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Nice. Some lag at the start though :(

Wow great idea!
Good luck with the sales :-)

great start…little lag.

Thank you guys! I fix this and update :)

Great work bro.

Thank you!

Themeforest should need more templates like this!

Well done! :)

Thank you :)

Really different..Good luck with sales my friend.

Thank you my friend :)

Loved it, nice graphics.

Thank you :)

Awesome design :) GLWS

Thank you

If you made this into a Wordpress theme I would buy it! Any chance that you will be doing that anytime soon?

Mega awesome. Totally buying.

Thank you :)

I am thinking about making this a portfolio-style page and I need to stuff 5 of these floating guys in there to be replaced by a photo I’m gonna take later. Is that possible without having to worry about lower-resolution screen users? It probably isn’t a good idea to go over the 940px container you’ve got there right?

If that’s possible, I’m buying right away.

Everything is possible. You just have to experiment :)

Nice piece of work, will fit well in our new project

Hi, very nice, gratulation. How many sports do you have in this item? I have to buy box an kick-box page.

@tibusz07 every design is given on PSD as well, you can change them around as your wishes, however, inside only american football is there

Thanks for your answer :) Thanks for your purchasing! Hope you like it! If you have problems or questions send the e-mail from my profile because I do not always see comments! Thank you!!!

Regards Martin

Looks very nice, I like fresh ideas, good luck with sales my friend :)

Thank you!!!

I bought this template. In the characteristics psd file says there. I can not know what the font of the logo. I bought it for this.

Hi, I bought a pattern for this picture. I can not find it in the archive :(

this looks amazing,

But on the light side of things, that unicorn’s horn may need a better location