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stunning design. literally speechless. all that work O.o

good luck with sales. bookmarked for possible future purchase

Thank you, glad you like it!:)

Good work, very nice !

Many thanks:)

Graphic design is fantastic :)

Thanks a lot!:)

Brilliant. I will definitely purchase this one.

thank you!

Amazing job with “iGallery”. Good luck with sales ;)

thanx, came up with the idea while playing with AR. Drone 2 helicopter – iPad app :)

<3 loved it ! buying it! amazing one!!!!

<3 loved it ! buying it! amazing one!!!!

What about WordPress theme?

We will do that too in a near future yes:)

It’s just amazing template!!! Good luck with sales ;)

Hi there,

I sent you an email via profile stating an issue I am having with the contact form. I can never figure contact forms out.

Another issue I am having (and it may be my android phone) is that the background is only seen upon page load and once scrolling down the background stops. The page number (footer) also stays in place where the page loads. I checked the site on ‘responsinator.com’ and everything works as it should, ie; background stays fixed and the page numbers scroll down with the page. Again, it may be my phone but I am going to test this later on an iphone.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

Best Regards,


PS: Love the work you have done here and am interested in your other designs.


Yes I have seen your email, I just left town for the weekend, I will look into the problem tomorrow and get back to you, I ‘ve seen you have disabled one of the fields (that might be the problem, please also comment that field within mail.php), anyway , I will get back to you tomorrow.

cheers! jayc

Great, I’ll take your advice on that and look forward to further contact with you. Have a safe trip.



Awesome, thanks for the fix SakuraPixel. That did it!

Wonderful template again by the way, I am really enjoying it. Your support is much appreciated and you handled it in a timely and efficient manner. You certainly have my vote. I’ll be on the lookout for future templates that you produce… for sure.



I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT if it were a Wordpress theme! HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep an eye on us, we’ll release a WP theme as well;) Thanks!

Hi, What file should be update in order to fix the background problem with mobile phone? There is also a problem with caption covering the picture on slider when on mobile layout.


None, this background problem seems to happen only on some Android phones, I could not find a solution for this (the alternative would be to remove the interactivity of the background, which I can’t do since it works fine on all iOS devices and other phone).

cheers! jayc

Awesome! Very awesome! ;) Do you have an WP-Version for this brilliant Work?


thank you! yes we plan to release a WP version.

Hello. I need to implement jquery Slider Ken Burns Effect Fully Responsive (http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-slider-ken-burns-effect-fully-responsive/2457203) on a website with “Spotless”. The problem is that I can’t make it work because of the AJAX functionality. Can you help please? Is there another script with Ken Burns or pan effects which works with the template? Thank you in advance.


Do you mean because of the template’s AJAX functionality or the slider’s? I’m asking because I don’t know how that slider works, anyway it should work.

regards, jayc

just saw your email message, I’m gonna replay there.


I mean the template’s AJAX functionality. Anyway I have already sent email to the author and here is the answer:


If you are loading the slider with Ajax this might not work, because the slider needs to be initialized on load.

Please test the slider on a page without AJAX . After that try to load that .html page

Please send me (by email) the URL where you have installed the template, I’m going to take a look, also please understand that I cant go through all that sliders’s code in order to make it work, I don’t understand why it should work only on load, anyway lets take a look, maybe the slider can be initialized after the page/section has been loaded.

cheers! jayc

Yes I understand and I apreciate your help. Please wait as I’m uploading a test version. Can you provide your email please?

just sent you an email :)

great work :) is there a simple / quick fix for the logo distortion in IE8 ? it stretches in height with an out of the box install (pre-editing)

Hello, do you have any idea when this theme will be released for wordpress? I need to purchase one theme for a website and the Spotless definitely is the best choice for my purpose.

I can wait for more 15 days, do you think the theme will be released until there?

Thank you and sorry for the bad English.

Hello gabrielbaims,

I don’t think we’re going to release a WP version for this within the next 15 days.

regards, jayc


Is there a fix to view all the photos of the igallery(on page load)? I mean without to click on a group.

thank you

Hello vp0611,

I’m sorry, the iGallery is designed to build groups of photos.

regards, jayc

I would like to place the ‘banner’ across the front page under the logo but all attempts to use the code you provide on the banner demo page breaks other page functions etc.. I am happy to pay extra for your help and I did already send an email to you etc.. I realise you must be busy but I’m desperate to get a fix and finish a job with this great template :) everything else is perfect!