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Looks like a great theme from the demo, but is it an option to easily remove the plus (for the lightbox) and link buttons that appear when you hover over portfolio images and have the entire image as a clickable link? Is this an option in the theme or would this require some additional coding?

Hi Steve,

This can be done really simply. If you choose to purchase you’ll have access to our support center, we can show you there exactly how to make this change really quickly. Currently there’s not an option in the theme options panel for this, but we can certainly look to add this.

That would be awesome! Thank you! I’ll be in touch via Ticksy. Yeah, I think it would be good to include the option in the theme panel in the future. The buttons are a nice feature for some scenarios, but sometimes they may be unnecessary if the only function is to click through to a link from the image. Thanks very much for the great service.

No worries. We’ll look out for your support ticket. Thanks for buying! :-)

Few questions before I buy this theme:

I want only 1 section in client,, testimonials etc. different not clubbed like you have in demo

And then replicate the same section again but showcasing blog section

Can you share the screenshot of a blog carousel on home page

Theme loads a bit slow on ipad and desktops, any solution to sort it?

Thanks Chirag

I intend to buy it in a couple of hours.. it would be nice if you can update me soon..BTW is the answer to all my questions positive??

Hi Capsicum,

Sorry for not being clear on answering your questions.

Re: I want only 1 section in client,, testimonials etc.

Yes you can have each of these as their own carousel. The carousel used in the demo is the multi carousel, but each one can easily be added using the page builder.

Re: And then replicate the same section again but showcasing blog…

Yes there is a carousel for the blog posts so this can be done. All of the rows have been added using the page builder. So you can add the row, content and event customize the background for the row using the page builder.

Re: screenshot of a blog carousel on home page…

I’ve put together a quick demo page showing the carousels individually and also including the blog carousel. All of these have been added using page builder modules. The temporary demo page can be found here:


Hope that’s helped answer your questions. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

Bought using the clients Id by the name Koga

Hi, Just bought the theme. Issue is with home page & social media icons. Home page is just not working with any of the templates mentioned on the RHS.. There is some or the other data or forms always there.. Could you please guide me as to how do I work around on home page as the document highlights it clearly.

I can mail you the login details of wordpress account.

Hi kogabmm,

This sounds like a setup issue. Would you mind submitting a support ticket at thinkupthemes.ticksy.com and we’ll take a look at this shortly. In the mean time please make sure the static homepage has been setup correctly from settings -> reading.

Hi Thinkupthemes,

Could you please check this URL & let me know why am I facing this issue.. Portfolio page breaks a bit: http://capsicumtech.in/case-studies/

Hi Koga,

I’ve just checked your link and everything looks fine, nice site by the way! :-). Would you mind submitting a support ticket explaining the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll look to get this resolved.

Hi, I bought this theme but my home page slider doesn’t work in full width, like in the preview theme. I already Enable Full-Width Slider in Theme Options, but is not working. Can you help me, please?

Hi ligiacavallini. I’ve just checked for your support ticket and notice it’s been closed. Is the issue now fully sorted? As always if you have any further questions please do submit a new support ticket. We aim to reply within 24 hours, usually it’s much sooner than this.

I opened another ticket about another problem 3 days ago. Please, can you help me? Ticket: #195693

Hi ligiacavallini, you have a response now. Apologies for the delay.

Can this theme accommodate larger logos?

Hi bhchilds, sure this can be done :-)

By default the logo size is restricted to around 50px. However, if you want to remove this restriction we can easily do that for you. You’ll get support after purchase, so you can just submit a ticket. Support can show you exactly how to go about getting the exact look you want for your logo.

Hi. What happenned with CompanyLaw theme? I still had support