Spina - Premium Admin Template + Tablet Theme

Spina - Premium Admin Template + Tablet Theme

You can fill in anything in the admin/password demo fields.

Our goal was to create a beautiful interface packed with just the right features. After months of effort and lots of real use, we’re proud to introduce Spina.

Update 1.6

30th of January
  • Fixed the calendar header
  • Fixed couple of JS bugs in IE
  • Fixed CSS cross-browser
  • Adjusted online version

Update 1.5

10th of June
  • Fixed select boxes in Chrome

Update 1.4

19th of March
  • New feature: Obtrusive notifications
  • Fix: Firefox table style
  • Fix: Firefox checkboxes
  • Fix: Pictos font vertical spacing
  • Fix: Select box in modal window
  • Fix: Select box sizing on resize window
  • Fix: Multiple form validations
  • Fix: Maximum height of unobtrusive notifications
  • Fix: jQuery updated to 1.7.x

Update 1.3

19th of January
  • New feature: JFlot replaces Visualize-plugin
  • New feature: Rich select boxes with search functionality
  • Fix for checkboxes in tables

Update 1.2

17th of January
  • New feature: 960 Grid System
  • Fix for client-side validations on calendar input

Update 1.1

15th of January
  • New feature: Tooltips
  • Fixed interface-issue for client-side validations for combined elements. The HTML-markup has been changed slightly so be sure to check that out.

Key Features

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Crossbrowser compatible (Yes, even IE!)
  • Advanced PJAX support
  • Built-in iPad compatibility
  • Widgets & plugins
  • Pictos font adapter
  • Modal windows
  • Calendar Widget
  • Charts
  • WYSIWYG-editor
  • Unobtrusive notifications
  • Rich typography
  • Buttons
  • Sliders
  • Tooltips
  • Forms with validation
  • Dynamic tables
  • 960 Grid System