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Is this theme capable of working with the “EventON” plugin for event management? Are shortcodes allowed to be used on the home page inside the template?

We haven’t tested this plugin, but it should be working fine, if there are any problems with it, let us know, we’ll take a look into it. There is an HTML homepage block which you can use for shortcodes.

I had a friend test it with the theme and the shortcodes just displayed as text inside the html homepage block




Yes, apologies for that, we will launch an update for that by tomorrow.

​How do I make multiple events pages with different categories feeding to each page, like you have in your demo? I tried to submit a ticket but for some reason all of a sudden my purchase code isn’t valid.

The ticket system should be working fine now. You can link the categories directly, you can obtain the links in “Events -> Events Categories”.

Hi, where is this post? orange-themes. com/how-to-make-a-wordpress-gallery-correctly/ i do have the same problem: No url attribute defined! Its not included in the theme documentation.


Some how my theme always run into issue with event countdown counter and flyin banner.

at the moment, I have tried to change the background image to white, but it is picking default image from the theme.

Please help and make me understand why it suddenly stops working (even though i haven’t made any changes to website, except uploading posts).

Also my home page news story slider is broken, always happen at the same time when event clock stops working. last time you provided resolution to update php, and currently it is running at 5.6

also, how do i update my theme, any documents please




Seems like there are some js errors, please create a support ticket here: And attach wp-admin and FTP server access details so we could debug the page and fix the issue.

Thank you eticket raised. Ticket #110


Jeylune Purchased


I’ve bought you the theme a few days ago, but when I want to download it there’s an error : failure – Network error

Regards, Jeremy

Sorry I didn’t choose the option to send you a ticket, I have used the contact form. So I have just made a ticket, corresponding to the id 174.

We have replied your ticket yesterday. Seems like you forgot to add wp-admin and ftp server access details.

Hello sorry for the delay, I have just replied you.

Which version of the latest?

Hi, when I demo the theme on iphone6 it’s not responsive? Yet it scales down fine in browser. Are certain mobiles not supported?


It needs to work fine, just checked it on iPhone and 6 Plus, all works fine. What iPhone do you use?

Is it possible to change the header area to allow the logo to be larger?


With some css customization it could be possible.


finc Purchased

I asked for the demo content just a minute ago. After 3 years owning Your it i got a chance to use your theme. i got a bit dusty ….


Seems like you will need to renew the support licence first, then you can contact us via our support forum here, otherwise we are not allowed to support your item.

Also in the support forum we can attach the demo xml or even you can add wp-admin access details and we can make your demo 1:1 as our.


marceuy Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with the theme,I made a news pages but I can’t see the pages in my web !


Please create a support ticket here add also wp-admin and FTP server access details to speed up the process.