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I need to know if it supports joomla 2.5 Thanks !!


Sorry this is not a Joomla theme.

Cheers! jacy

Having some problems with my pages loading correctly…I’m using a JS script to load some of my content, and there’s a conflict with that and your AJAX scripts. He double checked the code and thinks it’s in the template code somewhere (on your end, not his).

Can you look at this for me and tell me what you think might be going on:


I’ll supply you with code and such on request…not sure how much info or code you will need.

Once you click on the link, head to Events. Then, head back to Home or even to the About page. Some funky clogging starts to happen with the content. Then, if you hit refresh, it all goes away. He seems to think it has to do with the ”.toString()” command.

Hope that makes sense…I know my way around HTML , but I’m by no means an expert. Thanks, Sakura!

Hello GabeGibitz,

I’ve looked at your problem, it seems only the home page its working properly, the other pages load twice, I need to know what third party script have you installed and where you added the code. Please contact me through my profile page (lower right corner form). I also might need all your code so I can debug locally.

cheers! jayc


The template is awesome. Very well finished.

I have some questions:

1. How I can make slideshow of ei-slideshow and slider degradee be passing automatically? 2. Where I can find more information on the i-gallery to see what effects and possibilities has the script? 3. How I can put a logo on the menu at the top and some icons to access social networks at the bottom?


Hello mikel_olivetti,

Thank you, we’re also ‘almost ready’ to publish the WP version, would you please contact me through our profile page, I’ll get back to you asap.

cheers! jacy

love the theme, just wondering if its wordpress friendly?


You can find the WP version Here

cheers! sakurapixel

I love this theme, thank you sincerely. I’m having some issues trying to adjust the reel page, specifically editing the image links for additional video. Your insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

hello Relentless070,

I can see you problem, the thing is you have to create multiple reel.html pages (with different names ex: Reel1.html), basically you will add a link to http://yourwebsite.com/!#Reel2.html.

Also please check out the Wodpress version of spotless – it will do this automatically.


Hi, congratulations for the template! I have a problem, displaying the template full screen (imac) no longer works scrolling of pages, viewing regular okay. greetings Vittorio

Hello Vittorio,

I know about this problem, unfortunately there is nothing that I can do, this behavior depends on the browser, for the Wordpress version ( WP version) we have added a custom scroll (it’s slower but it does not disappear )

cheers! sakurapixel

Hello, great theme! However, having just purchased, downloaded and opened the index.html file…all I see [in the browser] is the pre-loader in the middle of a blank black page. The music file plays, but that’s it. I am using the same web browser that I used to view the pre-purchase preview (Safari on a Mac), but the template doesn’t work when opened locally. No menu, no music on/off button, no footer, nothing. What’s more, I have no idea what the various image dimensions and/or paths are regarding the background images, or any of the other images throughout the site, as they all seem to be missing from the template. Please advise. Thank you kindly.

hello gregorandrew, The theme is Ajax powered, meaning its pages are being dynamically loaded making a page available as soon as it has been loaded. Because of the this it needs to run on a web server in order to work. Please upload it on your server and edit it there. Alternatively you can install a web server on your local computer, please see Wamp (windows) or Mamp (Mac OS).

regards, jayc

Thank you, Jayc! I read that info in the template’s documentation about 5 minutes after I posted the above questions. blush Thanks again! (-:


Love this lively template but I’m more familiar with PHP than AJAX.

The CMS I want to use, the open source snewscms.com, is rewriting dynamic URLs with blog categories and article names. Needless to say, your AJAX system using html files as anchors is very different.

Is there a way to render a page like the Blogpost.html structure but allowing the .htaccess to rewrite the url with category and article names? I understand it defeats the purpose of the nice jquery build but the template is awesome at any page anyway.

I sure hope this can be done, I would hate to have to give up such a great template and switch to another one. Let’s explore solutions and we’ll see.

Thanks in advance.


hello Vivacita,

I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s possible, mostly because is an Ajax HTML template, and the “anchors” are pretty tied up within the JS code.


But is there a way to generate an html page that simply combines the current index.html and just one subpage, for instance Blog.html? You possibly built such a page to create the CSS framing before AJAX was introduced.

Very nice template, question B4 I commit to purchase, can the sliding menu be static I am not a fan of hidden menus or ‘mystery meat” please respond this is a very nice template

Hi imediagraphix, yes it can be a static menu, you just need to open/edit js/SpotlessWebsite.js , and add return in this function Here .


Hi SakuraPixel,

You have very nice template.

I’d like to buy this template, but I notice one problem in web design; when I zoom out Webpage the black trasparent colour in background is going out from the frame, and then when I zoom in Webpage the background picture is not fixed.

Please, can You fix that? I’d like to buy this template.

Thanks :-)

hello, are you referring to the lightbox? could you please let me know what browsers and OS are you using because I can’t replicate?

I use Windows 7 Ultimate (OS); Chrome and IE8 (browsers).

Can You give me Your e-mail address, so I can send You some screenshots?

hello, you can go to our profile page and you can find a form on the lower right corner, you can write to us from there, thank you!


I purchased your theme, it´s wonderful, but I have a Problem. I work on a big Screen iMac in my office – the page looks great – BUT at other, smaller screens it looks awful! cause the page is not changing their size! The background Image is cuted and everything is full with the TEXT page… please have a look at http://www.teamwinsauer.at

I don´t know how to change that. It should be possible to watch the design with all screens and not just the very big ones.. right?

thank you so much for your short reply.

best regards Sabrina :)

hello WERBEagentin,

What kind of screens and devices are we talking about? can you please send me an email with a print-screen and/or more info about this (Operating system, browser)?

regards, Sakura

Great File mate, Thanks

Hi.. Thanks for the wonderful theme. I am having some problem with comtact form. I changed the to and from fields but still send button is not working for me. Please guide

Very cool, like the preview images as well.

Hi Thank you very much for the free file. Although, I found an error when I opened index.html in the “HTML” folder. The error is ” Could not load #!Home.html” . Please see to it.

Regards, Devil Designz

Never mind SakuraPixel. I haven’t read the documentation, Sorry for that. It’s working on wamp now. Thanks for upload again.

Hello , since it uses Ajax to load pages it has to be on a server, if you want to test it locally you can install MAMP (on Mac) and WAMP (on Win)

Thank you for this FOTM for free.

Thx for the free file !

What a beautiful template. Good job!

Scary, I think I know one of the models. lol.

Honestly one of THE best picks of the month I’ve seen in a while – Awesome work Sakura!