Discussion on Spiritual - Church WordPress Theme (Responsive)

Discussion on Spiritual - Church WordPress Theme (Responsive)

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We are having issues with mintonwilliams.com. When you go to the website, Teachings on iPhone, iPod, or computer, there are no page numbers at the bottom where you can go to the next page. It does show up on the Series page – with page numbers 1, 2…

Thank you, Beth Patton

We do not have a sermons list page and I do not know how to create one since the only option is Recent Sermons

Never mind. I figured it out.

Thank you for your reply.


leansor Purchased

Hello, I’m sorry. I was unable to delete the original message.

License: 3f24248b-734d-40ee-be82-e5bbebe2eb81 WordPress version 6.1.1 Hello, issue I am having is that my sidebar widgets stop displaying. I considered inactivating a sidebar and recreate but widget does not move to Inactive Column when selected. Not sure this has anything to do with sidebar issue but noticed that editor Gutenberg has been removed.

Hello @framirez24,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page contact form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) to check the sidebar widget display issues.

Thank you.


I am currently running on Wordpress 6.1.1 and have updated the Spiritual Theme to 2.32 with the Events Calendar 6.0.4. Currently facing issues with the events. As you can see, when navigating here https://test.jeannedarc-versailles.com/events/ the page is empty https://paste.pics/b772e503959c96d67c308aaf3a9ef543

Do you know where the issue is coming from ? What actions could we take to troubleshoot / identify where the issue is coming from ?

Thanks, Marine

Hello Marine,

I replied to your email, please check it.

Thank you.


leansor Purchased


How do I edit the posts inside “Sermons” with Elementor?

Traditional posts and pages have the option to edit with Elementor. In “Sermons” does not appear.


Hello @leansor,

Please check “sermons” post type is selected in Admin > Elementor > Settings > General > “Post Type”

Thank you.


leansor Purchased


My theme has buggy mobile menus. See the image. Do you have any simple solution for this?



Hello @leansor,

Please use below custom css to fix the issue. Add css code in Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

#mobile_nav_button .fa { font-family: "FontAwesome"; }

@media only screen and (max-width: 979px) { 
    .swm_container .logo_section_menu ul li, 
    .swm_woo_cart_menu { 

Thank you.


leansor Purchased

Perfect. Thanks!!!

Hi, My name is Damchö, I am using the Spiritual theme since 2016 without any problem until the last two years, but now I am experiencing some issues regarding some plugins included with the theme, so I am contacting seeking your kind help.

I’m having this message “The following plugins need to be updated to their latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Church Shortcodes and WPBakery Page Builder.” but I’m not being able to update any of those, nut the main problem is with “Church Shortcodes” since most of the shortcodes are not working.

I thank you in advance for your kindly help.

Kind regards.

Hello @rodriguitow,

Your support license is expired, please renew it.

Please refer to this tutorial to update plugins: https://bizixdocs.premiumthemes.in/updating-the-plugins/

Please share more details about shortcodes issues or you can replace shortcodes with drag and drop wpbakery page builder elements.

Thank you.

It is not letting me add this theme to my wordpress website.

Hello @WMBureau,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) to check the theme installation issues.

Basic requirement for theme installation and other information: https://bizixdocs.premiumthemes.in/1-introduction/

Thank you.

Can I add a banner video?


Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, you can add a banner video. ( You can use the slider revolution plugin, which supports youtube/Vimeo videos. )

Thank you.

The activation of Events Calendar PRO >v6 is not coompatible with the template \tribe-vents\single-event.php. So that single event views are broken.

is there a fix / update for this available? Thank you


kofosu Purchased

Hi! Can you please tell me the dimension for “logo section background image”? Thank you.

Hi kofosu,

Logo Section Image dimension:

Width: 1961p ×
Height:  287px

Thank you.


kofosu Purchased

Thank you

Hi, the theme looks great, good job!

Yet all of my buttons and menu’s dont work… there is only un-click-eble text.

Please help me resolve this.

Thank you!

Hello @projectlimitless23,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please share your website URL to check the issues. If you want to keep URL private, you can share it via our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ).

Thank you.

Sure here it is.


Hello @projectlimitless23,

Your website has WordPress default setup. Please install required plugins and one click demo content to use theme’s features.

Click Here for video tutorial.

Thank you.


sspmusa Purchased

Hi, When our developer enables shopping menu, performance seems to be very slow. Initially we thought it could be an issue with hosting provider but even local install seems to be having the same issue. Is there anything particular we needs to check? I can provide purchase codes if needed.

Thanks. -Senthil

Hello Senthil,

Thank you for contacting us.

For logo section cart link, you can disable default cart feature and add simple cart page link from Admin > Appearance > Menus > Edit Menus > select “Logo Section Navigation” from dropdown > Click on “Custom Links” > Enter cart page link and text.

We used the WooCommerce plugin’s core functions to display shop items, so we can’t change the core functions to fix the speed issue. You can raise a ticket on the plugin support forum ( https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce/ ) to speed up your website or refer to online tutorials ( e.g. https://onlinemediamasters.com/speed-up-slow-woocommerce-store/ ).

Thank you.

website: mintonwilliams.com

We received this error message and can no longer edit Slider Revolution Sliders and we can no longer create new or edit Sermons. Here is the error message:


Since WordPress 5.2 there is a built-in feature that detects when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your site, and notifies you with this automated email.

In this case, WordPress caught an error with one of your plugins, Slider Revolution.

First, visit your website (https://mintonwilliams.com/) and check for any visible issues. Next, visit the page where the error was caught (https://mintonwilliams.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=7877&action=edit) and check for any visible issues.

Please contact your host for assistance with investigating this issue further.

