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my client wants to do a major redesign of their wordpress site, and your theme seems perfect at first glance

there are a few concerns, though so I was wondering is it possible to see a live demo of a site running the theme including dashboard access, just to see how everything works behind the scenes?

Send me a message using Contact Us form, I will mail you the screen shots their.

I think there is an error on your live preview demo. It would be nice an updated version because we can’t see the main slideshow on the home page…it does not show coreectly and the background image of the same slideshow is out of the mask :O

another question:

can i use the website in PT? portuguese? is this theme compatible with other languages?

yes, it is compatible. Let me check with the demob if there is any issue. Sure to resolve it.

Love the theme! Gave it a 5-star rating. Just noticed there is an update – wondering what the best way to update the theme is?


You can save your theme settings by making its Back up before updating. But you will not be able to back up your widgets.

Updated seamlessly! Thanks a lot! :)

:) It is pleasure to see things fine for you.

Hi, congratulations for the awesome theme!

Just a question: when I visit the demo, I feel like there is “something wrong” with the scrolling of the pages…. Is that possibile to disable that kind of inertia?


Thank you for nice words. However, at my end, nothing such like is happening, but I will make several checks once again, if found something, will be resolved.

Thank you so much. I’m using google chrome

Gave it several checks, no problem found. :)

Thanks first for the awasome theme!

But on my theme option, there is no header/cart settings ! how to resolve it?

And last, the menu is not the same as “demo”. Need a help.

When you will add WooCommerce plug in, the settings will appear. Please create a ticket at and provide your login details where I can see what is wrong with Menu.

Same thing here. Support wont solve anything.

Support is there to answer your question and resolve problems. You had icon, slider image description, translation widget, dark icons and same home button issue, all of them have been responded properly. Not even a single issue have been left unanswered.

Just installed this theme…running into an issue. Your documentation says that we can edit colors the following ways:

Go to Appearance > General Settings > Color & Styles to select or edit settings for the following customization.

1. Select Stylesheet

2. Select colour and style of the theme.

Menu Color Settings offers you to;

Select Menu Gradient Color, Menu Top Border Color, Menu Color, Menu Active Background Color, Menu Active Font Color & Menu Sublevels Background Color.

None of this is showing the the theme option panel. I tried overriding some style with a child theme—that is not working either. Please advise.

I have re-checked each and every single thing you mentioned in all you comment and everything is in perfect order. There is option for overall colour change, but if you are asking about menu colour, it cannot be changed specifically. it is possible when you different header options in theme, but theme has only one header option.

Also, when switching between themes (child themes included) ALL of the theme changes are lost: widgets, options etc. Everything reverts back to the settings that came with the original installation.

Please create a ticket at and provide your wordpress login details there, I will find out the issue.

I have submitted a ticket…thanks.

Issue will be resolved there for sure.

RevConcept or anyone,

is your menu normal/similar as the “demo”?

These guys need to make a good faq or a complete documentation.

Suggestion noted. The menu looks exactly like demo.

I’m asking a refund. Thank you

This is your right to go for refund. But please allow me to say that you had icon, slider image description and translation widget, dark icons and same home button issue, all of them have been responded properly. Not even a single issue have been left unanswered.

Muligoweb: the main menu on the front end of the site, yes. However, the instruction in their documentation mentions theme options and menu items that should be in admin that are not there.

This is pretty bad. I can’t even do something as simple as change the font colors. It’s not picking up my child theme for some reason so I may have to resort to altering the theme’s code directly…

It’s frustrating that they haven’t responded in two days either.

Hello @ RevConcept. It was weekend and response sometimes get late due to this. However, font colour change is working properly at my end. And, the child theme is being picked normally. If you allow me to look into your word press back end by creating a ticket at , it will help me to find out what is going wrong. Also, I will make necessary changes what you are looking for.

Well, well , it seems that your reaction is faster on this page (not really on support page)

By the way, i already sent a ticket (#491381) for all matters, especially for MENU case, and still waiting for a response (and it’s frustrating as ticket opened since friday 24th).

still waiting and hope it gona be resolved today.

anybody can inform what’s happen with your support?

Ticket system is automatic and creates priority itself. No ticket can be preferred or prioritized over other. Your ticket will be responded as it reaches the end of the queue. I hope you will understand.

FYI…your demo is not working…..for me anyway…...slider doesnt show up…..

I just rechecked it. It is working fine at my end.

Hi, contemplating purchase, just wondering, with regards to buying tickets, how does that process work? how is payment made and does registration info get sent to admin? Also, does the event list page (including individual event info pages) have the option for a sidebar? I notice they are full width in the demo.

It just includes an external link for selling tickets. All the information of buyer and payment is handled by that link. There is an option for sidebar on all pages.

Hi, I have a question on the background. It’s possible to configure the background for that it in fullscreen? (width and height) And when i resize my window , the background this resize also…

Thank you very much.

Yes, you can do this by making background fixed.

I was creating a price table and added a column in Page Options. There’s some sort of php error that is generated and now it’s not possible to make changes in the Page Options section. It only shows the php errors. You can’t select the options that you have already selected because the php errors are overlayed on top of the Page Options section. What can be done to fix this?

Exception: String could not be parsed as XML in C:\wamp\www\mixpixflix\wp-content\themes\spikes\include\page_builder.php on line 54

Nevermind. I went into the database and modified the text entry for the column page option and now the page shows normally without error.

:) Glade to see things fine for you.

How do you get rid of the Leave us a Comment section at the bottom of a page? It’s even showing up when I created a Contact Page Option.


Nevermind. Here’s how to get rid of comments on static pages.

Open the page you set as your static front page in the editor, go to the screen options tab at upper right and make sure the “discussion” module is activated. Then go down below the text area, click on the right end of the discussion module title bar to open it and deselect “allow comments” and “allow trackbacks” and then update the page.

Thank you for the nice input. Well acknowledged. :)

Do you have to create a home page or is one automatically created for you when the theme is activated?

If you have to create one, How do you get the slider to show up on it?

If you don’t have to create one, how do you configure the albums, galleries, blogs and sidebars? you want to show?

Documentation doesn’t mention it.


Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details there. The issue will be resolved.

I’m running the theme on local server on my laptop. I develop on my laptop and work through the problems prior to deploying to the hosting server. Can you update the theme’s documentation and add instructions on how to setup the homepage like the demo site? Thanks.

Sure, I will that soon for you.

Can you add option with a product such as size, etc???

There is option of woo commerece in back end, you can add from there.

does the player supports shoutcast stream?

If it supports word press, it will work with our theme. Our player is not designed to work with it.