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Hi AJ, thanks for your prompt support. I have another question for you :) Is there the possibility to create different timetables one for each room? I must create different timetables with different activities for multiple rooms. Let me know ASAP. Thanks.

Hi AeffeLab

You will have to create split activities for this ie Yoga – Room 1 and Yoga – Room 2

You can Leave the titles the same if need be, just remember which activity is which.



No sorry, probably I wrongly explained my problem: I need to create a timetable for each room. My customer has 3 rooms, with different activities. I want to show (in the same page) a Timetable with all the activities of room 1, a Timetable with all the activities of room 2 and a Timetable with all the activities of room 3. Thank You.

Wow that’s quite a thing to do.

We are thinking about adding locations to the script early in next year, but at the moment it’s not possible.

Come to think of it, with all the plugins and code that i had seen, I’ve not seen one that will be able to do this.

I absolutely LOVE your theme! I have a quick question…on the home page, I just want a static image instead of a slider. Is that possible? Thank you in advance!

Hi erikashaw.

Thanks for making contact.

Glad you like the theme.

The easiest way to ensure responsive scaling is to just upload one image into the slideshow without any captions or anything else.



Thanks for your response. Another question…I have widgets from a 3rd party site that I want to use (they are all javascript/html coding) How do I add these to the homepage? Thanks in advance :)

the best is to paste them into the text widget.

Hi there! I want to know if the 3 frontpage banners under the slide can be clicked on and the gallery appear instead of it going to a page? is this possible to setup like this? so happy with this theme so super easy!

Hi Ibernard.

This will not be easy to accomplish, and will require a big rewrite unfortunately.



oK can’t get everything for $45 lol

Wow what a bargain!!!

Hi, does this theme work on wordpress version 3.7.1 as it will not upload, keeps failing. thanks.

Hi K22 fitness.

No problems with WordPress 3.7

could be hosting settings.

make contact and i’ll assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hello, on the demo page- there is that centered full-width events widget that you can click on arrows to select next/ previous. I can’t find anywhere how I can add that particular widget.

Hi Vizimodigital.

Thanks for your message.

you can set the activities widget in the croma.dash and general tab and general subtab bottom right.



Thank you so much! You are awesome! :)

Great stuff.

PS…..Don’t tell my wife I’m awesome, she’ll want me to mow the lawn.

Question about the timetable slide on the homepage or page you’ve added it. Why does it show the next day lessons? And not today’s lessons? Easy fix? Thanks!

Hi roaxdesign.

I am busy looking throuhg the code currently and updating things in the timetable and will take a look at this again.



When do you think you’ve got a fix? I’ve been pushing the php to it’s limits but can’t figure it out why it’s not working.

We will update the theme before day end.

Hi, I like your theme.

And I am considering purchasing it for my business. I run a social dance company. Running weekly classes in different locations each night of the week. plus weekly and monthly events.

I have a few questions about your theme;

- I notice on your contacts page, you have a feature: drive directions – Can this be added on to any page? multiple times? As I have a variety of different locations that I teach at, so would like people to be able to put their address in for each location to get direction.

- Is it possible to have a page specifically for my weekly classes and then a separate page for my monthly/weekly and special events. all of which be a part of the events – so that they show up in the up and coming events widget?

- staying with events – is it possible to show past events?

- Is it possible to upload videos? if so then to have some of the videos only be able to be viewed if someone registers to the website? I will be uploading instructional dance videos – and will have a few videos so people can see, and then a load more videos for only my students to see once they have registered to my wordpress website.

- do you have a testimonials part on your theme, or can you suggest a plugin that would go well with your theme?

- latest tweets on homepage – is this possible to show more than 1 tweet?

- One last thing, will you be looking to integrate woo-commerce into your theme, or is this not in the plans at all?

Sorry for all the questions :)

That’s why there’s a link through to the activity.

The theme supports youtube and vimeo but not self hosted videos

Great thank you very much.

I have just purchased this theme and I am sure I will be contacting you over the next week, to help tweak a few things. or if I run into any problems :)


great stuff.

take care

Hey, is there a way I could the footer.php script from the demo sports theme to put in my live one for one? (I want the same structure)

woops, never mind found the widgets section!

Great stuff.


For some reason my feedback widget (contains 3 feedbacks) only randomizes upon refresh but the arrows don’t react to the triggered event? Any suggestions?

