillic alphabet. So I can’t know the name of the sender. Need your help !

Hello! I was asked you about my problem. Have you any comments how i can fix it? Will be waiting for your response!

Answered via email. Sorry for late reply. Thanks

I purchased this theme assuming I could use it as a WordPress theme. Unfortunately, i am unable to do so.

Can i get a refund or can you supply me a WordPress compatible theme?


Hi,aplcreative, thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately, Spento is a simple HTML landing page, not a WordPress theme and you can’t use it as WordPress theme. To refund your money you must contact the themeforest support team. Thanks

Hello, I’m thinking about buying this template for my personal business, I just want to know: (1) if I want it for commercial use, what kind of licence do I need? (2) If I don’t have any cms platform (exp. Joomla or WordPress) (my website is now on Wix.. can it work from there?) is there any outer way to work in it? just with something like Dream Weaver etc..? (3) The payment is per month? year? or once in a lifetime? if so, how can I connect between the Landing page to the Domain I’ve already own?

Best Regards, Hanna.

Hi! Are there any known issues with the video background part of the template? Or are there any technical requirements for it to work? I can see it working perfectly in desktop screens when it’s uploaded, but not locally or in mobile, for some reason. Thanks.

Hi, nanetilla, thanks for purchasing my template. I’m sorry about ‘very slow’ for replying your questions, because I’m overload answering several questions, Please be patient. Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hey there – I am having issues with the form submitting to mailchimp. I’ve gone through all of the steps, receive a confirmation email, but it never gets submitted to mailchimp. Can you help? serafinjuice.com

Hi, tosterhaus, thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hi! I have the html version and can’t see why my I can’t get my navigation menu to work. I see the code is exactly the same as in the documentation, didn’t even change the ID’s… but it does nothing! Please help. Thanks.

Hi, nanetilla,thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hi. When I refresh page and I’m in the middle of the page – menu doesn’t shown (with background color and logo). Only links are visible. It appears only if I scroll to top. How can I fix it?

Hi, vvasilcev, thanks for purchasing my template. Can I have a link to see? Thanks

Thanks for answering. Can I send you email? I don’t want to post here a link.

Hi there: Any suggestions on how to build a responsive order form that matches the styles of this theme?

Many thanks!

Joel Sanders

Please contact me via email. Thanks

Hi! Does the images that used at live preview page included into this theme or they are for demonstration purposes only?

Hi, kaminskiydesign, thanks for your interest. Images aren’t included into the template. It’s only for demonstration. Thanks


I’ve purchased Spento.

Now, about the the Video Background Style, I would be greatfull if you could tell me, please, how could I:

1) Reduce the distance between the slideshow headline text and the top margin of the video.

2) Completely remove the top bar (logo and top menu).

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

PS: I have some knowledge about CSS and HTML, but I just dont know where should I go in the template files in order to make these changes.

Hi, Francisco, thanks for purchasing my template. Please contact me via email. Thanks