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Is there a suggested pic size for album artwork. the ratios are off in list mode and in grid mode when i upload art.

600*600 is the suggested size.

…actually I’m having problem with all pic sizes. I’m uploading different images to get familiar with the template and images are acting funny all over

feature images for blog posts are off on the homepage.

Please upload right resolution images which is 1280*600 minimum. They will behave decently.

There’s an error in the Twitter widget php.

( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\wamp\www\mixpixflix\wp-content\themes\spikes\include\twitteroauth\twitteroauth.php on line 195
Call Stack
#    Time    Memory    Function    Location
1    0.0000    144144    {main}( )    ..\index.php:0
2    0.0010    146248    require( 'C:\wamp\www\mixpixflix\wp-blog-header.php' )    ..\index.php:17
3    0.2537    12373928    require_once( 'C:\wamp\www\mixpixflix\wp-includes\template-loader.php' )    ..\wp-blog-header.php:16
4    0.2687    12612960    include( 'C:\wamp\www\mixpixflix\wp-content\themes\spikes\page.php' )    ..\template-loader.php:74
5    0.6282    12822144    dynamic_sidebar( )    ..\page.php:117
6    0.6302    12824832    call_user_func_array ( )    ..\widgets.php:895
7    0.6302    12825064    WP_Widget->display_callback( )    ..\widgets.php:895
8    0.6302    12825744    cs_twitter_widget->widget( )    ..\widgets.php:182
9    0.6591    12997608    TwitterOAuth->get( )    ..\functions-theme.php:2030
10    0.6591    12997776    TwitterOAuth->oAuthRequest( )    ..\twitteroauth.php:142
11    0.6711    13000400    TwitterOAuth->http( )    ..\twitteroauth.php:182

Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details there. The issue will be resolved.

Running the script on local server. I’m posting the error so you can fix the code. The error is generated once the theme is activated and the site URL is visited.

The developers are on it to see why it is happening so.

Hi, :) i just bought this theme and i was wondering if i can put ad on the top of the page.. thank you :)

Yes, you can put add on top of page. But it may disturb style of the site. .

okay.. thank you :) but i was wondering an ad betweent the logo on the top as it has a big blank space there..

That is possible, but again, it may disturb the design. Every element have been designed very carefully in the site, anything done with it can make it look ugly.

one more thing…The track list is not showing correctly. I thought the pic size may have been the problem but after making the album art 600×600 this is still what I’m getting

You just need to add the tracks for the selected album, if you are adding tracks correctly and they are still not showing on your album page, then I need your login detail to check this issue which you can provide at

Hello, in the blog list i see there is not a date order (seems like it’s ID order) i try with different wordpress date formats (mm/dd/yyyy , yyyy/mm/dd ) with no luck, WordPress 3.8.1

Please create a ticket at with your login details. Support team will resolve any issue related to our theme.

Does the Spikes theme come with:

- Google Fonts Option
- Mailing List

like the Rocky theme has?

Will there be in future updates?

Point is already noted. I am sure to give it a thought, but not sure to add.

OK… thanks for taking into consideration.

hii.. i bougth this theme few days ago.. i bought the wpl translator so that it appears as it was in the demo but it is not working for me.. i even tried searching for mo files but nothing.. hope you reply asap- thank you

and social links doesnt work.. gives me 404 error

@mahniggah if you please create ticket at and give us backend detail we will look into it for you .. regards


I have a question. Does the theme has Light skin?

sorry it dont have any light skin

HI. Can you tell me if you can add youtube videos ?

Great theme would be possibel to sell mp3 in albums and after pay money get download link? ( use some plugin for this porpose)

Its same “Rockit” and that your reply? I love this theme and Rockit theme but I finally decided to buy this theme,can I set up digital mp3 selling for this theme?

Hi Chimpstudio, thanks for the wonderful work on the theme, but i have couple of problems: 1 how do i make the most recent album to appear first in the list. 2 how do i create an image icon on the header with a hyperlink 3 my website takes long to open, any advice on that?

I need an answer please, i don’t know how to get my purchase code

@misco1 Please go to download section and click on theme download , you will find two options there one for theme download and other purchase Code. If you still having issues do let me know as i need your backend detail so i can make that fix on your live server.

Hi, nice theme. If I could get it to work properly :/ I have followed every step on installation guide. Uploaded proper picture sizes to header and event.. but nothing shows. No header and no thumbnail image on event.

Submitted a ticket two days ago (725426) via your support – and just got a question from support yesterday asking: “Kindly tell me at which page you are facing this issue if you will provide me the page link for example then it will more convenient for me to help you.”

... which I’ve already prompted out in my ticket!!

For me, this things should just work + I paid for this!

I also can’t see how I get the little house icon on HOME page link or the cart on SHOP page link.

You have been replied twice and have been advised to re-install. However, I have taken up to issue myself now, and things will be set up right.

how to turn off Leave a Comment on every page? There usually is a place to turn that off but not with your custom page options.


I do not think it is possible. However, please create a ticket at and provide your login details there. Support team will look into the issue for you.

I did open a ticket but no response

When did you do it? Can you write your ticket number here? I will look into it. However, if you did it today, please wait for your turn then as there is an automatic system that places tickets to available agent. As anybody will be free, your ticket will be sent to him.

how do i take the widgets off from mobile version?? thank you

They cannot be taken off for Mobile version only, they will be Off for whole site.

@vegaspro – I answered that question on page 2 of Comments because I had the same question and it wasn’t answered by the author. After doing my own research I found this:

Open the page you set as your static front page in the editor, go to the screen options tab at upper right and make sure the “discussion” module is activated. Then go down below the text area, click on the right end of the discussion module title bar to open it and deselect “allow comments” and “allow trackbacks” and then update the page.

Thank you for the valued input.

Where in the theme options can you setup the Home page if you don’t import the dummy-data? I’ve been asking this for weeks now. Since author is not interested in answering this question other than create support ticket, can anyone please explain to me how the ‘Home’ page was configured and created?

Home Page Settings only have the following 3 settings to configure: - Home Page Slider - Home Page Player - Home Page Partners - And That’s It. Period

Question: How do you add photo albums, blogs, latest news, section titles, View All buttons, etc… to the Home Page? I can only add from the 3 settings available.

Thanks in advance.

Please add configuration and creation of Home page in documentation.

When you set a page static from reading section, it becomes your home page. As you will make a page static, it will have the same url as the site have.

Thank you very very much for the information and working thru this. Problem fixed. I’m happy again. :)

:) I am happy to see things fine for you.

There is absolutely NO Font Settings in CS Theme Options like shown in documentation. It doesn’t exist.

Where is Font Settings?

Please wait for a day to have updated package.

Changing Map Types in ‘Edit Map Options’ doesn’t actually change the map type. No matter what is chosen, the ROADMAP type is always displayed. Please fix in next update.

I have given a recheck to it, it is working fine. Please create a ticket at Support team will sort the issue.

Player is not displaying properly. Seems to be formatted incorrectly. Please see screenshot.

I need to look into the backend to find out why is happening as everything at my end is working fine. I just rechecked it all. Please create a ticket at provide your login details and link. Support team will look into the issue for you.