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Hi, I really found what I was looking for in this theme… I appreciate the work. I am developing a website for a client of mine. 1. Is this theme available in wordpress? 2. I am looking to use this theme for travel booking so I want to add a hotel reservation at the left of page. 3. Will Shopping cart be used for multiple tours? Please reply soon as we are in the last phase of deciding for our website. Thanks Ashish


Thank for your interested. Our theme work with magento CMS. It doesn’t work with wordpress CMS. You can use our theme for your shop


Also is this heme google analytics compatible.


The google analytics is compatible with this theme


When it re-sizes for a mobile device is it possible to turn off somethings?

I notice that all the menu etc all up the top and the products end down the bottom.

Would be great if the products were higher up when it is re-sized.

hi magentothem, could you show an example for discount price on the product? I can’t find any discount price sample on your dummies..

I think it would be great if you put the discount price under the regular price with special effects like strike, bold and bigger font, “on sale” or “sale” labels, etc.. could you that? If yes, I will absolutely buy your theme.

Hello resshin,

Thank for your interested. In the sportshop template the discount price display under the regular price. You can see this screenshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/039r01b8a . If you have any question you can contact us we will help you.


Thanks, will jump and buy your theme. _

I bought this theme a few days ago. I am satisfied however it would be great if you let me know if it’s possible to change postion of “Brandslider”. I would like to put it just under “Banner7” slider. I will pleased if you let me know how to do it . Thanks and congrats..


You go to app/design/frontend/default/ma_sportshop/layout/brandslider.xml file then change

<reference name=”ma_logo”>


<reference name=”ma_banner”>

or You can contact direct us via support@plazathemes.com. We will help you change it. regards,

Well i changed exactly how you explain but nothing changed at all. I clean cookies , history even opened page with a new pc and browser to avoid cache but still same.

You need disable all cache in admin panel ( system > cache management > disable all cache)

Well i found out that i also need to clear cache via Magento Admin PAnel :

System>Cache Management

I did it and all great now. Thanks a lot!

Do you know where the logo is located for the email template? The welcome email Magento sends out, do you know where or how to change that logo?


You can change logo for email template in /skin/frontend/default/ma_sportshop/images/logo_email.gif

Kind regards,

hi, is the demo data available for the purchaser?


Yes, The demo data available for the purchase. You can install quickstart package it like our live demo.


Hi, I’ve a big problem with my website, www.funware.it 404 error: Page not found.

But if I enter in back end, it’s works weel. Also in the preview mode it works. Can you help me please?


you can check .htaccess file in your sever or you can re-upload .htaccess in the quickstart package you download to your server

kind regards,

Hi, ?ive tried but I didn,y solve my problem. here the log error, can you help me please? Thu Jan 10 12:08:59 2013 [client] – www.funware.it – AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /web/htdocs/www.funware.it/home/app/etc/local.xml

you can pm to support@plazathemes.com. We will help you

Hi You have a nice theme, I would like to buy it if there is a way to various quantity price columns.


you can custom this theme. It’s very easy. If you have any question you can contact us we will help you. You don’t worry.


Thanks for your quick reply. Actually I have always used Wordpress, if you can give some direction and links to figure out the plugins required, I will get the theme and start working on it. I need to make a web for Promotional Products which need various quantities and a setup charge for imprint on products. If you can do customization for an extra charge, that would be fine also. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

our themes work only magento CMS. It don’t work with wordpress. You need know magento

Hey the PSD only has the homepage,. none of the inners.. i need to edit the layout and write my code for it.. i need those inner pages or this theme is no good to me.

just sent an email.. thanks a lot.. i dont need them uploaded though ill just download it

pls, you can check your email

Nothing yet.. i just sent it again.


When it re-sizes for a mobile device is it possible to turn off somethings?

I notice that all the menu etc all up the top and the products end down the bottom.

Would be great if the products were higher up when it is re-sized.


Does it have capacity for AJAX add to cart option? I prefer it had this instead of going to the cart all the time.

If you want turn off something we can contact us, we will help you. If you want use AJAX add to cart, we can install it for you. We will update it next version.

Here are some questions :

1- How can i change fonts on this theme ? Some letters are not showing up correct on my language (Turkish)

2- On the upper right corner i see shopping cart however i installed my language but it stills show in English “shopping cart” Where can i edit this to my own language ?

3- On products list page, if product description is long it doesnt suit with shorter descriptions. By means of this if blocks are not equally heigh to each other. (1 paragraph vs. 2 paragraph)

4- Whenever i use discounted price for a product, discounted price doesnt show up on products list page, only overlined old price is showing up.

5- And the biggest and most weird issue. Whenever brand slider is rolling products photos are getting blurry on both mainpage and inside categories page.

If you need to checkout issues here is the site :


Thank you ;)

And i will be glad if you can install ajax add to cart …

You can provide your website information via support@plazathemes.com. We will install ajax add to cart for you

Hello, I am interested in buying this theme. Have a few queries though:

1. Can i have a small menu on the left / right where people can choose the Brand name and accordingly products of that brand will be displayed.

2. Also this is for a site in India, how easy is it to have a drop down for states in India.

3. Is credit card integration and cash on delivery in billing options easy to integrate?



1,2. you can install extension for this function.
3. It’s integrate credit card and cash on delivery in billing options. you can configuration in admin.


I’m interested in buying this theme as I think it will suit my new project.

I have a few questions (perhaps stupid) as I’m not a webdesigner or an expert.

1) If I buy the template and install it (I have to learn how to) will it look like exactly the demo? (as I have no clue how to work with it, I would swap products and descriptions etc…)

2) Will it look like your shop even tough my brand new magento shop has no categories, products or nothing set yet?

The idea is as follow:

I have no experience, so using a template I will swap products and price them as I wish, without having to program anything, bcus i really don’t know how to do anything in magento.

(never studied HTML,CSS, JAVA, PHP etc….)

Sorry about the ignorance,


Ok. I will trust you. As soon I intall the template it will be exactly your demo store.

Many thanks


Hi. How do I install it? Is there any instructions available? Thanks

you can install quickstart package. You see instruction in the documentation folder

I can not increase the amount of “New Products” and “Featured Products”. I would like to leave with 9 and 9 in every situation, but they are only in slides.

I’ve done the procedure to increase the quantity, but the products are only in a column on the slide. I need to increase the amount of products on the homepage VISIBLE from 3 to 9 items in 3 columns one below the other.

Show only slide a column does not suit me. =)

Understand? Notice Link: http://gladiadores.com.br/

The homepage only displays up to 4 products at a fixed column (slide) I need to show several products in various columns and this is not possible. I do not know what else to do.

I want to show several products, please note: http://mmashop.com.br/ http://www.mmasemlimites.com.br/

The “New products” is vertical scroller. It show only 1 column. The “Featured products” is horizontal scroller It show only 1 row. If you want Featured products show more row you can use other extension http://www.plazathemes.com/free4you.html


I’m interested to know if I can ADD an RSS news feed somewhere on the main page? If yes, please advise how.



I,m interested to know if I could change de logo, because I want to put the brand image of the client.?



Hello Damian,

Thank for your interested.
You can change brand image logo. It’s very easy. You can login admin then change it.


Thanks for your answer, could I import the clients account for an oscommerce web page? Regards Damian

If you want import the clients account for an oscommerce you need change it correct form import.