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Is this theme translatable

I bought it anyway, hopes its translatable, what I’ll do is install English WP to root and then install a French Wordpress in a sub-directory using one database and change the nav bars, submit buttons etc in the php files and then just reproduce the English pages etc in the French WP. It will be prettier that way too I guess. Now if people click FR, in navbar they will get a nice French site that looks exactly like the English.
Hopes this will work anyway. With the conversion rate it cost me 72.00
Assumes since it’s mine now the license key will work for both installs because it is the same exact site it’s used on. At least it SHOULD be ok, after all I bought it. I’ve done this before with my dual language wordpress, always looks beautiful that way.

when i try to upload logo, it doesnt change…

when i publish a page its blank…

not a good experience so far…

whats goin on?

Press shift-refresh or clear the browser cache to see the changed logo. Please submit a support ticket for further support: http://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket

Hi How do I get the image at the front ? I post it in a post and try and set it featured but its just and image. Do I have to put it in a widget? I e-mailed support a few days ago but no reply yet.

Hi I just found the support page. I do not have the “Header Slider”

I know I am new but a wee bit help pointing me in the right direction would be ace.

Go to widgets. Drag the “Header Slider” widget to the “Header” widget area.

HI LOVE them theme. I’d like to use an image in the space where the phone number is. What would I need to change here? Thanks!!!

<?php if($show_header_phone){ ?> PH: <?php echo get_option(‘dtbaker_header_phone’,’1300 555 555’);?> <?php } ?>

I think it needs to be updated. BuddyPress Groups are no longer showing up for me with the latest version of WordPress. (they show up when I activate a different theme)