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Yea, cool looking theme! Good luck guys 8-)

Great theme. Please tell us more about the event points/time/score management.

Thanks! :)
There are two kinds of score tables – one is managed by a shortcode ( demo here: ), the other one is managed by wp-admin
There is unlimited row and column count.

Bought it and am excited to start playing with it. Two quick items: every time I try to install the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin that came with the theme it brakes, and my logo is getting chopped off I think partly because it’s trying to make space for the tagline which I don’t need but can’t turn off. Also, some documentation on managing events and points would be great.

Could you send us your wp-admin login credentials so we can see it in live?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Wonderful work, congrats :)

Awesome theme.. Congrats..

Thank you! :)

Very nice work Guys. Good Luck with sales :)

looks like a great theme, well done I might get it, however, site comes in english only innit? all translations have to be made thru POT file?

Yes, the site only comes in English but it can be translated through POT files.

WOW I love this theme, guys. Great job. Would it look good on a fitness blog? I’d need to change the colour scheme too. Can I add a custom background image that fits all screen sizes?

There are two ways to do that – either you replace the existing images or modify themes’ stylesheet.

Replacing the images is easy enough. A couple more questions, please: What’s the articles’ main image size? Doe it use the main image as featured image/thumbnail or does it have to be a separate image? My current theme requires a separate image to be uploaded as featured image (200×200px). Thank you :)

The image size is 608×280px.
You have to upload it once and it will automatically generate the thumbnails.

Hi There.. First of all, this theme rocks!

I have purchased this theme and would like to use it for one of my mail websites (affiliate site) and would like to ask your help for the following.

1. I want to add a WP-Table Reload in the pages but want to use your tabel layout. Could you tell me how I can change the css design or to add your css to the wp-reload. Your tabel is nice but it doesnt load on every page..

2. I want to make everything centralized in the table.

Your help is appreciated!


Try setting the table to a same class that our table has, for example: “table-bordered”.
As for the centered text in table, you can use “text-align: center” CSS property.

Could you also please rate our theme with 5 stars? That would be a huge help to us! :)

or tell me the css calss for the table so i can try it out

We please check your previous comment.

Thnx a much! Solved

Now, how can I add a shortcut button in the table in the last row but that it also appears vertical in the middle as well as a image in the first colom that appears absolute in the middle

Could you mail us a screenshot, example of what exactly are you trying to result?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hi Guys,

I am really impressed with your theme and really interesting in buying it as it meets lot of my requirements. However I have few questions:

1) Can I change color scheme as per my clubs colors 2) Can I just add columns with different headings (for ex: I dont want video column on Home page, Can I just have Latest News column but with different heading instead and just images in it?) 3) I want to create space for my sponsors, is there any possiblity that I add them in bottom of the page, or in Sidebar (column) 4) If I don’t want sub menu (like shown in your example website- Sports, etc etc menu), is it possible to hide it? 5) I want to setup Merchandise link, is it possible to setup. What plugin are you using to ‘Buy Ticket feature’. Can I use Paypal instead? 6) I can see only four Page attributes, i.e. Home Page, Blog, Picture Gallery and something else. What about Event Page? How can I create that, and create events with timer etc. There is no documentation about that 7) Sidebar menu, really not that clear in documentation (sorry if I didn’t understand properly) 8) How are events pick up, related articles etc? 9) If I create Categories, and next time I create new post, and select that category, will it appear in latest news? or how does it recognize that which is latest news?

I am sorry for so many questions, but my club is really fussy and I really want to make sure before I commit to buy this theme.

once again thanks for your support and wonderful theme, it really looks good and I am really looking forward to hearing positive answers from you soon :)



1) As you can see in the demo – it is possible to change color schemes.
2) You can select what homepage blocks (sections) you want to use in your homepage in control panel. You can choose between News, Galeries, Video sections etc.
3) Yes, you can. The easiest way would be through sidebar.
4) Our theme has included a full-width template.
5) Currently there is no plugin for that. It is just a short code with which you can point to a specific page.
6) There is a seperate for events. You will need to create a new page and select the Events Page template.
7) In sidebar you can select which event to display, assign gallery to it, give it a description etc.
The related articles are searched by categories articles have uncommon.
9) Yes it will. The articles are sorted by date.


I have a problem with Events. Creating an Events going well and I also see the Event page but when I click on the Events I get a 404 page.

I must also make small images all else knocking the Gallery or not the slider on the index or image become so great that I have my story blog.

But if I click on Events on the Events page of state I get a 404 page why and what can I do.

I just love everything inc. demo pages.

Regards, Martijn

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

I am interested in buying this theme, but I wanted to know if you can change the background of the website per section. If an advertiser wants to sponsor a section of the website, will I be able to add a background ad to that section only?

Unfortunately currently such feature is not available.
We can add this function for you but it will formed as custom work for which we do charge for.

No demo content?

We can send you the xml content but we do not provide the licenses for the images our demo content provides.
You will have to either not to use them or purchase the licenses for them.

Give us a mail on this regard. You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Excellent theme, can’t wait to get it fully laid out. I’m having trouble figuring out how/where to display the events. I created an event, but I don’t see events as an option block for the Home page, or in the sidebar? How do I get them to show up anywhere?

There is a sidebar widget which will display your event.
Also you can create a page that will list all your events – must select the Events page template.

Looks like a changeable background is required in an update, I would buy then and so would others!

FYI – Was not responsive on my Galaxy SII

We just made an update for this, it should be available soon.

Thanks ! Keeping an eye on updates. I too like event pages for different sports that I see from below is coming. The Galaxy SII was a major popular phone and those with 2 year contracts still have it, so I hope this will be fixed soon too. I appreciate that it’s impossible to test most phones but this is a popular model on emulators.

You’ve done a great job with the core features and many are not found anywhere else. I am also impressed with your response to requests posted here. Looking forward to buying next week!

I am interested to buy this theme but it seems that the menu goes strange with a scroll bar when i reduce my screen to mobile width. I am surprised no one else has mentioned this.

It is a special feature for mobile devices – sweep to scroll.

Does anyone else find this template loads extremely slowly? I commented out the calls to google web fonts, but it still loads 5-10 seconds slower than an average site. Are there any other calls out going on?

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can take a look at it?

sent via the contact form, thanks. I have stripped out three of the pages to try to lessen the load time, but it’s still 6-8 seconds between pages loading.

We will take a look at it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello, 1st Great Theme, Congratulations, 2nd is there a possibility to create different “Main Events Pages” like a page for surfing events, other one for snowboarding events, etc… Thank you

Currently you can add only one page but there should be an update on Monday which allows to specify categories.

Hello, your theme is very nice and is what I was looking for one of my sites, but I met a little trouble with the images galleries. When the images are large (eg 1080×1024), only part of the image is displayed.

Would be possible, images are automatically resized? Thank you.


Sorry to bother you, But would you mind rating our theme in Downloads section on ThemeForest?

A 5 star rating would be enormous help to us! :)

Hello, I just did it ;-) Good sales.

Thank you very, very much! :)