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I bought and installed this template, which does a great job. Thanks.

One important question: I’m adding events to the website and I have two categories in the events section. Why isn’t it possible to get both categories listed in the menu?

Website is

Kind regards.

I did. Now the lay-out is ok, but the categories aren’t used. It just shows all the events (so there’s no category filter applied). I’ve send an e-mail with more details to.

Alright guys. Job done! This is it!

Thanks for all the help and excellent support!

Great! :)
Would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)

Hi, is there a way increase the font size somewhere? I only found the font style, but i would like to body text larger.


Any chance you could help me with that? All i need is the body text larger, nothing else. Im happy with other font sizes, but i would really love to get slightly bigger body text :)

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Thanks, email has been send.

I’d like to echo Sport1×2 and ask 1 other Question:

1) How can I make the FONT LARGER throughout the website?

2) Is there way to have the ENTIRE HEADER become my LOGO space? The client wants the entire TOP WIDTH to be nothing but his logo Site:

Thank you!

As for the Social Icons, you will have to add them in “includes/top.php”, this will require some basic HTML/PHP knowledge.

I really, really appreciate the instructions as to the PAGE (“includes/top.php”) and the LINE (line 21-23). That saves me hours.

With that said, can you direct me to the LINE where I can INCREASE THE OVERALL FONT SIZE OF THE BODY OF THE SITE? My client likes everything ( except the tiny font.



To do that you will have to modify the “css/main-stylesheet.css” file. This will require some basic CSS knowledge. You can use the FireBug to find the correct lines that needs to be modified.

Hey, very good job with this theme guys ! A little bug that I don’t know how to fix myself : the slider isn’t sliding or autosliding and, when you click on a summary, it doesn’t slide but open the link directly. Please help !

There seems to be some kind of error in your javascript.
Try disabling your plugins and see if the problem still persists, it is possible that there is one that conflicts with the theme.


I purchased the Sportimo theme yesterday.

Before being able to rate it, I have a question about shortcodes. I precise that I am brand new to Wordpress (so I may have missed something…)

Eight shortcodes are well described here: and this page says that all shortcodes are available here:

This last page shows the result of shortcodes, but how do I know the exact syntax to get those results ? In other words, where are the shortcodes documented ?

Do I have to search for them here ?: includes/admin/buttons-formatting/editor-plugin.js

Thanks for you work, support, and answer.

We can send you the xml content of the whole demo page to see how everything works but we do not provide the licenses for the images our demo content provides. You will have to either not to use them or purchase the licenses for them.

Give us a mail on this regard. You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme for a golf club, but they now wish to use thier own events calendar, is there any way of disabling the built-in events feature? Cheers, Anne

You can delete the events page, remove any content related to the events.

Hello, how do I get the sidebar widgets information to show up on the phone? The site is responsive, but the sidebar isn’t showing up for me.

Also, the responsive menu is causing me some problems. There are a lot of subpages in my menu and when I’m looking at the site on my phone I have to scroll WAYYYYYYYY over to get the page I’m trying to find. Any way to make the menu in the phone just the normal traditional select box like most responsive websites are?

We do not support widgets on our responsive mode, but in order to enable, you will have to modify the theme css in “css/responsive/phonevertical.css” and “css/responsive/phonehorizontal.css”. This will require some CSS knowledge.

As for the responsive menu – can you give us a link to your site so we can see it in live?

I have sent two emails to you, the first on on the 21st August, but as yet to receive a reply. Here are the details:

I have a question regarding the Sportimo theme. I just updated the theme and then updated my logo but for some reason it is only showing part of the logo now. It was fine before. You do have recommended dimensions for the logo but they are way too small for my type of logo. I uploaded my logo and it was fine before I did the update. Please advise. Screenshot

Also…. I am trying to edit my website and have the notification up the top “There is a new version of Visual Composer available. Download version 3.6.1.” and it sends me to the page to purchase VC. Do we have to purchase it now even though it came with the theme package?

Please advise ASAP as we need to launch this website.



That’s weird, we did not find you by the name “thatscreative” neither in our inbox or spam box.

Either way, the logo dimensions can be modified in “includes/top.php” on line 21. Change the width and height attributes.

As for the visual composer, see if this helps:

Hi, I have bought your theme one week ago and have some questions about it: 1) What is the current version of your template? I am wondering because my Control Panel don’t look so nice as on your preview picture 2) At the end of the control panel I got the followig error (after the link: Page background): Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\sportimo-theme\functions\other.php on line 610 3) As if I want to use your homepage template no text is appearing in the middle section of the preview site which I was typing in the text editor. If I change from homepage to any other template page, the texts appears. Is that a bug?

