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Once Again Beautiful Theme :)
Good Luck Dude.

Hi vickystudio.


See you had a great run on your last upload.

Well done.


Error establishing a database connection, that is what I see :)

SmoothThemes apologies,

the boxer in my slideshow got hurt and i had to exchange him for a different one ;)



Does this theme work with Woocommerce? Is it possible to set prices on the events and pay with Woocommerce?

Any help is much appreciated,


Hi designandcode.

One can add woocommerce with a few extra lines. Make contact if you decide to buy and i’ll assist.

I did not add any Woo-commerce link on the events though.



Question: there are some kind of limitation in uploading a custom logo ?The one you have in the demo have landscape proportion i need a big portrait one


Hi Fabioschenone.

Thanks for making contact.

You should be able to add any logo to the theme without any difficulty.



Thanks Ugurkan.

Appreciate the feedback

I’m loving this theme!

Was wondering how much customization you can do to the homepage slider (adding video, email sign up forms, etc) as well as adjust the timing of the slides?

Was also wondering how easy it was to change the header images on internal pages and if you can make adjustments to the height of the header image?

Thanks! Marcus

Hi marcuslhoward.

Glad you like the theme.

The slider is mega customizable since its the layerslider that we included for you, everything from size, times, type of media etc can be tweaked.

you can view the layerslider demo page here

The header images can be customized with ease, and you can have a header image for each page it you want.

The videos that ships with the theme will show you how to do it step by step.

heights of the header images will be needed to adjust with code.



Great. Just have one more question. Can you put a slider on any page or is it only on the homepage?

The slider is for the home page at present.

Great looking theme. Can the “sports” specific functionality be disabled in the admin?

Hi HuberUs

Thanks for making contact.

The theme is completely modular, and you can use what you need and ignore the rest.



B.U.T. full :)

Hi 2schaa

T.H.A.N.K you :)

Great looking theme! Can sidebars be unlimited, ie, unique sidebars for every page?

Hi ideahost.

Thanks. The sidebars are unlimited and can be set just the way you need them.



how are events added? do they auto purge?

Hi aribann

The calendar is a complete calendar solution that are used in our themes and yes, they do “purge” from the calendar, though they do not delete themselves in the admin section, because most customers want to keep past events still on the site.



Beautiful work! :)

Hi louiejie.

Thanks for the great words



One more question: Is the xml file available for set up like demo? Thanks again!

The xml file is available to set up like the demo.

I’m extremely interested in the custom timetable creator used in this theme. I’ve been looking everywhere for something just like it for use in projects requiring management and display of a weekly class schedule (exactly like the display shown in your demo at

Is the timetable creator available as a standalone plugin?

Thanks in advance.

Would you consider creating it as a plugin for a fee? Depending on your fee, my client may be willing to pay for your solution now rather than wait. Additionally, I’m confident that your solution as a plugin would do very well on codecanyon. There are a couple of weekly schedule plugin in the WP repository, but their not even close to yours. Thanks.

I had a close look at the possibility to change the code over to someone and it might be doable.

If you make contact we can discuss further.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



I will contact you shortly. Thanks.

Wow! Look good. I like it! Congrats :)

Thanks for the compliment.

You surprise us every time you release a theme!

We definitely all appreciate your excellent work and first class support.

As a cusomer I would encourage you to consider releasing standalone plugins for sure; but on the other hand it is your decision of course and all we can do is to accept that. :-)

Go on with your great work – we need it :-)

Hi Kriszta

Thanks for the message, always good to hear from you.

One never realizes that there is a market for all these additions that you make until someone start to ask for them.

Will definitely look into it.



I like your theme – well laid out and intuitive. I have a client that may be interested but they require a calendar option to show total number of places in a class available for a particular event (type of class, day and time) and be able to book into those sessions with the number available then reducing once accepted. Is this something that can be accomplished in your theme?

I will definitely look into it.

Looks like my client will be signing up sometime soon, just have to get their content together. In regards to my question and your response; What is the likelihood of seeing such functionality occurring in the short term?

the functionality that we discussed and “short term” is unfortunately not two terms that to together.

As you might it will take a while to develop.

link error – home page – ‘sign up now’ – right sidebar

Hi craigheyworth.

Thanks for the heads up.

The widget offers the opportunity to specify that link. I cleared it.




Want to use it for a non sports idea I have. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

One thing, how easy or difficult would it be to make the top nav with logo bar sticky, so kept in view at all times as opposed to scrolling off page out of sight?

Hi woodsysa.

Thanks for the feedback.

I had a lot of fun coding this.

to make the menu sticky you just need to add the following line on the last line of the style.css

position: fixed !important;



Oh now that makes a sexy proposition. Thanks AJ. Will be buying for sure. Sx

Hi AJ,

Great looking theme , how does it measure up in relation to SEO ?


Hi Mrwoods

Thanks for the feedback.

We did not add any “seo” customization because seo got so specialized, that it’s much easier to install something like Yoasts plugin to get all done, counted, abbreviated, linked, canonized, followed, notfolowed, densitized, undensitized keyworded and researched.

The theme is done to WordPress standards, so titles and tags are all added the way they should to interface seamlessly with the seo plugins


Question? Nice theme! Can I use revolution slider instead? Is it compatible?

Hi ibernard

The revolution slider uses the same hooks as the layerslider so it will be pretty much as easy as taking one out and adding another.