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nice work…

Clean and simple with a dose of grunge. Me like mucho much.

is possible use wp-e-commerce plugin with this theme?

I have got the theme up and running here if you want to see a demo : http://www.warriorsmovie.co.uk

Wow that looks awesome! :)

First, let me say I love this theme, but I have a couple questions. Did I overlook the home options? Not seeing that after install. Didn’t get the shopping pluggin, either. Thanks, DT.

Okay, yes…per my previous post, it looks like there is a “hope page options” link under the appearance panel on the help documentation, but not on my install. Any ideas?

how do i set up the slider and the 3 sections at the bottom? i do not see no homepage options in the theme. Also, none of the widgets are showing up. Please help ASAP




Okay, so it’s not just me that doesn’t have home page options. Navin, how did you fix this. DT, where you at?

Please create a new page called “Home”.

Go to this page as if you were going to edit the home page.

Select the “home page template” on the right hand side near the publish button.

Click publish.

All the home page options will be there on the home page edit screen.

Hi there,

I have created the Home page as described above , however when i view the site it appears to have a post as the home page content?

please advise :)

Hi guys,

Been 20 hours since my last post and still cannot get a homepage to work, anyone have success with this?

I have created a page called ‘Home’ selected the ‘Homepage1’ option (this is the only homepage option I have) and still shows – page not found.

any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please go to Settings > Reading and select “static page” as your home page.

Sorry I keep forgetting some people haven’t setup wordpress as a cms before.

Hi, great theme, but I’m also lost as to how to set up the home page slider, I’ve set up the home page with the home page 1 template then added images under the banner options but nothing shows up? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Hmm still haven’t had any support on this? I emailed my wordpress login credentials like you requested, my client is getting restless :(

I logged into your wordpress and clicked the big “Upgrade” button that was at the top of every page. It upgraded your wordpress to the latest version and now it works.

Thank you.

Anyone having problems with the 3 bottom buttons on the homepage not loading all the way to show grey overlays?


Just curious how i can use columns in a page with this theme?

I use one_half /one_half sort of code with my other templates but is doesnt seem to work with this one?

Can you suggest how i can achieve columns with your template please?

Hi there

Has been 4 days now and I still need to find an answer to my previous question please.

I can’t add columns to my pages, can you let me know how this can be done?

You’ll need a WP plugin that handles columns. This theme doesn’t support columns out of the box

Hello, It could anybody explain how to create a page that is, to my picture at the beginning (HOME) is the same as the demo site, Thanks in advance for your help

Please read above comments

Hi there

I still need to find an answer to my previous question please.

I really would like to be able to use thie template :( but I can’t as I need to add columns to a few of my pages I have tried the normal one_half etc. codes but they do not work?

Can you tell me how I can achieve columns please?

This is all I need to be able to use the template, please help!


This theme does not support any column short codes sorry. You will have to use html.

Hi, this seams just the job for what I need, apart from the “10 to 50 products” I have more than this with the colour/size options is there a limit on how many products can go in or is this just your thoughts on what the site is best suited to.


You can have as many products as you like. 10-50 is just a nice small number.

Generally people with hundreds or thousands of products would want a full blown shopping cart solution with order tracking, shipping calculations based on weight, inventory management, etc..

Great Template!!! I have one issue right now and it is probably something I am doing stupidly. My drop down on my menu seems to be going behind the banner instead of presenting it self over the banner.

Any suggestions would be great