By the way, I am using XAMP locally (with actual word press installation & setup before I go online), so you are not able to proove that online. :-(

Any ideas, what can be wrong?

Regards, Frank

1) Okay. I have downloaded and installed the new version.
2) O.K., I will proove it by my own.
Apart from that it can not be that the solution for prooving your bugs is always to get an admin account as you write it in other posts. For example, I have implemented another theme for another website from themeforest by never asking for an admin account or something like that.
But can you additionally explain why your admin panel is only one site with long scrolling? It does not look similiar as in the screenshots in your documentation.
3) Could you explain more in detail what I have to do? And what do you mean by “custom WP_queries”? Didn’t change anything more as written in your documentation after installing your template.

Additional to 2)

If I delete the following code in other.php the admin panel appears in the correct design (but I think delete code is not the solution). But the problem should be something in that code:

  1. Parse the given url
    $raw = wp_remote_get( $url, $args );
    if ($raw && $raw[‘body’]) {
    $decoded = json_decode( $raw[‘body’] );

return $decoded;

2. We ask for the credentials because we cannot answer questions which we do not know. We need to see it in order to know what’s going on. We know on which line the error encounters, as we said in the previous post, it seems that problem is in the wp_remote_get() (which is wordpress default function), but we do not know what kind of data is passed through it, why the error is returned;

3. Try adding this line to template-homepage.php on line 27:
<?php the_content(); ?>

Hi I have bought a new sportimo theme but I cant customize it slider and categories can you help me to do this? Or maybe you have some tutorials about this. Domain name is

Thank you

Sure, how exactly would you like to customize it?

Hello there,

i’m experiencing 2 different issues with the (which, btw, is great !)

> responsive layout doesn’t work at all, any solution ?

>the slider still out of order, I asked you about that same problem few weeks ago, and you told me that maybe the plugins I’m using were responsible for that, but I deactivated them all and the slider works no better, please help !

Thank you team Sportimo !

Responsive design id not working anymore..

i m sorry, it was because of event on widget !

no problem, we’re glad it’s solved. :)

HI there,

Could you please point me to where i can change the height available for the logo.


Sure, it can be done by modifying “includes/top.php” file on line 21.

Hi, I added the countdown widget to my homepage, but not sure how to set the date and time on it. Can someone help?

Hello, There should be a calendar once you click on the Date field:

Thanks, I got it to work. For some reason the calendar wasn’t showing up for me but seems to be working now.

I am also getting this error with the Share buttons: FATAL ERROR: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /HOME/WWW/DOMAIN.NAME/WP-CONTENT/THEMES/SPORTIMO-THEME/FUNCTIONS/OTHER.PHP on line 610.

It appears to be showing up on the facebook icon?

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Would it be possible for me to demo the backend of this theme? I would like to see how “easy” it is add new events.

We can send you the xml content but we do not provide the licenses for the images our demo content provides. You will have to either not to use them or purchase the licenses for them.

Give us a mail on this regard. You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.


The banner on the header next to the logo, Can I put few banners on that position and set them to appear randomly on page load?

In administration panel you can add your own HTML code there, that means, if you have a javascript file that rotates the ads, sure, it can be done. Otherwise, it will require some programming knowledge to do that.

Having big problems merging this with buddypress…

Unfortunately this theme is not Buddypress compatible.

will the theme accept woo commerce into it, to also sell sports products, along with giving news,sell sports events, accept bookings, etc.. Do you have any other theme to do this, sports bookings,event registration, ability to have scoreboards for different sports games, display of all of those widgets, have woo commerce already installed in it.

Unfortunately currently this theme is not WooCommerce compatible

why can i don’t download it? i have paid for this and can not download it!


i have never read that are a download limit, i you make a update that download i but why not now, i have paid?

i see this: This item has been removed as it has reached the download limit. Please see this Knowledgebase article for more information. You may still download your License certificate & purchase code for this item.

Unfortunately we don’t know anything about that, we are not setting any limits for this, you will have to contact ThemeForest support on this regard.

oke i sand to that, i whant the update!

I have send it, when can i dowbload it a ?

I downloaded and installed the theme two days ago. It’s telling me it’s on version 1.0.0 (it says the latest is 1.1.8.) I downloaded the files again, updated the site and it still says I’m on version 1.0.0. Where do I get version 1.1.8?

Never mind… I created a child theme and it’s reading the version from that. I will make sure my child theme has the same version number as Sportimo. Thanks!

If there’s anything else, let us know, we’ll be only happy to help! :)

I really like SPORTIMO theme but I have Wordpress 3.7.1 installed. Will SPORTIMO work with 3.7.1?

Yes, it will work with the latest version of wordpress.