If your site appears broken and you can’t access your dashboard normally, WordPress now has a special “recovery mode”. This lets you safely login to your dashboard and investigate further.


To keep your site safe, this link will expire in 1 day. Don’t worry about that, though: a new link will be emailed to you if the error occurs again after it expires.

When seeking help with this issue, you may be asked for some of the following information: WordPress version 5.9 Current theme: Spiritual Child Theme (version 1.00) Current plugin: Slider Revolution (version 6.2.18) PHP version 8.0.15

Error Details

An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 387 of the file /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/functions.class.php. Error message: Uncaught ValueError: strrpos(): Argument #3 ($offset) must be contained in argument #1 ($haystack) in /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/functions.class.php:387 Stack trace: #0 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/functions.class.php(387): strrpos(’’, ’.’, -1) #1 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/slide.class.php(2344): RevSliderFunctions->check_valid_image(false) #2 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/slider.class.php(2278): RevSliderSlide->get_overview_image_attributes(‘gallery’) #3 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/includes/functions-admin.class.php(209): RevSliderSlider->get_overview_data(Object(RevSliderSlider), Array) #4 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/includes/functions-admin.class.php(126): RevSliderFunctionsAdmin->get_slider_overview() #5 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/includes/shortcode_generator/shortcode_generator.class.php(216): RevSliderFunctionsAdmin->get_short_library() #6 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/admin/includes/shortcode_generator/shortcode_generator.class.php(22): RevSliderShortcodeWizard::add_scripts() #7 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(307): RevSliderShortcodeWizard::enqueue_scripts(‘post.php’) #8 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(331): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #9 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(474): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #10 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-admin/admin-header.php(118): do_action(‘admin_enqueue_s…’, ‘post.php’) #11 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php(425): require_once(’/home2/mintonwi…’) #12 /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-admin/post.php(206): require(’/home2/mintonwi…’) #13 {main} thrown

Hello @mepatton4,

Please update the Spiritual theme and “Church Shortcodes” plugin with the latest version and check slider revolution issues.

Documentation to update ThemeForest theme and bundled plugins: https://bizixdocs.premiumthemes.in/category/updating-the-theme/

Thank you.

Church Shortcodes failed to update. “Downloading update from /home2/mintonwi/public_html/wp-content/themes/spiritual-child-theme/framework/plugins/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/swm-church-shortcodes.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

Please activate parent theme and update Church Shortcodes plugin.

I am getting error in the spiritual theme which I bought.

Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /home/awgpaust/public_html/wp2/wp-content/themes/spiritual/framework/output-css.php on line 40

website URL is


After changing the Template dropdown to default template, I could not save it because there is no save button.

Home Page 1 was working fine till few days ago. Suddenly it broke the header

i fixed it .Thanks for your help anyway.

Hello, I ask for your support so that I can guide you, when I try to insert a shortcode, only a popup appears in white and I do not add any shortcode.

Thank you very much for your answer, you have carried out the steps you indicated, however, the problem continues to appear, when wanting to insert a shortcode, only the blank popup appears.

(Screenshot: http://i0o.86c.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Screen-Shot-2021-11-20-at-11.06.59.png)

Thanks for support.

Hello @eduardo_rebollo,

Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so I can check the issue and fix it.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, I have shared the information. Thanks for the support.

Hi Team,

Need support. I bought and installed the spiritual church wp theme but the wp-admin page shows distorted and broken page.


Please help me fix this issue ASAP.

I already checked your admin. You can use FTP server and delete plugins.

I need to know exactly which plugin to delete.

Except below plugins, delete all plugins and then install-activate one by one plugin to find out the plugin which has issues.

Church Shortcodes, Multiple Sidebars, Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, Metabox The Events Calendar, Regenerate Thumbnails, Recent Tweets Widget, Contact Form 7, Give – Donation, Classic Widgets,

Hi, It seems the Church shortcode plugin has conflict with Slider Revolution when I upgrade it to version 6.5.8. When the Church shortcode plugin is activated, the Slider Revolution will show a black page when I go to the slider editing mode. The editing mode works only when I deactivated the Church shortcode. Any ideas? Sam

Hello Sam,

Please update “Church Shortcodes” plugin with latest version 2.04 to fix the issue.

If this step could not help to fix the issue, please send your website admin login details from our profile page contact form ( https://themeforest.net/user/softwebmedia ) so we can check and fix it.

Thank you.

When editing testimonials with the new “Gutenberg” editor, the entry in the sidebar to set the categories is missing. I found a solution to this. Add the element “show_in_rest” => true to the third argument of the register_taxonomy() call in plugins/swm-church-shortcodes/post-types/testimonial.php:
--- testimonial.php~    2021-07-29 20:01:04.870942000 +0000
+++ testimonial.php    2021-08-05 10:29:51.524601000 +0000
@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@
                 "hierarchical" => true, 
                 "query_var" => true,
+                "show_in_rest" => true,
                 "rewrite" => array(
                     'slug' => 'testimonials-categories', 
                     'hierarchical' => true, 
Now using Gutenberg with the Spiritual Theme seems to work fine, actually.

So I do not have a problem anymore, but thought I would write this in case it is useful to others. Other users who want to use the Gutenberg editor (but do not try this change unless you are comfortable with editing PHP files for your site!). Or the author in case they want to include this fix in the next release.

Thank you @charlottehypnose :) for your time for category display solution in custom post types. We will update shortcode plugin as per your suggestion.

What is the subscription to website plugin we have ?

I am asking about the Registration plugin which we have.

Registration or subscription of newsletter plugin

MailChimp API key tutorial: https://bizixdocs.premiumthemes.in/mailchimp/

Please refer online tutorials of MailChimp: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mailchimp


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