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I have to say I am very disappointed that not all of the icons are included with the template. I understand the licensing restrictions, but if some of the icons are not available you should either say that in the description (you imply they are included), or you shouldn’t show them in the demo.

We never implied including those icons. We merely highly recommend using Pictos Font which works great in this template. The included images are there so you can get started right away with lower quality icons as a preview.

“Buttons & icons” is listed within the “Key Features” section, which DOES imply that the icons shown in the demo are included in the download.

There should be a line in there that says an additional purchase is required if you want all of the icons shown in the demo.

I have now removed the line and put up an extra warning in the template. In our future releases we will solely depend on Pictos Server.

Might I remind you though that the jQuery UI icons are fully compatible and bundled with the theme.

hello denkGroot, is possibile to know what are files (and eventually lines) that are fixed in 1.6 version? i’ve compared with my version and only a background was added at table

thanks in advance

It’s possible that if you had 1.5, the table background is the only change in your files.


I really loved the design may i ask you if its possible for you to provide any server side script along with the template it would be a great help to start with for me.


I notice its been a while since you’ve talked about spina pro. Personally, i really like the original Spina and I’m using it everyday as an admin system, thanks for a great theme to build on. Few questions (not sure if already asked).

Any Chance for responsive (pad/mobile), considerations / framework on the next one, better still, even adding stuff like touch friendly buttons and retina.

Any Chance that your coding conventions will allow us to borrow new features into the old theme. Some of us might want to continue to support you but are currenting using the old theme. If there were some significant improvements, id just buy the new theme so i can upgrade my old one. Its not exactly expensive. I’m sure this wouldnt be a huge deal anyway, but if you have been thinking of it during design it would be great.

Just to clarify, this is to say, we would essentially keep the original spina, just have any new features / styles / etc available to us.

Release date :)

Thanks for supporting us. :) We’ve done a lot of stuff with the original Spina theme ourselves. We tried to solve problems we came across in Spina and solve them using a different approach in the new Spina theme. For us it’s perfect and we hope it will be for others as well. About that responsive layout. We’ve actually never needed to support mobile usage. We strive to make our backends work great on tablets and desktops. What would you like to see in a truly responsive template?

Spina Pro supports retina by the way. :)

Hi denkGroot, is there a responsive version of the template available?

Same question for your ‘Admin Control Panel’


I am sorry but no.

OK thx for the quick reply… I still think it looks awesome :)

Hi, really great theme. Really enjoying working with it.

However, if you have multiple selects on any given page, the window resize function causes issues where they all resize to the same size as the last last one the page. The fix for this is below (sorry for the formatting issues).

Cheers, Ali!

$(window).resize(function() { $('.chzn-container').each(function () { $(this).css({ 'width': '100%' }); var res_wid_drop = ($(this).width() - 2); $(this).find(".chzn-drop").css({'width': res_wid_drop}); }); });

Thanks a bunch for sharing your bug fix! Will implement it immediately. :)

I loved the simplicity of this template. It looks beautiful, but lacks some features that are important for me. First it’s not responsive (correct me if I’m wrong), second it doesn’t have a profile section (a user avatar and settings link for currently logged in user).

Are you willing to add these features sometime soon? I’m actually not in a hurry so I can wait if you’re positive. Otherwise I’d be sad not to buy this template.

Edit: I’m sorry that I wrote a comment before I read previous ones. Now I see that there won’t be a responsive version of this template.

Perhaps as a comforting thought: This:, is progressing rapidly and will be the follow-up to this template. Based on our experiences working with Spina we are building an immensely improved template which suits our needs better.

Oh, and it’s responsive down to tablet sizes. We’re not quite sure if we should include mobile breakpoints. We do not believe that backends like these should be used on smartphones. They deserve dedicated mobile apps (be it native or in a webview).

It looks excellent, thank you for that, I will check it out when it finishes.

About the responsiveness, in my point of view (as a consumer), it’s nice to have a template that supports it. Perhaps, The left menu becomes invisible and a dropdown menu appears as replacement. You’re right that it most likely needs its native app version but it depends on the business requirements really.

Hey Guys,

I’ve noticed that Spina uses an old version of jq.datatables. Running many of these instances will flood your cookie memory.

I’ve fixed this by upgrading to the last version and using local storage instead of cookies.

I’ve put the updated version here so if you wish to try it out and implement it be my guest.

I also have to make a notice that the initiation of the datatables api needs to be as following :

$(’.datatable’).dataTable({ “sPaginationType”: “full_numbers”, “bStateSave”: true, // “sServerMethod”: “POST”, “fnStateSave”: function (oSettings, oData) { localStorage.setItem( ‘DataTables_’+window.location.pathname, JSON.stringify(oData) ); }, “fnStateLoad”: function (oSettings) { return JSON.parse( localStorage.getItem(‘DataTables_’+window.location.pathname) ); } });

Don’t know if anyone enountered the problem but here’s my 2 cents :)


Awesome! Thanks for helping out. I will update it in the file.

When do you think release the new spina template? my paypal account is ready :D

Just finishing up documentation. Trying our best to deliver in the coming days.

I’m having issues making the interactive data-tables work. I’ve tried my best to copy the code exactly into the page, but it’s just coming up as a normal table. Am I missing something?

My tables are populated by jQuery so I’m wondering if the JS is running on the table before it’s populated maybe? If that’s the case, is there a JS I can run to make it interactive?

Please can you tell me how can I open a modalwindow from javascript??.. I need something like that: $(’#modalwindow’).show();

Can anyone hel me????


Demo (and support too?) is offline :-(

Hmm, that’s odd. Will look into it!

Online again!

Hi there! Great theme!

I’ve a question: can I sort my datatables data with a date field (european format dd-mm-yyyy)?


The way I do it is I add an invisible timestamp in front of the actual date format. I hide it using CSS. It’s a simple trick to fool DataTables. :)

Is the developer dead?

No, not dead!

demos dead, if not the author!

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!