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Hi there, I have bought and installed this at http://shop.faultlessfitness.com

I have come across 2 problems so far.

Firstly, the featured products slider isnt corresponding to the featured products in the store. For example it has sleected products there that when i go into their properties they have featured product = false. So I am not sure why they are in there.

Secondly, The products in the new products slider all have thumbnails specified for them. However as you can see the thumbnails aren’t being displayed.

I have emailed for help but as of yet haven’t received any. Hoping this proves to be quicker. I will be honest this is my first ever attempt at a magento install so getting rather frustrated with my own failings rather than this pretty cool theme!



We will check and fix it for you.

Do you need anything from me to do this?

you can check your email. we just sent you an email

Hi There , i have purchased this theme and i am testing weather it is good for my website , i am facing a bit of problem . As Featured product slider is not working properly . Left side new product slider is giving problem as well . can you please help me regarding that . thanks

Hi there.

When I add a new product I am finding that the zoom feature isn’t working as it should be. It seems to be just squashing the image rather than actually re-sizing it. I have also noticed that the responsiveness isn’t kicking in for any new images I add in. On an iPad, the product image in overlaying the text alongside it. This isn’t happening to the generic images you have already installed within the theme example. Could you take a look at this page and send me some guidance please: http://a1golfsuperstore.co.uk/bags/callaway-cg-classic-bag.html

Many thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

You can provide your website information we will check and fix it for you. support@plazathemes.com

Hi. I have replied with information to this email address twice now. Is anyone able to help with my problem with the zoom function? Failing that, could you just tell me how to disable it altogether please. Thanks.

Sorry, We don’t get your email.

How do I order the 7 banner shape, with decreasing ID? thanks!

Hello, You can add order for items of the banner 7 in the admin panel. It will show by order you added

I want to change the order!!


The product imagery seems to overlap my content when the site is retracted. It seems the responsiveness isn’t working here. Do you have a fix for this please?

What email address do I send to? I’ve tried emailing before, with another query, to support@plazathemes.com and you claimed to not have received any of my emails? Thanks.

sorry, we don’t get your email

I know you didn’t. That why I am asking is this the correct email address? You’ve asked me to send an email so I need to make sure you receive it.

I follow the “Install Sportshop template” part of the installation guide. At point 5 where I want to setup extensions in “MAGENTOTHEM” I get 404 error trying to open any tab in “MAGENTOTHEM”.

Already found the solution in previous posts. Sorry for bothering.

One issue I may have discovered is within the product list view template:

If a user inputs group pricing the “As low as” price is added to the individual item. This additional price being listed seems to break the css alignment. This causes the add to cart button to be bumped and the “As low as” price to be cut off by the bottom of the item container.

This may be as a result of an unforeseen configuration setting on my deployment, but I have thus far not been able to fix the css in a visually appealing way.

you can provide your web site info via support@plazathemes.com . We will check and fix it for you.

I would like to translate 2 things: - “Shopping cart” in top right corner - “Sign up for our newsletter” in bottom right corner

Where do I find texts to translate?

Hi, You can contact support@plazathemes.com . We will help you add translate text to translate file

I have this theme working well except no matter what I do, the Featured items will not show on the front page. I’ve tired all of the magento fixes but none work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Nevermind, I see that there is a second “featured” section in addition to the magento “Featured Product” featured. Working now.

Currently having issues with configurable products. When I click on them the time out. We also have 9000 simple products and these work fine. Are others having this issue?

you can check your hosting. our themes don’t time out with 900 simple products.

Hi. I have a ‘fancy product’ on my home page. It is pulling in 6 products under ‘new products.’ Can you tell me where these 6 products are being pulled from? The current images selected seem to be random and I wish to know how they are selected to appear within this widget. Thanks.

New products set by attribute ” Set Product as New from Date – Set Product as New to Date ”

This doesn’t seem to work. I tested it by adding a to and from date to one product. Not only does it not show up in the ‘new fancy product slider’ it also doesn’t show that that product is new anywhere else on the site. I’m running out of ideas how to fix this now.

you can provide your website info . We will check and fix it for you

Hi. I’d like to set my shipping payments at £1.99 on all orders above £25.00 and free on all orders over £100. I can see where you add the fixed, flat rate per order, but not how to add it on orders of a certain amount. Thanks.

Kool theme, but my featured products wont update to new, featured maked as no, tryed refreshing cache and reindexing still have the same result

you can provide URL of your website. We will check it for you.

Your contact page is not working at the time . i keep getting captcha not correct, do you have an email?

Featured products on home page are not displaying, configured many products a featured, refreshed cache, reindex but still not displaying www.greenhillboxing.co.uk

This domain www.greenhillboxing.co.uk don’t use our theme. You can check it again.

I am also having problems with “Fancy Product” slider not pulling the correct new products. No matter what I chage, it still pulls the same products, which aren’t even “new”.

For those having problems with the “Featured” products slider. There is a second setting as “featured” on the bottom of the General tab in product setup. Do Not use the upper default “Featured Product” setting as it does not work.

New products set by attribute ” Set Product as New from Date Set Product as New to Date” Featured products set by attibute “Featured” Then you need re-index data ( admin > system > Index management > re-index ) If it doesn’t work you can contact direct us. We will help you

Hi Plaza, does this one work with Magento 1.8.0 ??

This theme is compatible with magento 1.8.0. You can buy and use it for magento 1.8

Hi Plaza,

I’ve installed the theme, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to get some of the static blocks to appear. volleyballstuff.net. Any suggestions?

when you move “staging.volleyballstuff.net” to ”volleyballstuff.net” you need use old database use for “staging.volleyballstuff.net”

Yes. This has been done, and is not the issue. The website was working just fine for roughly two hours when we moved to volleyballstuff.net. The banners, sidebar, and product images are no longer working.

you can provide your website info through support@plazathemes.com . We will check it for you

Hi, I am having issue in Theme. Its installed it in magneto but so far it’s not converting responsive properly.

Main issues in responsive :

>> feature slider not working properly – width issue. >> 4 box size issue. >> footer logo slider also having issue in smaller size.

I am checking it here : http://responsinator.com/

My website Url : http://doggiefanshop.com/

let me know on this asap.


You can test you website on table, mobile devices. The responsive web tool don’t exact. You provide more details (screenshots) of issue your website through support@plazathemes.com . We will check and fix it for you.

This mentioned it comes with a documentation PDF but I only see a basic html. I am looking for details on how to change the TABS on a product. Thanks.

What do you want change ? You can provide more detais(screenshots). We will help you change it.

Hi I figured out to change catalog.xml for that but the other request is how to show blocks on right sidebar for CMS page or block? I want to show ads and text on 3 column right and 2 column right (like it does for product page if choose that layout). Thank you

You can contact direct us. We will help you. If you want add ads and text to right sidebar you need make static blocks or CMS then get it on template.

My area of ??feature slider and fancy product, are gone. Being that I did not move at all! Can you help me? pls!

You can provide more details of your website. We will check it for you


Hi, The featured product slider is working. But you removed “fancy product” extension. You can provide your website info We will check and fix it for you