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Nice work! I like the flipping effect in services section! GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot!

Great work CT!

Really reminds me of the Wunder theme in some way :-)

nice work Coralix

Thanks friend!

woww!!!.....very nice design….enjoy the sales…:)

Thank you


I’m very interested by the theme. Just two doubts:

1) I want to link each service to a “fancy box” with more information about the service, can I do this? Also, I would like to know if it is possible to create a internal page if I want.

2) In the portfolio gallery, can I add external link to the sites I have developed (my site is in the field of web development).


Dear @andrezasv
1) It is very simple to add a fancybox, this template was made with Bootstrap Grid, you can easily add a bootstrap modal (lightbox) with more text and image about each service.
2) Inner pages are easy to create, if you need help just let us know.
3) Yes, I think you should add a link after the project description, it will take 2 seconds :)

Well done. Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!

hi i ma very intersted in the theme but i have only one question … everytime th euser need to change page has to go back to the menu on top ? .. maybe a scrolling menu following the actual visiting page would be nice …

Thanks for your question.
No problem, make the menu top bar fixed is a very simple customization. We are here to help you.

Thank you so much!

flipping effect doesn’t work properly on my IE 10. It only flip the icon instead of showing the text. Firefox and Chrome are perfect.

Ok, we will check that, thanks for let us know!

Hello, very nice theme ! But I need to make the top menu fixed, can you help me ?



Yes. Could you please add this question at our forum? Thanks!

Hello everyone!

We are extremely happy that we can present you a great product and provide excellent technical support for all of our customers.

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CoralixThemes Team

Did It would be possible to use wordpress… Or is there another product with the same layout for WP?

Hi, this is a html product. Each product is coded wp different. Thank you for your inquiry.

Regards, CoralixThemes Team