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this is in the header of the shortcode manager popup. any idea?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/06/9970306/html/BPUDOTCOM/PRODUCTION/HASANBANKS/wp-content/themes/sport/inc/shortcodes/shortcode-functions.php on line 368

hi digitalhighs.

Thanks for making ocntaxct.

If you update to the latest version this will be solved.

We just released the Latest version on Saturday.



Hi there, the gallery doesn’t seem to be stable. It freezes alot other times it gets stuck at the bottom page… Chrome and IE. Any updates?

Hey does this update correct issues with lost time tables? my time tables disappeared before the update. thx http://new.sfqsportsacademy.com/

we di not have any issues with lost timetables. Just remember that the timetables are tabbed, so only the active tab’s timetables will show.

Gotcha thx! My mistake.

Hi there, we really need the time tables to be in 12 hours not army time 24 hours. Is there an option?

you said “will be added” does this mean in the next update? or is it already in the new update, thx?

the update coming out next week

oK great thanks so much.

Hi, does this theme support woocommerce? I see a folder named woocommerce in the new updated version? However, when I updated and installed woocommerce it states “Your theme does not declare support”. thx

More on setting up woo-commerce here

Hi there I’m sorry to bother again but I had entered a few events and now when I clk on any of the events on the homepage it takes me to page not found. Please help.


Sorry I must be having host issues now the events are appearing again.

great news

Presale Question: Can the navigation accommodate more dropdown levels? The site I want to use this for needs 3 dropdown levels. THANKS!

hi kb6104

Thanks for making contact.

The menu support unlimited dropdowns.



THX! Quick reply is appreciated!!!

Hi, I am having trouble with the blog page. I have created a new sidebar which is working with all posts, but it is not working as the default with the blog page. Any ideas?

Hi dmckenz

Thanks for making contact.

Th blog page works with the standard sidebar and does not take a custom sidebar.



Gold, excellent support mate, much appreciated.

Great stuff.

go well.

Hi again, is there a method to remove the street view component from the map?


In the post editor when you click the croma icon to open the shortcode manager, and you click on contacts, and select your location ot add, you will see in the type dropdown that you cna add a map or a map with streetview.

Alternatively you cna take a shortcode with streetview and change the type from 3 to 2.

Again, much appreciated :)

no problem

Presale Question: Does it have a boxed mode?

Hi igordon

We did not add a boxed mode for the theme



That’s unfortunate, thank you.

New presale question: My client offers different classes for youth and adults. Is it possible to separate the youth and adult classes so that only adult time tables display on one page and only youth time tables show on another?

Hi kb6104

Thanks for the continued interest.

You have the opportunity of unlimited classes, so you can easily add classes for adults and classes for kids that’s completely separated.



great! Thx again for your speedy response.

PrePurchase Question: How flexible is the home page?

Hi AMGill

Thanks for making contact.

The Theme homepage is widgetized, and in the widget spaces you are able to add any widgets of your liking.

Other spaces can be invoked or removed at will.



PrePurchuase question:

I need to know if timetable app can show “all” events. Because in the demo only see on activity at the same time. I want to show this:


is that possible?


Hi Orikon

We are writing a function to show all events together on a timetable and will publish in the next two or three days.



I will purchase when you have the 12 hour time fixed and can show ALL events on a timetable. Those are musts for me. THanks – great theme.

great stuff.

should be out in the next 2 or 3 days.



Hi again, theme and new site progressing great. Just a minor question regarding the tariff widget and the following code:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/22/11891722/html/ntswim/wp-content/themes/sport/inc/widgets/widget-helper.php on line 236

What does this mean?


hi dmkenz

Thanks for making ocntact.

Tried to take a peek, but it’s under construction right now.

We are releasing a update this weekend that will fix this. It’s just saying that there’s no tariffs set up at present. you can set up all the tariffs at croma.fit to get this going.

Regards AJ

Thanks again AJ, support is right up there equal with the best of them. Congrats on a great theme also.

great stuff.

Thanks for the feedback.


Can I somehow use cyrillic alphabet for the labels? I want to change “OPERATING HOURS” in “??????? ?????”.

Thank you!

Hi Rendjy

Thanks for making contact.

Were updating for cyrillic caracter support in the next day.

If you make contact I can quickly assist to set it right for you.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the cro.ma site here



Hi, I want to say again thank you very much for the great support!!!! Tania

Great pleasure Tania

Take care

Hi there, is this theme compatible with Revolution slide? thx

Hi ibernard

The revolution slider uses the same hooks as the layerslider so it will be pretty much as easy as taking one out and adding another.



Hi, do You know when the next update will be released ? You said it would be released last weekend …. Thank You

Hi There

The update is about to go into the update queue, and should be out by late today or first thing tomorrow morning.

Just a matter of getting processed now.



Hello, is it possible to put 6 contenct banner instead of 3 in the home page ? I added and configured other 3 content banners in the Front Page dashboard but i see only the first three . Thank you

in the public/framework folder and images.php file around line 223 you’ll get the following:

while ($ctr <= 2) {

change it to:

while ($ctr <= 5) {



Thank you for Your prompt support. I made the change but now i see only the last three banner instead of the first three . I want to show all the six banners, if possible. Thanks again

might be just some css settings that need ot be changed.

if you make contact i can take a look at your project and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the cro.ma site here



I can’t seem to get all of my activities to show up in the timetable. There doesn’t seem to be away to show them all like you have in the demo: http://try.cro.ma/sport/

Or am I supposed to be putting them in under Events (which doesn’t seem right). Thanks for your help. You can see what I’m talking about at:http://katemoore.ca/yogaon7th/schedule/ I want to show all activites, not just Iyengar Yoga. Thanks very much!

Hi howdykate.

What we did in the demo was as follow:

1. create a page for each timetable and insert with a shortcode.

2. Go to appearances->menu and create a navigation menu that links all the timetables.

3. add the navigation menu that you created to each timetable page with the nav-menu shortcode.

If you struggle do make contact and i’ll assist personally.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the cro.ma site here