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Hello, love this! Is there a wordpress theme for this???

Not at the moment. I could make one if the demand is there though. If you want to request some features for a potential wordpress version let me know.

Awesome looking template. I just purchased this without even thinking about it not being Wordpress. I have no idea how to alter this template. I feel so dumb now. I would love to have a WordPress version. I would also appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks.

Shoot me an email about certain things and I will make a screencast. Will probably get round to doing a WordPress version soon.

I’m interested in purchasing this too, but am hesitate if you don’t yet have any instructions. The description says “well documented” – what customization details do you provide? Did you create the screencast yet?

I only make screencasts on requests. Right now the template is just an HTML template so customization would require some coding knowledge. If you wish to request a screencast on a certain aspect send me an email.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase and use this as a WordPress for my new roller derby league. It is the ONLY one I’ve found that will work!! Please let me know if this is possible in the near future.

If you send me an email via my profile I will email you when its done.

How long until your exams are over? LOL Sorry, I’m trying to be ever so patient and it’s difficult. My current host keeps moving my website but I am waiting to switch servers until this WP version is ready so I can launch the new site/design on the new server at one time.

I’m no longer sure if I will be doing a WordPress version. Some of the elements will make it rather complex. Particularly the statistics portion.

Hi. Is the wordpress theme ready?

No, I unfortunately have a packed schedule until my exams are over.

How difficult is it to use a portion of this template in conjunction with another actual theme? Do any installation instructions come with the template?

Depends which section.

Hello, Im very interesting buying this template… Before I’m going buy it buying, is there a admin log in so the administrator can fixture the scores for league?. Hope to hear from you. Thomas

Cool template btw :)

No, this is simply an HTML template right now.

I too would purchase this theme if it were WordPress! Are you still going to produce a WP version?

Thank You.

The whole statistics element to making it a WordPress theme could be either very simple or slightly complex. As such I haven’t decided how best to approach it yet.

I really like the style of the theme. You also seem to understand the dynamics of team sports to include schedules, rosters, statistics, etc… Would buy it in a minute if it was a WP Theme… Needed the CMS functionality… No one else on ThemeForest even comes close to filling the niche of a team based sports site.

I would love to see this theme for wordpress responsive. I love it.

I am currently working on a sports website, once that is done I may move on to this theme.

Firefox browser problem Top Scorers 2011/2012 side

Hi. I am also interested in purchasing this template but would prefer it as a Wordpress theme. I saw that you are working on this. Can you advise when this will be available? Thanks

Let me know whether you are creating the site in wordpress as I want to buy a theme quite soon. But if you are doing this soon I will hold off til it is done. Thanks

I have to fix various other things before a WordPress version of this theme, sorry.

Hello, I can not locate where to change the gradient or color on “Top Scorers” header in the CSS. Thanks for the help.

Love the template!

Helo, please let me know if you are creating the site in wordpress as I need a theme very soon. I will hold off til it is done if you make it soon. Thanks

Can someone help me? I got this when I tried to add the theme through wordpress The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

This is not a WordPress theme.

Still no wordpress theme :(

Hi, I actually created a new sporting theme which has been in development. However right now I am incredibly busy to finish it.

Can Sporting IQ Theme support a league consisting of multi teams within multi age groups? We are a multi teams & multi age groups league organization. Example: Under-12 (10 teams), Under-10 (8 teams), Under-8 (8 teams) and Under-6 (6 teams). All teams should be able to display their team details and players. Any support for league table, results, top scorer, polling and video postings? Thank you.

I am looking for a theme which can support a little league platform – meaning we have 3 leagues with 10 teams each. Can Sporting IQ achieve this? If customization is needed how much would it cost?