Another thing, my timetable page is weird:

never mind the latter, it was the menu duplicating things…however the feedback error is still needed to be fixed

If you make contact i can take a look and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here

Regards Aj


I’m building a website and i’m using this theme. I just want to ask if is it possible to make the content banners a widget? I want them to be on the sidebar of the other pages.


sure thing.

just look for the image link widget.

Will they function the same? there will be a title at the bottom and a hover with magnifying glass. I tried putting the image link widget but i don’t know how i can put the content banners i did.

I’m not sure about the difficulty you have

If you make contact I cna take a look at your setup and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here

Regards Aj


Thanks for all your help!

My activities are all in a page that is linked as /services/ but when I click on an individual service(activity) it brings me to the item page under /activities/. Is there a way to change those pages to show the URL instead?

The urls depends if there’s categories set.

If you make contact i can take a look for you, but it might not be possible.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here




I am new to this. I just purchased your template. I went to install it through my wordpress dashboard but it kept popping up with this error:

Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Maybe I am installing the wrong file/folder or am I not suppose to upload it that way? Hoping for some help.

Thanks, love the template by the way. Looking forward to working with it.

Hi Jarrodoff

Thanks fro making contact

This usually points to your host either running out of disk space or memory when updating or installing plugins and themes.

If you make contact with them and quote the error they will be able to assist.

Ok. This may be a bad question but which is the actual folder that I would put click to upload on my dashboard.

no problem. When you click on the download tab in your downloads section you will find a drop down. The second choice says “installable WordPress file only”.

That’s the one that you can download and install

the first one contains help files and photoshop files and all the additional and also the installable zip.

Good morning AJ, another little question: is it possible, in the timetable in the home page, to have only the events of the current day (starting from the first event of the day until the last one)? Now it shows the future event starting from the next. Thank You

Hi Aeffelab.

You can try in the inc/classes folder and class-cromatheme-timetable.php

look for:

function calc_upcomming_activities() {

around line 230:

for ($i=0; $i < 7; $i++) { 

change to:

for ($i=0; $i < 1; $i++) {

and about 20 lines below it:

if ($tstamp >= $now){

change to

if ($tstamp != ''){



Great !! Thanks Thanks Thanks :)

no sweat

At the Newsletter Signup i need to change e-mail form with telephone. How can i do that?

the work is 10 times to add a second input in the app. Whenever you add a form input in a program you also need to add the programming that processes the input.

is there any solution for my stuation?

Yes there is, i asked you to make contact using my suppport channel so i can assist.

how do you remove proudly designed by croma? on the bottom footer?

Hi 13Con Thanks for the message

More on your request here



Great thanks. Also. How do I chanege the standard pic that comes up on the activity and footer. It seems to be getting the image from a URL

the name if the image is pstack.png and it’s in the public/styles/images folder

thanks for your quick response :)

No sweat

How do I create a custom footer that lives on every page? I’m really struggling with this…any thoughts anyone?

Hi adamdnye

Thanks for making contact.

Are you talking about the footer with the widgets or a different layout alltogether?

for the love of Go@.....I didn’t realize the footer information was located in the widgets section. Thank you!

no sweat

where do i put googla analytics?

Hi 13Con.

Thanks for your message. The best thing to do if you want to add google analytics is to add it with a plugin that will ensure the analytics code is properly integrated with your setup.

You will find a few >a href=””>here



apologies I am probably being rather sstupid here but I have a couple of issues.

1, on the team members bios Where do you put the information for qualfications, speciality and sport. I can;t seem to find these fields anywhere! Also are these fields be customisable?

2, I seem to have lost the timetable banner. I have selected it in the dashboard but it doesn;t show it on the homepage, or any page. Please can you advise?



sorry please ignore number 2! I hve fixed it! I assumed (incorrectly!) It pulled the data from the events rather than the timetable! Actually….Is there anyway of making the banner on the front page underneath the 3 individual content blocks rather than on top of them?

Hi Jimrobo.

Thanks for making contact. More on setting metrics here

in page-front.php around line 40 move:

<?php echo get_frontcontent(); ?>

to above:

<?php if (isset($tlset['cro_ttablebanner']) && $tlset['cro_ttablebanner'] == 2 || $tlset['cro_ttablebanner'] == 3) { ?>



Hi Net-Labs,

I enjoy your theme but I have a small request.

How can I change the font’s color in the main menu ?


BNA Création

Hi bnacreation

Thanks for the message

to the last line of the style.css add the following:

#access a {
  color: #FFFFFF !important;

just change the color code till you’re satisfied with the result



Perfect, Thank you !