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you have put it in the wrong category ;-)

Hi CreativeMilk,

Thanks a lot for the info :) I will take care now ;)

Welcome, good luck with sales :)

Thanks a lot Bedros. This is my first item here on Themeforest so I will need luck ;)

I see my items are inspiring ;)

1) The top redirection bar – identical with mine :D

2) The background same from one of my templates

3) The h3’s from the modules like in one of my templates

I won’t mind, however try in the future to ask permissions ok?


Hi Hogash (Marius),

Yes, your items are very inspiring. Man, you are a roll-model for me - I started designing Joomla Templates at the end of last winter, after buying and watching your tutorial "Convert a Template Design To Joomla, from Scratch" :D
I really hope you don't mind using few of your background images :) I am very happy to become a member of the Themeforest family and to be able to talk with people like you :) Respect Hogash !


even you’re new to themeforest (i welcome you a lot), please hold in mind that only independent work will have success. Look at all the successfull developers here – they didn’t took over standard they set up one.

Find your own style and inspire us with your ideas. If you found i’m sure the sales will come ;)

But nonetheless i wish a lot of luck and some great ideas. Stefan

Hi Stefan, Thanks a lot for the good words :) Yes, you are absolutely right. I will try get better an better with my next projects :)

Best Regards,

Good luck with sales and be unique that way people will respect what you do. :)

Thanks Webthemer, will be :)

Thanks mate :)

Where is the PSD located?

Hi Schoolboy, there is no PSD included in this template. You can see what files are included in the “ThemeForest Files Included” section in the right sidebar of this page.

Good stuff here :) Welcome to ThemeForest and good luck!

Thanks Joshua, your comment means a lot for me :)

Hi, compliments for the template, you have done a good job! I am also satisfied for the furnished assistance. I want to edit the articles in the slideshow (Sed id arcu ac ligula malesuada accumsan – Nunc aliquam ullamcorper conse – In hac habitasse platea dictumst etc..) on this page is the correct solution? Best Regards, Roberto

Hi Roberto, I just sent you an email :)

Great job. When you make a version for Joomla 3?

Thanks wilson :) Joomla 2.5 will be supported until the spring of 2014 so for now I’m not planning to release Joomla 3 version :)

First off… JOOMFX (I’ll hide his name) has been by far the most amazing of web template designers I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with!

I’ve had a ton of problems (my fault) in trying to get this site up and running and JOOMFX has been instrumental in replying immediately every time I’ve emailed looking for help.

Words can’t express how absolutely amazed I am with JOOMFX and look forward to helping this guy out by purchasing future templates. Without any hesitation I would recommend him to ANYONE! He truly is that amazing!

If you need to reach out to me directly to discuss JOOMFX please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

JOOMFX – Keep up the amazing work! You are a rarity in your level of professionalism!

Thanks again!


Thanks a lot for the kind words man :) Your comment really means a lot for me!


I have two questions.

1 Where to put the code on cookies, because index.php is nothing ”<head>” 2 My clients have a problem with the top menu. Very hard for them to hit the three subcategory.

(like invade her she disappears quickly, they can not hit it)

the email I litter screens as incomprehensible written

Hi optinex,

Sorry but I really do not understand anything from your two questions. I just cannot understand what you need. What code and what cookies? If you need to put some code in the <head> of the site you need to edit the “head.php” file (root/templates/spiritfx/blocks).

I really do not understand the second questions as well. What 3 Subcategories?

Please register at our support forum and open a new discussion. Describe the problems in details (I hope I already answered your first question). Also, please attach screenshots describing the problems and send me a link to your website so I can see what you are talking about. Thanks :)

Hello, how do you change the footer “Designed by”

Hi there,

In order to change the “Designed by…” text you need to edit the “default.php” file located at “root/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/html/mod_footer” :)

If you have any problems or questions in the future please register at our support forum and open a new discussion there. Thanks :)

I love this template, but it’s not a responsive design?!? It’s a must nowadays! How hard is it to make it responsive??

Hi avallons,

I’m glad you like SpiritFX :) This is my first template that I published here on Themeforest and it was made quite some time ago. That’s why it is not responsive. Unfortunately, it will not be that easy to make it responsive and that’s why I do not have such plans. Sorry about that :)

Thanks for the quick reply. I see you have other templates that are responsive, but honestly, this is the most attractive one in your portfolio. I’m sure making it responsive will increase the sales. I’m also willing to make a donation in addition to the cost of the template. You can send me a private message if you want. I may have some work for you. Thanks again for the prompt response.

Thank you very much avallons for the offer and for you willingness for donations :)

I’m really sorry but I will have to disappoint you – I do not have time to make SpiritFX responsive. I need to re-code it from scratch over Gantry Framework (currently it is built on T3 Framework) and it will take me about a month to do that.

Honestly, from my point of view there is no point to do that. If you want you can use it as it is (not responsive) – it still works perfectly on all mobile devices, it just does not adapt (change the layout) for the different devices. Many customers still buy not responsive templates and many customers buy responsive templates but then they disable the responsivness :)

Hi joomfx, i cannot find any info about positions for this template. Can you help me?

Hi julosz,

Thanks for purchasing SpiritFX :) You can find the Module Positions here.

If you have any questions or problems in the future please open a discussion in our Support Forum, where is the one and only place for support. Thanks :)

Great, thank you!

Is it Joomla 3.0 compatible, too?

Thanks for the quick reply! In the future do you plan it? It’s your first and best design you’ve made here and I think the best Joomla template here at the marketplace, too.

Oh I see: “I’m not planning to release Joomla 3 version” But I dont understand :)

Thank you for the nice words FoxihostLLC :)

Yes, currently I’m not planning to make it Joomla 3.x compatible but in the future I might reconsider this. Anyway, it will not happen in the next few months for sure.

Joomla 2.5 is still the official release, it is a Long Term Supported release and Joomla 3.x is a Short Term Support Release. You can still build Joomla 2.5 website without worring about anything ;)

Hi !

I just have a last question :) about the template and a module. Could you say me how to delete the center module on the frontpage, because i erase the 4 colums K2 portfolio, but it stays on page : error no article to display. I tried to unpublished one by one module but doesn’t find ! I just want to delete the grey part on the middle, and just use the white part 4 colums just below ! Thx again and congrats for your job

Hi Julien,

There is absolutely no problem to ask as much questions as you want :) I will just ask you to open a new discussion in the Forum (where you already have an account) and describe your question with as much details as possible and also, please attach a screenshot explaining which module you are talking about. Unfortunately, I currently do not understand what you are trying to accomplish.

I am waiting for you in the Forum :)

:D ok i move on your forum … i forgot to send you the website link …. dude … ^^